33 No Kids Ready for the New Me - Miami, FL

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So ready to begin this journey. Ive been on this...

So ready to begin this journey. Ive been on this site daily for months and im finally ready to take the plunge!!! Im 33 no kids 5foot even 156lbs and i need hasan to get my body right!! My sc is Yani we have emailed up till yesterday n talked on the phone she was sweet im so ready for this nervous but ready

paid my deposit

I paid my deposit yesterday n i havzent been this excited in idk how long!!!

anyone want to buddy up???

I really hate to have to go thru this alone but im determined to get the body ive dreamed of i havent set a date yet but wanting to go around june july or august anyone want to link up???


So ive seen cosmicare is supposed to b open now so is anyone there now that can share any pics and their experience? ??

quick question

I was talkin to my aunt n she asked whos gonna do your upkeep? Are u gonna go to miami every time? I was like what u mean upkeep from my understanding i wont need any "upkeep" unless i want a round 2 or something? I have been wondering like 5 to 10 years down what will my butt look like but has anyone heard of this

booty envy!!!

I got a serious case of booty envy!! Seeing everyones results is not makin waiting easy!! Seriously its not just an ass that i want its the confidence that i want so bad!! I just want to put on clothes n feel good about myself again and i havent felt good about my body in years i know my time will come but sistas ya makin it hard on ya girl cuz yaw all r lookin hella good!! Good luck n a speedy recovery to all my preop sisters n happy healin to all postop smooches!!!

i need facts!!!

Ok so does anyone have any real info on hasan? I cant take anymore guessing or speculation!! 1 min people say hes back in april the next someone says he moved to another clinic! So does anyone have any real info thanks


Im scheduled with hasan and made a payment today n my invoice says my doctor is fisher my patient portal hasan hasan on the calendar but has fisher on the profile i asked my sc n she said that im still scheduled for hasan smdh. If hasan doesnt come back i will go with fisher but i still wanna know why his name is in my files. Do any of u thats scheduled with hasan have another dr on any of your papers???


Ive been tryn to not to stress out over everything goin on at vanity but its not working!! My date isnt until aug 2 but im stressin cuz if hasan doesnt come back then i will switch to fisher but last i heard fisher was still 5000 same as what i was quoted 4 fisher but if i have to switch ill b ok wit that but if his price goes up ima b super pissed idk what to do. Should i wait for hasan or go ahead n switcb to fisher n secure that price n same date?? Ugh!! The pressure!!!!

goin a lil crazy

Bare wit me sisters this may be long but i was at work yesterday n i was talkin about hair and makeup wit this chick n so i had to do something n when i came back ol girl was talkn to 2 other chicks about bbls n how her neice who lives i think in Tennessee is in a coma after having a bbl n so they just start goin in on b happt wit what god gave u n yea i feel bad for her but she did that to herself cuz she tryn to look like nikki minaj i mean i just was like seriously 4 one thats yo family n to thats just mean!! I had to walk away cuz i know everyone has their own opinions n beliefs but after finding this site i know im not alone in feeling like i just want to feel better about myself i mean shit i always said that if i won the lottery i was gettn butt implants aNd lipo like the next day!!! Lol no but 4real so now that i know its expensive but doable im ready scared nervous but ready n not to mention the whole hasan being mia is stressin me out to the max i love fishers results but having my heart set on hasan n praying this goes smoothly wit no issues from vanity has me really stressin out i know i am a person that stresses over any and everything but dang i just want this so bad!!! Ok ladies i think im done


Im 5 0 but ima stretch to a good 5 1 if i need to lol n i weighed myself yesterday at 160 i believe hasans required bmi is 30 do any of u know fishers required bmi???

made the switch

I went ahead n switched to fisher! New date aug 11th

vanity refund question

So im just weighing my options n wondering if any of u have put in a refund request recently n what was said? R u getting back your full amount that u have paid r they keeping your deposit charging more fees r what?? Im totally sure that fisher can give me the results i want n need but vanity is really messin wit my sanity!!!!


So have we been sleeping on dr ghurani?? He doesnt have a ton of reviews but the ones that i have seen are actually good! Does anyone know more about him and have pics?? I did switch to fisher but we all know how vanity is wit their bs so i just wanna b informed just in case!!!

need to switch my date!! help!!

My sx is aug 11 but i really need an earlier day in aug my friend is goin wit me n her son starta school on the 10th my original date was aug 2nd but when i switched to fisher i had to change to the 11th so now she will come on the 13th after my surgery but i really didnt want to b alone! So can anyone switch wit a sista???

check it out

http://drmiamibootybuddy.com/ dr miamis new booty buddy has any tried this yet

cosmicare rh or keylas rh????

Help a sista decide!!! Both have pros n cons n i dont know which way to go!!! Help


So i asked dr fishers assistant about the ekg and chest xray n she said i dont need it n that u only need them if you r over 40 years old has anyone else been told differently

Nerves r kickn in

Flight Wednesday morning sx thursday stayn at keylas anyone else gonna b there???
Miami Physician

Switched to fisher

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