32 Yr Old Mommy of Three..Miami, FL

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I decided to go to Dr. Fisher in Miami back in...

I decided to go to Dr. Fisher in Miami back in October. I paid my deposit of $1000 in November to lock in my date of February 11th. I am 32 with three kids. I am 5'7 and 160lbs. I started at 148lbs and was told to gain 15lbs. I am still working on gaining more weight. When I gain weight it goes to my legs, then butt, then arms, and then my back. I don't gain a lot of weight in my stomach. I have really bad cellulite..I've had it since I was young and its gotten worse with kids, age, and of course this weight gain. If any of you have cellulite advise for me tell me. After my bbl I plan to just do legs and butt exercises everyday and get a pkg of endomologie treatments.
The plan- my husband and kids are coming with me. We are driving from Baltimore, Maryland. We will stay over night along the way in Georgia about halfway...We will be on the rode for 16 hrs. On the way back we will split the trip up into three days.
Yesterday I was called and told that Dr. Fisher needed to reschedule my surgery. Luckily I was able to get the 10th, so my departure date was changed by one day...I can handle that. I am nervous because the theme that I read the most of, about Vanity reviews, is how unorganized they are.
I also was planning on getting my labs done at Vanity ...I was told that was included but now some one keeps emailing me telling me i need to get it done before I get there. I am military...so I have to do that with out my insurance. Does anyone know how much those labs are?
I will post pics tomorrow .

160 lbs

I am trying to gain 8lbs in 18 days. I feel very uncomfortable.
I gain weight kind of strange. It mostly goes to my legs... which are huge and they embarrass me...and the cellulite smh, is really bad in person. You will also see my scoliosis. I have a 10° curve in my upper and lower back. It doesn't affect me in any way accept for it makes my body shape ugly to me. I dont wear bathing suits or shorts. I haven't worn them in about 5 years.
My expectations:
I want my hips rounder
Waist sculpted
Butt with more projection so it doesn't look so long. I want a bubble!
Arm lipo
And I'm hoping I can get lipo on my saddlebags. My coordinator, Shari says he doesn't but maybe if he sees them he will have a better idea on what to do with them.

For the realself sisters who had arm lipo did your arms get saggy or did they bounce back. I have saggy arms I'm concerned about that.


Second Thoughts

I have been snowed in all weekend so I've been on realself...
... getting nervous about getting to Miami and being told that I gotta reschedule or pick a different doctor. When I scheduled my surgery I originally asked for February 10, and I remember just now that my coordinator told me Dr. Fisher doesn't do Wednesdays. As you know I was canceled on for the 11th.. (which is what I paid the deposit for?? To to lock in my date???) Does anyone have any insight on this? Anybody gonna be getting surgery on the 10th with Fisher?
I'm paid up and I got like $1500 wrapped up in travel, lodging and other expenses and I don't want to waste any of it. I plan to call first thing tomorrow morning.
Any wisdom or thoughts ?


I MUST HAVE CALLED A THOUSAND TIMES - ( in my best Adele voice lol)
I thought my coordinator and I were cool lol smh I gotta remember shes doing her job. They remind me of car salesmen/women...They are calling you non stop when you make your first inquiry ...then you pay your deposit. Since I paid my deposit, in the beginning of November our communication has been spotty. Now that I paid my final balance over a week ago...I haven't been able to speak with her. I've called about 4 times to speak with her and emailed her twice...
I just want my invoice tho!!!!!!
In other news...
I got my supplies together
Black wife beaters
Extra strength tylenol
Tylenol pm ( my stomach don't do well with prescription pain meds)
Alcohol wipes
Compression socks
Pineapple juice
2 long sleeve maxi dress (arm lipo)
2 long sleeve tops

Waiting to get fajas cause I am not sure what size to get.

Any suggestions on items I need?


I am debating arm lipo because I am worried about my arms sagging more. My logic that is swaying me to do it is, when I flex, my arm sag tightens up..
Does that mean that skin will tighten up?
However when my arms are hanging at my side the sag over my elbows does not change when I flex..
Any advise on this?

I'm here

I'm at vanity now. I'm incredibly nervous. I think I got 2 hours of sleep last night. I got here at 6:45 am, waiting to be marked by Dr. fisher. My final weight is 163.
I'll update later...

6 days postop

Sorry we have been soooo busy! I typed my recap of the last week went to answer a call and all my work was gone!!! Lol so I promise to update soon. But I'm doing good. These pictures ain't great. I will post recent pics soon.

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