33 Year Old with Realistic Expectations - Miami, FL

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I'm on my way to my consultation with Dr. Jonathan...

I'm on my way to my consultation with Dr. Jonathan Fisher at Vanity Cosmetics. I've prepaid my surgery and am excited to have a new butt. I don't have a ton of fat, but I'm optimistic that with proper contouring and a BBL with what fat I have that I can have a fuller rounder butt.

Today I filled out tons of forms and did my blood work. The staff was very professional and nice to work with. I arrived at 8:30 to an empty waiting room, but as the morning progressed, there were a lot more people at the office. The office was very clean and I felt comfortable. Although it was a little cold in the office. One thing that is bugging me is that I flew all the way down to Miami for a consult with Dr. Fisher and now I'm being told that I don't have an appointment to actually see him. I was told over the phone by Shari that if I came down to the office I would be meeting the doctor, doing my blood work and signing releases. So far they have taken my blood and I've signed all the papers (things I could have done at home in NY), but I'm being told the doctor isn't available. At this point we are sitting in the waiting room. Waiting...

Blood tests in...

I called Vanity and I got my blood tests over the phone and everything looks good. My hemoglobin is 12.2. Yay!!

Never saw the Dr...

As an update to my consult visit on Friday. I never ended up seeing Dr Fisher. He was in surgery and would have been available with a two hour wait, but I had a flight to catch and couldn't wait any longer. I did meet with a nurse who took pictures of me and brought them to the surgery area so that Dr Fisher could review them and provide some comments. When she came back she stated that I didn't need to gain or lose any weight and she made some other comments that led me to believe that someone with some knowledge had reviewed the pictures.

Bottom line, I was a bit disappointed that I had come all the way down to meet the Dr, but I was glad to get all the paperwork and blood work out of the way.

Only one week to go!!

Getting ready…

I'm starting to get excited. I purchased a ton of supplies and I'm getting ready to start packing. The only thing I wasn't able to get was lipo boards and a faja. I'm planning to get those in Miami.

I hope that I'm not forgetting anything, but if I do I'm guessing that I can purchase it when I get there.

Looking for a nurse or caretaker in Miami

I'm staying at a hotel and I'm looking for a caretaker for the first night. I have husband staying with me and we will probably be fine, but I was thinking it might be nice to have someone with experience available.

Any suggestions?

All packed...

Hi this is "the hubby". We are all packed and ready to fly out tomorrow morning. We packed all our supplies and even brought our juicer along. I'll be making organic pineapple, carrot and apple juice several times a day to speed up the healing process. I figured I'd post just before we fall asleep. Tomorrow is the travel day and Monday is surgery.

Even though I love her and I don't think she needs the procedure, I'm excited to see the result

I hope you are having a nice week.

t the way she is, we are both excited about the result. I'm a little nervous that everything will go smoothly.

Just got my pre-op a$$ on the plane

Flying out today

Just arrived in Miami and I've got my period REALLY BAD!

In a little worried about my hemoglobin levels if I'm bleeding this much. Vanity called me a few days ago and told me to discontinue the use of all medications, vitamins, supplements and over the counter pain medications. I usually take a few things to lighten my flow so this is a heavier period than I'm used to. Not sure if I should even mention it to Anyone tomorrow because they might cancel my surgery.

Look at the junk in my trunk

This is the hubby here. We rented a big SUV for optimal BBL transport

Finally in our room

We got a room at the Homewood Suites and it seems like it will be perfect for us for the next week or so.

Just weighed myself

This is the first time I've been happy to see 156 show up on the scale

All set and off to bed...

The juice bar is ready to go for tomorrow and all the supplies are lined up and ready. Now all that's left is some sleep.

Today is the day!!

This is the hubby again (I'll be posting for a bit while my princess is getting her beauty rest. We arrived at Vanity at 5:45 to an empty waiting room. We walked around for a bit trying to find someone and at 6:05 we ran into an assistant who took my princess and whisked her away.

The said the consult with Dr Fisher would be around 7am and then sx would be 2 hours and then recovery after that.

Out of sx in recovery

Just got a call that the love of my life made it thru surgery and is in recovery. I'm waiting at Vanity to see her. If I know her she's going to want to get out of her faja and take pictures.

I made a gallon of pineapple juice this morning and have carrots and apples and greens and beets for more juice and salads later

I'm hoping I can convince her to wait at least a day.

Fridge full of goodness...

The freezer has shrimp and organic frozen meals for easy preparation

We are back in the room and she is recovering

Hubby here again...When we got back to the room she had to pee and the P-EZ was a life saver. I was unsuccessful in getting her to keep her faja on, so we took a few pics.

Oddly, her faja isn't tight. Dr. Fisher gave her a loose one and said that he would give her s tighter one after one month. She has had lipo before so that may be the reason why.

She has I nice bubble butt lying in bed. To be honest, I'm not an a$$ man, but this one looks good.

More on the recovery next post.

Sneak peek

We dropped the faja and replaced the gauze pads and snapped a few pics. To be honest, that looks like it hurts a lot, but she's being a trooper.

Sleeping on your stomach is a pain in the ass

At the recommendation of one of the girls on RS we brought a neck pillow to help sleep. If you use it like a massage table, it helps a lot.

Long first night, but we made it.

It ended up being a series of long naps instead of a full night of sleep, but she made it through. The pain from the sx isn't what kept her up. It was more trying to find a position to sleep in that was comfortable. Lying on your stomach with big boobs is difficult, and she likes to toss and turn too, so there were challenges.

The drainage has turned from dark red to a lighter red, which is good, plus it's now less frequent. At first we were emptying the drain every half hour, but now it's every couple of hours.

We are headed to the first massage today at 9am, but first breakfast.

Follow up visit

At Vanity now. We just had a follow up with Juliette the Drs assistant. No visit with the Dr.

Then we purchased another faja, three lipo foams and 5 more massages for a total of 7. Juliette also made us a triangle. The faja was 120, and the foams were $20 each. ( FUI they are $10 each on Amazon and probably cheaper elsewhere.

She is in her first massage right now and then after we are going to the faja store up the street from Vanity to shop around.

Signing off for now. More details on the massage when it's over.

First Massage

The first massage was really good. There was a little bit of pain, but mostly it was pleasurable. I feel more limber now.

I've got my lipo foams in now and I'm feeling pretty good one day postop.

I'm headed over to Walgreens to buy some liquid iron supplements, and then back to the room for some R&R. Hubby made me some soup and another salad. We are going to be juicing this afternoon. I say "we", but I may end up taking a break part way through.

Going back for another massage tomorrow afternoon. Then I have one scheduled on Thursday and two more Friday and two more Saturday.

Getting ready to make juice again

Second massage

I did a second massage today with Maria at Vanity and I feel very limber. The massage hurts a bit in that it's uncomfortable, but not unbearable. I can feel the liquid sloshing around as she is doing the massage. I find that if I relax and trust her, it's better. BTW, Maria is so pretty.

I had to pee several times and emptied my drain twice.

I'm doing two hour massages. Doing the massage is so worth it. I'll be back again tomorrow and every day after that until I leave. When I got up from the massage table today, I noticed that the shape of my body had changed. My waist is smaller, my butt didn't protrude as much on the top... It look more natural, and my triangle was more defined.

Last night was a bit difficult. I have big boobs so sleeping on my stomach is difficult. I've got a mix of pillows and cushions supporting me, but I still wake up every hour or two in discomfort.

Panty run

Hi this is the hubby again. I just ran to Walmart to buy two wedge pillows and some supplies. While I was in there I passed the panty aisle and figured I would surprise her with some new panties to show off her butt. She doesn't normally wear panties, because she hasn't loved her ass in the past. Now it might be a different story, so I figured I would pick up a few styles.

I'm not sure which ones she'll love the most, but maybe tonight if she's feeling up to it she may try them on and I'll snap a few pics.

Liquid Iron and pineapples

Dr Fisher recommended liquid iron as opposed to supplement pills

Below are all the pineapples lined up to help reduce inflammation and swelling.

Just finished my third massage and now I'm at the nail salon.

Unfortunately a pedicure isn't going to be an option yet, but seriously how long can a girl last without her nails??

Hubby is getting a pedicure...he totally deserves it. He's been on his feet non stop for the past three days.

Went for my first drive in the passenger seat with my bbl pillow.

Kept my butt off the seat the whole time. I lasted about 10 minutes and then I went back and laid down in the back of the SUV.

It's showtime...

I've been dying to show off my pretty butt and when my hubby bought me some panties the other day I had the perfect excuse.

I wanted to put makeup on the bruises, but since this is "real self", I decided to just go with my real self.

Of course the heels make everything look better.

Four days post op

Had a two hour massage at Vanity and then took a ride in my BBL chariot to the beach. When we got back I tried on a dress and then got another massage from a mobile massage lymphatic massage therapist. Her name is Esperanza and she was great. She charged 80 dollars for 1 hour. Her number is 786 390 9108.


So let's talk about the down and dirty of the BBL...Your first poop. For me, I didn't want to put my new butt on the toilet, so I was looking for alternatives. I knew that the stool softeners would help move things along, but it was still difficult to poop standing up (or squatting), so I decided to do an enema. You fill your ass with water so you don't have to waste time sitting on the toilet and strain and push. Those ab muscles are sore after lipo. It definitely speeds up the process. I put both hands on the tank so I could get close to the bowl just balancing on my thighs. I also used a chair. The key was keeping the seat up.

So far I've had three bowel movements and they all went well. One of them happened sort of by accident in the shower one day post op. I wasn't feeling well enough to make it to the toilet. I know it's gross, but I just washed the liquified poop down the drain. Hubby helped clean me up and cleaned up the mess.

I don't recommend fleet enemas because they don't contain enough fluid and they are room temperature water, which can cause cramping. I recommend using an enema bag and warm water. Not hot water like a bath, but warm water that's around body temperature (about 100 degrees)

TMI? Maybe, but I know I was curious about how I was going to do it, so I thought I would share my results.

Happy pooping...

Yeasty Beasty...

Just keeping it real on Real Self. There's an excellent chance that you're going to get a yeast infection from all the antibiotics. Your best bet is to go get a Monistat one day treatment vaginal insert pill. It's a 1200 mg pill that you place in your vagina at night and it knocks the yeast infection out in one day.

If you do it at the first sign of a yeast infection it'll take care of it quickly and you avoid the problem entirely.

It's likely going to happen during the first 3 to 5 days because of the heavy antibiotics that are prescribed. If you stay on top of the Yeasty Beasty, it will make things far more comfortable.

Five days post op

Got my drain pulled today. I didn't realize it looked like that. It burned initially and then the pain faded. I also got my last massage for the next week to 10 days.

Hubby and I fly home tomorrow.

Update...sx plus 7

It's been a couple of rough days since having the drain pulled. I've gained nearly 10 lbs of water weight and most of it is concentrated in the pelvis and legs.

When I called Vanity, they said this was normal and that I should continue to move around (get up 10 minutes every hour) and drink plenty of fluids including pineapple juice. The problem is, the more I move around the more swelling I get.

What I thinking is happening is that since the drain has been removed and the holes are closed, there is no place do the fluid to go, so it follows gravity. The more i stay on my feet/knees, the more it pools in the pelvic area and legs.

The return flight was a pain. It was delayed 8 hours, and while we were able to get out of the airport and head to the beach, I believe that being on my feet for so long contributed to the problem.

I got through the TSA with no issues and the flight attendants were very understanding. Thankfully we had a seat between us on the flight home so I could put my head in hubby's lap and stretch out a bit. I sat on my bbl pillow for takeoff and landing.

Since coming home, the swelling has subsided a bit, but my thighs are much larger than they were before removal of the drain, and the left one is about 25% larger than the right.

Finally, I've had a headache for nearly three days. I read online that it could be related to lying in a prone position or due to the anesthesia or a rebound headache due to the pain med.

Overall, I'm doing ok, but I'd love to have the swelling go down soon.

Anybody else get swelling like this or headaches?

Let's talk about the pain...

Is the procedure/recovery painful? How painful is it? My experience included moments of difficult pain and moments of almost no pain. I had someone with me the whole time so my recovery was easier, but he didn't help with the pain. A lot of the pain management has to do with expectations and prior experience. I've had worse procedures like a tummy tuck and have given birth to three children. Compared to that it wasn't bad. But compared to a sprained finger it was very painful the first few days. If you've had kids, you can do this. If your biggest trauma in life is a hang nail, then you will find this procedure excruciating.

The pain meds help a lot. Sure there were times I went to the beach and got my nails done, but they were preceded and followed by times just lying down in the back of the car or taking long naps. I felt a lot of pain at times, but there were other times when I was feeling relatively normal. The pain comes in waves. Once you get up from a nap you feel stiff but energetic, but after an hour the discomfort/light headedness starts to catch up with you. To call it pain is probably not entirely accurate. I think soreness is probably a better term.

Don't be fooled by pics at the beach, because there were plenty of times I just slept and rested. One of the hardest parts is sleeping on your stomach all the time. After a while you just want to be on your back or sit on your butt and you can't.

After the first few days the pain becomes far more manageable, but even now at day 11, I still feel like I was beat up.

For me, the pain doesn't bother me as much because I'm seeing results I love.

Pics for you

sorry I haven't been around in a while. Here are pics I took at the 8 week mark. I'm proud to say that I didn't sit or lay in my butt for exactly 63 days straight!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Haven't met the doctor yet.

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