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Hello everyone, I am new to this Real Self site...

Hello everyone,

I am new to this Real Self site and I am very thankful for it. I have been wanting my a** done for years even before the big booty trend came. I used to have a nice a** in hs, but lets be real, didn't most of us have a nice a** and body in hs? Well after my son was born 10 yrs ago and I've gotten older, my a** is so saggy and has no definition to it. I have a big as** but it is a wide one. It doesn't stick out or nothing and its so gross. I have taken certain measures of improving my overall appearance such as getting braces for my teeth, starting Accutane to clear my skin and now wanting lipo and a big ol a**! The pics I have posted now are what my body looks like almost now. I am 5'9" and in these pics started off at 272lbs. I am now at about 252lbs. I know that I have a lot more weight to lose and money to save. I have a friend who got a bbl by Dr. Salama and she loved him. His prices are so high though :(. When she got her a** done about 3 yrs ago, it was only about $5000 she said. She said his prices go up monthly, which is discouraging . I've read many reviews and patients seem to love him. I started on here looking at reviews here and there in Feb and I have been on here more than ever now. I found another dr named Dr. Fisher and at first I read lots and lots of good reviews on him. The other dr named Dr. Hasan also works in the same clinic as Dr. Fisher does at Vanity Cosmetics. Well after reading all the amazing reviews for Dr. Fisher and Hasan I decided I was going to pick Dr. Fisher. They both have great work, but Dr. Fisher's work looks better. Well today I log on and start reading reviews on Vanity and Dr. Fisher and two patients who recently (2-7 days ago) just had surgery and they said they almost dies. The first woman complained of bleeding more than she thought she should have very bad headaches and being very weak. She had to go to the hospital a couple days after post op to find out that her HGB was at 4.3 and at pre op she was 12. The clinic told her she was fine and that everything was normal and that she just needed to drink plenty or fluids. At the hospital she received 4 blood transfusions and IV fluids. The second woman same thing, but she flew back home to CA and went straight to the hospital to be told the same thing about her HGB and that she had a hematoma in her abdomen. I was so set on putting my down payment with Dr. Fisher next month, to now feeling a little discouraged. I know that everyone has their own opinion and feelings on particular drs. As I said before I read lots of great reviews for Dr. Fisher and most of those reviews didn't have any or very few complications. I feel so lost right now. I would like to have my procedure with Dr. Fisher just cause of his amazing work and the price is great, but my life is important as well for me and my son. Any suggestions on Dr. Fisher vs Dr. Salama.

BTW I decided to not choose Dr. Hasan after reading that he is NOT certified in the US to do plastic surgery. He is a dermatologist and someone die under his care and was charge with some type of negligence. I can't quiet remember, but that was enough for me to now go with him.

Wish photos that I desire...... Lots of work ahead of me, but I'm ready!

Can't think of anything else......

Hello ladies,

I am finding myself dreaming of this procedure and how I would look. It's so crazy that in my dreams I can see my body. I am so addicted to the site and keep off of it. I read so many journeys and I find it very helpful to me. I am hoping all goes well for me to put my down payment next month (fingers crossed) Once I have that locked in, then I will be calling Mary for the RH which is called Elite Recovery. She is a RN and that to me is very important because she will know what to do in an emergency vs having a MA look after me. I don't feel confident of a MA to care for me under the state that I will be in. I'm sure there are great MA's out there, but I am just not one to take that chance. Mary offers a pretty good deal and also offers buddy deals. Talking to her she made me feel so comfortable and I can't wait to meet her!!! I've been reading a lot on this site about people take a friend or significant other and some go alone. Well I will be one of those that goes alone. Even though I'm not looking to get my procedure done until next year, I am still nervous about it. There are a lot of thoughts that run through my mind, and of course some of the post I have read of girls dying doesn't make it assuring. The stories I've read of course occurred in the DR and I know anything can happen whether you are in the states or out of country, but it's very unsettling to me to go to another country for a procedure. I have had nights that I dream of the worse and then again I dream of my after body! I think just the thought of it makes a mind wonder. The mind is a powerful thing........ Well this is my lil rant for the day. Will keep you dolls posted on making my down payment to become a FISHERDOLL!!!!!!!

Still excited, but not in a hurry anymore......

Well last week Natasha called me to follow up with me and to see if I could do my down payment so I wouldn't miss out on the special they were running and unfortunately I wasn't able to and let her know that I would have to hold off until the middle of this month (Sept) after thinking more about it, I decided to hold off on my down payment till Jan. I have things that need to be handled and as a single mother, money doesn't grown on trees. I was willing to make that sacrifice had the special still was running, but oh well. The few people I have told, they are just like blah blah blah and I keep telling them ok just watch. When I'm skinny wit a big ol' booty..... I don't want to hear it. My bff says she will believe it once she sees it, but that's always been her moto when it comes to things though. I am still very much excited for this. I am down about 20lbs and still have a lot more to go. Nothing but clean eating. A low carb diet and it was a lil hard at first, but now I am so used to it and have become very creative in my food choices. I have this book at work called "The Whole 30" and there are some good recopies in there. Of course there are some item that I can't eat such as the sweet potatoes, yams, or pork. I'm not very big on pork anyway. But all in all its working for me and I'm losing weight. I haven't worked out so now my skin is getting lose and I can't have that. Dropping the weight my butt is super saggy now. I don't have any firmness to it. Does anyone remember when Kanye West grabbed Amber Rose's ass at the VMA's? Well that is how my ass feels when I grab it. I can grab a handful of ass that I wasn't able to when it had a little firmness and tightness to it. So guest what?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I will be getting in the gym. I did cheat last night and had a cupcake that my son and I made the night before and let me tell ya'll...... my tummy was so upset this morning when I woke up. It tasted sooooo yummy last night, but didn't feel well in this tummy this am. I am still waiting on Fisher to view my pics I sent in so I know what it is I need to do for weight loss. I haven't heard back from them so I am going to maybe give them a call if I don't hear from Natasha by Fri. I wish I could have an in person consultation with Fisher, but living in Seattle, that doesn't work for me. It would just be very nice to hear what he has to say. Well dolls I'm signing off until next time.

Well here I am again planning this journey

Hello dolls. Well here I am again ready to plan out this journey. I met someone who wanted to have a baby and I started to get those baby feelings back again and wanted one too. We decided we were gonna wait till next year after my bff wedding considering I already bought my bridesmaids dress. Well..... things with him and I are a little rocky and I'm pretty sure we are breaking up. He has told me I am beautiful the way I am and that I didn't need this surgery. I've put it off for a while and coming back and forth with it. I told him I wouldn't do a bbl but lipo instead. Now that we are not so sure of our relationship, it is time for me to get back to what it is that I feel is going to make me happy and more confident. I have been so set on Dr. Fisher over at Vanity Cosmetics and now I am looking into other doctors. I've called Dr. Miami and Dr. Salama for prices. I am going to look into this clinic called New Life Plastic Surgery. Has anyone heard from them or know who the best doctor is to go with? Need help dolls!!!!!!

Weight loss before and after

Here are some before and after pics of me of my weight loss. Still have some ways to go and need to tone a little before my procedure so I don't have extra skin for my lypo. I'm at 34 BMI and at 232 as of 3/27/16.


Here are my most recent pics with no clothes on. Still quite a ways to go.

It's gonna happen

Hello dolls!!!!! Today I called Vanity and talked to Leo who is now my new coordinator and she was so sweet. I let her knw that I'll pay my dwn payment next week sometime and she let me knw that Dr. Fisher has openings the beginning of March 2017. I am so excited to be doin this and taking the steps for this process. Does anyone knw if Mary frm Elite RH is still wrking wit Vanity for patients? Last year she was and now she is wrking with Dr. Miami. I would REALLY like to stay wit her. She made me feel so comfortable when we spoke and I've heard nothing but AMAZING things about her. If anyone has info that they can share about her I would appreciate it. I'm gonna try to give her a call tomorrow. I am goin to be a Fisher doll soon. When I tlked to Leo she said that I had nice skin from what she could see in the pics I sent her last yr so that made me feel much better bout the results. I knw everyone is different and all of us will have different results. I knw I'll get nervous then scared then happy then scared. I read that one person has thought the worse (dying on the table) and tho I'm excited I'm having those thoughts too. The "what if" thoughts and I guess it's only human. It's a whole yr away and I'm thinking of what ifs as well as excitement.

I need this surgery so bad.......

So..... I'm slowly losing weight. I'm starting to see my figure come thru, but not enough. I need Dr. Fisher to sculpt my body into a masterpiece. I believe once this surgery is done I will feel so much confident and happier with myself. This has to happen. I'm anxiously waiting to put my down payment. Once that is done I will be able to hopefully lock a date in for a RH. I really want to save money and have someone come wit me to help me but I honestly don't have anyone to come and care for me. My boyfriend and I just broke up last Tues and I would have loved for him to come wit me for a few days and help me. So...... Now I am all alone in this. It's SOOOOO true on keepin this sx to yourself. The few people I've told have either been hatin on me or have negativity to bring my way. Only supporter is my bff. I am pretty much in this alone and will have to depend on a RH to care for me afterwards. Do any of u ladies who have had this procedure knw if I could care for myself maybe after 5 days post op after the RH and just get a hotel for the remaining 5-6 days? I have a hotel booked for now. Not sure if I would want to hire a nurse to come in and help me at my hotel. The pricing is bout the same for RH or in room nurse. So much that goes into this.

Recovery House Help!!!!!

Hello dolls. So I am putting my down payment for my bbl with Dr. Fisher in Mon 4/18/16. I need help looming for a RH. Does anyone have a number for Kayla, Miriam, Moni or whoever else u ladies would suggest? I am looking to stay for 10 days and want to be with the person who is gonna care for me best. I appreciate all the info and help I can get. Thanks dolls????????????????

Well I've made my decision on a RH......

I've come up with the decision to go with Keyla's RH. Her prices are pretty good and she recommends that I'm there 7 days 6 nights. She said the rest of the time I will be ok in a hotel. I told her I wanted to stay in Miami for 10 days, but didn't want to stay in a RH that long cuz I've booked a hotel rm for the end of my stay and she said that I should be just fine. I hope I will cuz I won't have anyone there to help me in and out of my garmet. Also I've considered getting lipo in my arms too. Not sure if getting a hotel rm will be wise or just sucking it up and staying wit Keyla for the 10 days will be the wiser move. I am goin to lock her and my sx date in tomorrow. I'm actually really excited and nervous at the same time. Tho my sx isn't till next March it's still a lil nerve wrecking knowing I'm goin thru wit this process. I am soon gonna be a Fisherdoll ladies!!!!! I am doin this alone and I hope I will be ok. I'm a total baby when it comes to pain, but still a tough ass at the same time. My love and I recently broke up, but we still tlk to each other here and there. He knws I'm doin this and I've asked him to come along wit me and he said he will but not sure why I would want to put myself thru this. After I showed him some pics of some of the girls after sx he wasn't tlk much of a fan for this but said he would support me. He says I'm beautiful the way I am and he loves my body now. If he comes I will most definitely stay in a hotel for the remaining of my stay. I've learned very quickly to not tell many people of my journey anymore. They are not quite supportive. I have a persuasive speech on tues and I intend to tlk bout plastic surgery and the benefits of it and the confidence it gives many women. I am a firm believer of enhancing or fixing something we don't like about appearance. Well ladies this is my lil excitement rant for now lol. I will update my excitement once I've paid my down payment for Vanity and my RH!!!!!

I paid my down payment.

Yay!!!! I'm so excited. I am officially a Fisher doll!!!!! Man O' man...... I see what other ladies mean bout Vanity hounding you for that down payment. Don't get me wrong, I love my coordinator Leo. But she is persistent as hell. I was in the middle of sending her the copy of my receipt and she called me back to back in a 6 min period. Geewhiz..... Well I can officially start looking to buy my supplies now that I paid my down payment. Next is kicking in the RH wit Keyla. I'm so excited and can't wait to have this paid off. I'll post more info as I get it.

Somebody...... Anybody......

Can someone please tell me how to use the patient protal? I can't seem to figure out the point of it besides see my sx date on a calendar. My pictures keep uploading sideways and not the proper way. When I go into my settings it won't allow me to go back to the main home page. Is anyone else having troubles with theirs? I don't see or understand the point of it

The countdown

Saving all my coins for this day!!!! 10 months to go. Can't wait for this to happen. I've been up and dwn with my weight but I'll get to where I need to be. I am taking these diet pills to help me wit the weight loss and they do help but I want to be off them for a good 3-4 months before my procedure. I don't want anything in my system besides my thyroid medication the day of sx. I'm dwn to 237 frm 274. I would like to get under 200. Leo told me to get to 210-215lbs but I would really like to get under 200. I haven't been there in yrs. Ladies do u knw if being under 200 could be enough fat? I think it would be. I want great results for the amount of money I'm gonna drop. Also have any of u ladies done the lypo in your arms along with the sx? How hard was it for you to move your arms around? Any advice would be great!

Please don't make a decision based on what is read. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH

Hey ladies,

I have to vent because I've seen too much of this lately. RS is supposed to be something positive and informative. I can't stand to see someone try and persuade someone to chose a certain dr or clinic. I'll say this again as I said in another post earlier. You will hear good AND bad things on EVERY clinic. There is not a single clinic out there that has had everything go perfect. I feel that we should inform one another and be positive to one another. I spent a lot of time looking for a dr I felt would suite my needs, who I felt comfortable with, who has amazing work, and MY COMPLETE DECISION. Too many times there are people being so negative on a particular clinic. As we all know, there have been bad things to say about Vanity and also good things. I myself have encountered nothing but good things from them from first inquiring with them till making my down payment. I haven't come across any bad reviews on Dr. Fisher and YES he is board certified. He took the extra steps to care for his work and his patients. Some posted a link to me about the bad things about Dr. O from Vanity as if I was going to change my mind on Vanity. Sorry not the case. I've been very vocal about which dr I decided to go with and I am sticking to my decision. This is what I mean about people trying to make a decision for you. I understand that some are here to inform, but others are here to be haters as I've read on a few other girl's post that I decided to not comment on, but rather write on my own post. I just encourage everyone to inform (NOT CHANGE SOMEONE'S MIND INTO YOUR LIKING) and be positive. Not every dr or clinic is going to fit every persons needs and wants. I'm sure many are thinking this and I am one to speak on it, since I haven't come across anyone saying anything. Have a good night dolls!!!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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