32 Year Old Wanting a Big Butt! - Miami, FL

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I've been patiently waiting since I paid my...

I've been patiently waiting since I paid my deposit April 4, 2015. I'm so anxious to be Hassanified! I've been looking over his pics and reviews and it has me even more excited. I leave for Miami in 8 days and I'm undecided if it I'm going to stay at a recovery house or find a hotel room. I'm leaning more towards the recovery house. Anyone that has had a bbl please let me know of a good recovery house or any other good alternatives. I am a little nervous about the pain afterwards but I know it's worth it


Here are pictures of my goal

My body now

Here are pictures of my body now. I want to get rid of my waist. All my butt is at the bottom and I would like a founder fuller butt, more projection, but I would like to keep my cuff

More Wish Pics

Well my surgery is now 5 days away and I'm excited and extremely nervous. I pray everything goes well. I just have a few more supplies to buy and a couple other reservations to make. I'm traveling 5 hours to Miami.

My Dream Body

I absolutely adore Black Chyna's figure. I really hope I can gets results close to her figure

My supplies

Almost done purchasing my supplies

Almost time!

I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. Two more days and I will have the booty of my dreams!

Surgery tomorrow!!

Well I have exactly 12 hours until my surgery! I went through Vanity Cosmetics for the recovery house and was placed in an Extended Stay hotel suite because my fiancé is with me. I'm extremely nervous and excited. I hope all goes well.

It's that time!

Well I'm going into surgery momentarily. I'm so nervous. Hope I get the results I'm hoping for.

Finally Hasanified!

I must say I'm overly impressed. My butt and hips are perfect! I must say I'm very uncomfortable and it's a lot of blood. Looking in the mirror makes me feel better!


My results

Feeling regretful

I'm starting to feel like it wasn't worth it. Ive been experiencing complications with fluid since I left Vanity. Dr Hasan doesn't like to use drains for some reason which makes it a lot more complicated for the patient. It is definitely not a good ideas to use Vanity Cosmetics if you are from out of town. I had to go all the way back to Miami 3 days later to empty the fluid from my stomach because no doctor or plastic surgeon wants to go behind another plastic surgeon. I've been back two days, now I have a lot more fluid! I'm definitely not happy, especially with the after care. There is a lot they DONT tell you before the surgery. They have so many until after they get you money the attention is on their new patients. I have been inconvenienced to the utmost and wouldn't reccomend them unless you lived less than a couple hours away

The ER will not drain you


DAY 18

Well I'm looking, feeling, and doing a lot better. The fluid is finally starting to go away on its on. I love my results although I wish my butt wouldn't go down anymore even though I know it will. Hasan did a good job I just wish I had a little more fat to work with. I'm starting my squats as soon as I hit 8 weeks and also waist training. In love with my waist and stomach. Just really hoping most of this fats survives in my butt and hips. I warn you ladies the first two weeks are hell lol but I'm finally feeling like it was worth it again. Here are new pics

More Pics

Feeling better by the day
Miami Physician

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