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Hi ladies. Like many of you I've been considering...

Hi ladies. Like many of you I've been considering lipo for a really long time. This is the closest I've ever been to actually booking a BBL procedure. I'm 5'4 and 164 lbs. I've narrowed down my doctors to either Hasan or Fisher. My coordinator told me to go with Fisher but I don't know. I've seen good reviews for both. Fisher is $500 more but I don't want to make my decision based on price. My goal is flat tummy, get rid of the fat pockets on my flanks, small waist, and add some volume to my butt. I don't want a huge ass. Can anyone shead some light?

Deposit Made. Booked for March 2016

After some back and forth, and more back and forth, I made my deposit today for just lipo with Dr. Fisher. I hope I made the right decision! 4 month countdown!

Wrong invoice

So I made my deposit on Friday just for lipo and my coordinator Leo sent me invoice for having a BBL done. $1000 difference. She said would need to have her manager fix the invoice. Let's see how long that takes.

For the ladies who have had surgery already, I was wondering about the pain medication they provide to you. When do you get the prescriptions and who provides it to you? Dr. Fisher or your PCP? What kind is prescribed? I have a really low tolerance for pain and am kinda worried about that.

Invoice revised!!

So I got my corrected invoice. Still says BBL but at least the amount is correct so whatever. Now I am trying to book a face to face consult with Dr. Fisher. He seems to be available on Monday so I think I am going to fly down to meet him. Anything you ladies think I should definitely ask him? I'm excited to meet him. He kinda looks handsome from his pics on Instagram haha

Surgery set with Dr. Fisher

Hi ladies so my surgery has been set for quite some time for Oct. 22. The day is getting so close and I haven't done anything to prepare. I tried to move the date to November but the doctor is booked until January. Not sure if I'm just trying to push it out because I'm nervous

Any other ladies scheduled at vanity for week of October 20th?

Looking for a surgery buddy since I'm coming from out of town

Need to start preparing my body

So less than 60 days away from my surgery and need to start preparing my body for surgery. I bought some iron pills this week which I started taking. What else do you guys recommend I start taking or doing?

I was rescheduled

Got a call today from Ana that the doctor will be away at a conference the week of my surgery and was moved to Nov 8. Not too bad since it's only 2 weeks later.

Anyone have surgery week of Nov 8?

Any girls have surgery the week of Nov 8 with Fisher?

33 days until my surgery

So I haven't updated in awhile. I can't believe I'm only 33 days away. It feels kinda surreal. This Tuesday I have an appointment with my PCP to do my blood work. I'm kinda nervous about what he is going to say about my surgery. Hoping that he's supportive and agrees to prescribe me some meds. I've been drinking iron pills and blood builders so hoping my hemo is above 12. We shall see.

I hadn't booked a recovery house yet. I was debating between Dolls and Miami Escape but then I saw that Escape was offering a special for November so I'm going to go with them. Not sure why I'm so damn nervous. I hope they take really good care of me.

I guess once I get cleared for surgery I'll book my flight and my hotel for the first night. Can't believe this is happening for real!

Going to through so many emotions

I had a panic attack after hearing some bad news and almost canceled my surgery. I even canceled my return flight home I had just bought the day before since I could still get a refund and almost got my deposit back from my recovery house. I took a day and really thought it through and decided to go ahead with it. It's just so scary thinking of all the risks and how difficult the recovery can be but I'm gonna stay positive going forward. I'm cleared for surgery. My hemo was 12.6 and my PCP was very supportive. I'm 2 weeks out and ready to go!

This is it!

I'm sitting on a plane heading down to Miami for my pre op. Can't believe the day has come. I think I'm as prepared as I am ever going to be! Not nervous or anything I'm actually super calm. Hopefully it stays this way lol

The day has arrived!

Super nervous. They told me to be here at 9am and I'm here at 8:30. Hope to be in surgery by 10am. See ya on the other side. Please pray for me!

I made it back home

Man what a long week it's been but I could not be more happy to be back home. The flight is as horrible as everyone says it is and I didn't even get a bbl. The pain in my back was unbearable. I requested an aisle seat and tried to get up every 20min. Getting a wheelchair is the best thing you can do ladies. So exhausted but will be posting a full review tomorrow.

7 days post op

Where do I begin? I arrived last Monday at Eres for my pre op. Pretty uneventful because I just got my faja signed a whole bunch a papers and left. Just so you know you never get to meet with your doctor at the pre op at Eres. Later that day they called me and told me to be back at the clinic by 9am.

I arrived early at 8:30am and didn't get called to the back until like 10:30am where I didn't go into surgery till like 2pm. It's a real shame that they made me wait all those hours. I was cold and starving. I met with Fisher before going into surgery and he was nice enough. A little arrogant in my opinion and all over the place but he did spend quite some time talking to me and answering my questions. He was honest about setting the right expectations and letting you know that you will feel like hell
for a long time. He is not a fan of his patients going to the ER and explains why you don't need to go and how the hospital will not help you. I found that kind of strange. He prefers you reach out to them first. I felt like saying well it's well known that you guys are not very responsive when it comes to post op care but held my tongue lol. I woke up from surgery about 6pm shaking cold with heavy breathing. I kept looking around because I didn't know where I was. I heard a lot of commotion other patients waking up crying from pain. The nurse was nice enough to get me blankets and a heater when I told her I was cold. She comforted which I appreciated it. An hour later I was at Miami Escape where they were waiting for me with soup and liquids. I was starving! I'll do a separate review on ME

It was a rough week for me

I had absolutely no energy for days. Any time I would do something that excerted any type of energy like taking a shower or putting on my faja I would go weak and feel like fainting. My first massage was no easier. The lady had to stop because she said I lost all color in my face and lips. I tried my best to do what I was suppose to like eat, drinks lots of water and Gatorade and walk but I wasn't feeling any better. Day 3 I tried to go to Medical Massage, a massage place in Miami that gets a lot of good reviews on my own in a uber and what a mistake that was lol. I came back to the recovery house where they had to get me in a wheelchair from the uber I was in tears. Day 4 I woke up thinking I was feeling better but shortly felt horrible again. I laid on the bed lethgaric couldn't talk head hurt couldn't walk and felt like something was wrong. I was scheduled to go home that day and decided to go to the ER instead. I called Eres first and was told the medical assistant for Fisher was not in yet and I could hold off an hour. I was like hell no and went to the ER. I spent a few hours at the hospital where they did a whole bunch of tests and told me everything was normal except for my hemo which was a 9. That's the reason I was feeling so awful but hemo was too low. Not low enough for a blood transfusion thankfully though. They told
Me I need to rest more while my body recovered. I extended my stay in Miami another 2 days. Fisher did call me while I was in the hospital. First to lecture me about going to the ER. I felt like saying fuck off were you going to see me at Eres you're not even there. He called me a few hours later to follow up asking how I was doing. His tone then was different and seemed to be concerned or at least care that I was ok. Day 5 I started to feel better and went home on day 6

This is me today

I haven't taken much pics because I felt so ill I was afraid if I wasn't happy with the results I would really lose it. I have a lot of bruising and inflammation. I've been wearing my faja and foams everyday. The stiffness, pressure in my back and tenderness of my skin has persisted everyday. It's so hard to get out of bed. I'm just being completely honest because this thing is no walk in the park. I regretted doing this procedure so many times this week but here I am and hoping to improve everyday.

Just wanna say that

I can't wait to the day I don't have to wear these damn foams and Ab board anymore!!!

I'm starting to feel better

I'm not still anymore and getting out of bed has gotten easier lol. About 10 days post op my faja started to fit me really big so I got it taken in. I still have a lot of inflammation on my back and stomach but some of the swelling has gone down. My massages are still pretty painful but I'm still getting them every other day. I've gotten 11 so far and wearing my faja, foams and ab board. This pic is me about 13 days post op. My waist has gotten smaller.
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