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I have set my apt for august 25th and with no...

I have set my apt for august 25th and with no doubt I am nervous. I have half of it paid so far. if any one can give give plz give me any advice it is greatly appreciated. such as what to buy and what to take. I am leaving from Arkansas so I will be flying and staying in their hotel they offer with free travel to the hospital and free massages and medication. I paid extra for lipo of the inner thights and back of the arms. i am 5 ft 9 and weigh 170 lbs. she said i am at 25% bmi which is great and my over all health is good. but ladies I really do need any advice as possible

Omg God ladies I done it

So I drove from little rock to Dallas and caught the plane from Dallas to Miami.FYI saved me nearly 800.00. They first messed up on my recovery home that I paid 2000.00 for for a 6 night stay and 7 days. With transportation back and forth to apt and massages it also included to garments and medications, house keeping and assistance for the first two day. lol they put me in a extended stay hotel with a really rude front desk lady. But j was greatful for Rey who was me transport guy. I told him this is not what I paid for he then asked me to give him one day and he will make things right. The next morning for my pre-op he picked me up and said he he got everything worked out. At the ends of my apt he had me bagged and packed ready to stay at the resort. Once we arrived we pulled up to this little cabin surrounded by horses. It was so piece full and quite. It was a two bedroom one bath fully aquipted kitchen. The only complaint I had was it was hard to communicate to anyone because they did not speak English.the lady that helped me for two days was wonderful tho we could not cummincate. She made me my meals and made sure I was taking medicine on time. She was a wonderful lady and made me feel comfortable.

Day of surgert

It seemed like everything was going wrong. I was supposed to be the first person seen. I got there at 7 in the morning it they did not even see me till 1 pm. Then I was told my blood levels are low and they want to put me on the self savor. Which is a mechine that pumps the old blood out of you while doing lipo and cleans it and puts it back into to the catch was it cost an additional 500 on top off everything I paid. Dr. Fisher did tell me that he done one patient that was worst them me and she turned out ok. Not a good feeling. But I went on with out it. Ok so you only see your doctor once and that is the day of the surgery. Pre-OO day you only see there many many many many nurses they are very. I e girls but very frustrating when you can not understand them. When I went to the back for operation and finally got everything hooked up it me. I woke up nearly two hours later feeling for week and distorted that I could not function. I went back to the resort that night and thought I was going to die, I have a high pain tolerance but I could not bare that pain. The second day was worst. Every time I stood up I about fainted was so thirsty and had to pee none stop. Girls that stand up urinal is worth the money I promise. It is only like 3 bucks on Amazon. My only major concern about that clinic is nothing is private. I was in the massage room and at least 4 woman can in on different occasions. It was that way was well waiting for surgery. I am naked and different people come in. I guess arkansas is a little more strict about they hippa policy's and codes.

Day three

I am bruised badly. Almost like a fright train hit me. I have yet used the bathroom to go poop. I am getting up a lot more and walking around. I am still very very stiff. What I can see of I have great results. My butt is a little hight but I no it will drop. My bruises are from my shoulder to my knees.
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so far any and every time i call to speak to my consultant she is there answering all my questions and even has a wonder sense of humor when i say pancake butt, or deflated bottom. she is wonderful

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