"32" Years Old 2 Kids ..ready for a Change . - Miami, FL

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I have always been active person . I have 2...

I have always been active person . I have 2 childern and I'm ready to get the body I have always wanted .. I feel like us as mothers wife's as women should be happy in our body and if we gotta pay a little bit of money to get the body we want than why not. We work hard and we deserve to be happy and then going under the knife will make us happier than let's do it girls. Me myself I'm doing it to make myself happy not anybody else just me.

before ????

This is before pic and wishes list in these pics I was 187 lb 5'8 Dr Ortega said yes I could. I needed to gain 10 more lbs before my surgery the more I get the more I have to work with so that's my mission for the next month and a half that I have left what do you guys think do I have enough.

5 1/2 weeks to go

So time is comming fast and I haven't bought any of my supplies yet went to the doctor for my yearly physical today gonna wait till next week to do my blood work for my surgery and my physical I asked the doctor today my BMI is 31 and I'm 5 8 and 205 pounds I hope that's enough to get at least 1300 CC s or more I'm worried about how I'm going to be able to drive once I come back from Miami because I have to go back to work the following Tuesday so my man said he'll drive me back and forth how long before I'm able to drive myself.


Omg its becoming so surreal at lab Corp for blood work 3weeks Togo yeaaaa????

playing with app 22days and counting

Playing with an app to get an ideal let's see how close Dr ortga gets

7Days till im in miami ....ohh man

So 7 days till I'm in Miami and 10 days to surgery been buying everything I can think of I still haven't found anything to wear to surgery I'm trying to find like a long black maxi dress I might just wait till I get there all over my checklist every day make sure it's all good I'm getting so nervous just praying for the best results

wish pics 7days to go

One of my wish pics I don't think it's unrealistic. Do you ?


Well I'm here ..back home finally miss my city .so pre op in the am can't wait


Ok ladies been sitting here an HR almost time for surgery ....

thos is no joke

Hello dolls it's been 24 hrs since surgery its was supposed to be on the 12 but after 4 1/2 hrs of sitting there Dr ortega canceld on me I had to come back the next morning at 5 am
I'm in so much pain this is no joke so bloody my man really stepped up I need some real attention he helped me walk around can be full of water pills food he really took care of me I didn't think you would be as tough as it is I definitely underestimated the whole situation and I can't take any pictures right now because it's just a mess and I'm swollen but as soon as I'm feeling better I will definitely send pictures to you guys love you all thank you for your support and good luck to all my dolls coming up for surgery.

first pic

Not much but here's a lil pic .this is how I'm living. So much pain..

ohhh spectrum ....what mess

Sorry still no pics yet I went to the Dr and had my massage it hurt so much and being that I took u faja for the first time didn't help it smelled so bad .
So any ways took it off and u body was super swollen she said more than it should be my face hands every thing thants why I'm in so much pain I could barley let her touch my stomach it felt like asid when she touch me I held my breath with each stroke. She said that these massage are very Important to my recovery we had to get the swelling down ..but each day gets better I just need to walk more and suck it up still haven't gone #2im sure that will help .
Ok so spectrum is like a mad house there are people yelling There was one girl there to have surgery with a Dr oshia or something like that he's a big black guy well he is no longer there and they reschedule her 4 days in a row half the staff don't speak English but they are very nice . I was supposed to have surgery on the 12 and I went in at 8am me and my boyfriend 2hrs in waiting room 2 1/2 hrs in preop room and it was so cold like a meat locker we were freezing so I hadent eaten for almost 15hrs nothing finally my man kept trying to get someone and the nurse came in and said that the Dr needs to reschedule me till tomorrow 5am at that point I didn't care I was tired hungry .so we left the next day went rather smooth surgery was good but I was cold and crying they were trying to shove me a wheel chair to go home that whole first day was a Bitch
But now I'm on day 4 feeling much better working on my walking doing every thing I can to feel better I hope that every one going into surgery has a better experience than me I will post pics asap


Ok sisters I'm still very swollen I have a lot of fluid still by I was able to get a pic in..

6days post op 1550cc on each side

Okay. 6 days post op a quick pic for you guys still in a lot of pain hard to stand up all the way straight so the final result was 3100 cc's so that's 1550 on each side I still have a lot of fluid inside of me dr. Ortega told me to eat absolutely no salt and to get 10 lymphatic massages that's how I'm going to get rid of the water I guess my body is just handling this differently so by the time I get all the water out my waist and my back line will be slimmer I noticed small results now but I can feel the water when I put my hand on my stomach or my back so for now I'm just trying to squeeze it all out

8days post op

2nd massage. And I feel better


So ladies last night I washed my lipo pads because they had stuff on them they're just gross the girl and Spectrum said it was fine so I wash them put them in the dryer and then put everything back on this morning when I woke up had to go to the bathroom number 2 so I had to take the whole thing off and I noticed that my lipo foam seemed flat and they seem disformed I was freaking out so I called Spectrum and she told me know I have to buy new ones I spent all day calling plastic surgery places in Tampa nobody would sell me them because I wasn't their patient so I had to order some on Amazon and will be here Wednesday now dr. Ortega says it's important to keep the Lipo pads on because it helps Contour the body and bring in the waist pull down the swelling it cetera now they won't be here till Wednesday I don't know what to do until then someone told me to go get an Ace Wrap and just wrap my torso to keep the shape going what do you guys think also my lipo pads and a board will be here Wednesday I'm just worried what do I do

12 days post op

Ok guys taking pics of it new self is harder than I thought ..lol... Not the best but a look

16 days post op new faja

So I'm loving my results Dr ortega is awesome whey day my hips are comming out wait In my phone suck Taking pics but I swear better in person for sure so went from 3x faja to 1x the but area is like. Pantyhose and the rest tight I love it

17 days post op before after

So things are comming along butt is still hard like a rock .but I'm loving it .the not sitting is the hardest and having nothing to wear lol ..big booty issues

day of SX .and 17 days post op

this is how i ride lol

3 weeks po

4weeks 3days

Phone sucks sorry will deff take better pics lol it's hard to take selfie good one

4weeks 5days

Going to beach bar first time out of the house besides work .feeling a lot better

repost pics

5 1/2 mts

So all most 6weeks I feel the same most of swelling has gone down

new waist trainer

So on my search to find a seamstress to bring in my garments which ended up at a dead end and when I did find one they wanted a ridiculous amount of money Spectrum told me to start waist training so that's what I'm doing so say hello to my new friend did I mention I can't breathe LOL

6 weekd po waist 32 hips 34 but 48

Well I'm half way there I wonder if my measurements are good what is a good measurement

my friend made this lol 8 weeks

New Body

My surgery was. With dr. Ortega he gave me everything I want it without even having to say 10 words to him about what I want it I think he knows what we all want and he does the best he can with what we got to give us what we want the healing process is long and drawn-out but overall I'm about two and a half months out and I love it thank you dr. Ortega Like

3 mts


Hey girls so I'm 6 mths love my results still wearing my garments and starting to lay on my back it finally softened up




So I'm 6 mths and I have a lot of knots in my right but cheek it feels like rocks I have my man rub it out like they say so we will see .so now my result are very clear 27 Inc waist and 48 Inc my bottom I must say clothes are a nightmare nothing fits right
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I meet Dr ortega the day of surgery I seen him literally 20 min but I in that little time I fealt comfortable and he knew what I wanted I'm super happy with my results I couldn't have asked for anything more he did marvelous work if I had to do it all again I would definitely go with him

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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