33 *5.6* 180'ish 3 Kids and a Train Wreck of a Body

Hi Ladies! I've been stalking this sight for a few...

Hi Ladies! I've been stalking this sight for a few years and am ready to move forward on my bbl journey. I have recently been researching Dr. Blinski and he seems to do phenomenal work! But he is booked out until Aug. of next year (I think)? Also Dr. Bbl in Minneapolis, hes only about 3 hours from where I live. Also possibly searching for a good dr in Houston area because I have family there and wouldn't have to get a RH. Please ladies help a girl out!

*Wish Pics*

Dr. Sergio Alvarez?

I've just recently came across Dr. Alvarez. Where my Alvarez Doll's? Would LuV to see before and after pics! Hear about your experience with him

Aggressive Lipo

Hey Dolls! Wanting some ladies opinions on which docs do aggressive Lipo? With all this FAT I'm workin with I'm gonna need it! I usually keep my stomach sucked in so it does not look as big, it's hard looking at these photos SMH!

I guess I'm talking to myself ? ????

I must be talking to myself ? Maybe I should just delete? ????

Dr. Rami Ghurani???

I'm considering Dr. Ghurani for my Bbl procedure, I emailed last night for a special pricing I saw for Bbl and RH. It didn't say which Doc it was for so we shall see ;) Please dear God let it be for Dr. G ! I would LuV for some opinions from some Ghurani Dolls!! :) how you like ur results, after care , how he was with y'all. No creepy vibes? Lol just ALL the info a Doll can give ;) hope to get some opinions

Ortega? Alvarez?

Hey Dolls! I'm really liking Dr. Ghurani but he is $5,500 and Spectrum is having a "special" for $3,850 for bbl (not sure which dr) and the difference would probably pay for plane ticket and RH. HELP! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO?

I can't believe I'm doing this

Here are my pre-op :( I hope I have the courage to leave them up and not delete ugh! My weight is about 186 (yuck!) @the moment. I wish I could find more before & after's of Dolls with similar body types. Share those pics ladies! Please! Please! Please!

Plastic Surgery App

Which app are u using Dolls? Not sure if I have the right one? Anyway, I tried an app and I couldn't work it very well lol.
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