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I have been working with Spectrum Anesthetic...

I have been working with Spectrum Anesthetic (Emily) since May of 2015, going between a tummy tuck and BBL. I finalized on getting a BBL last month with a set surgical date of 3/17/2015. So far so good, just a little nervous. I plan on using Claudia's recovery home, but I am not sure of that as of yet. The doctor that I initially reserved was Ortega but I switched to Llorente. So we began this journey together.

My sister Mel Ortega

Dont forget

There are a few items that will help along the way. I will post as I discover them

Don't forget

There are a few items that will help along the way. I will post them as I discover them

Getting ready

Okay ladies you must know it was really hard for me (mentally) to take these pictures and post them. A lot of emotions!!! But I put myself to the side and I'm doing it to support us and show my real self.


I cant wait till this is over!! I am tired of the lack of communication from my coordinator, and the confusion. I just want to get this done so that I will be past this part ignorance. On a better note after being told back and forth that the faja does and or does not come with me package, I decided to buy two. I was so happy to find out that the middle is open for easy access for bathroom use. Then they were on sale for half off!!! Party over here

All packed

Im all packed, flight checked, accessories obtained, RH booked, and changing my mind nervous lol

Out of here Wednesday

Surgeon Switch

Sergio Alvarez!! Got to Spectrum today and found out that my doctor had to be changed. So tomorrow my procedure is with Sergio Alvarez.


Still pretty swollen. I have not worn my faja since two days after surgery (get to wear it again starting today) because I became ill (NOTHING TO DO WITH SURGERY). Dr. Alvarez is an amazing person and surgeon. I have nothing but GREAT things to say about him. Spectrum on the other hand.........................


So far so good ladies! I have not worn my faja consistently since surgery, but I don't have any complaints about my body shape. However, the itch is real!!!!!! My my my sometimes it itch so bad I have take Benadryl. Also, my stomach and parts of my butt is still hard (harder in some places then others). Due to the swelling in my stomach I have gotten stretch marks. I currently use Bio oil and Collagen firming lotion. I have been getting massages since I been back home (every other day). The massages actually put me to sleep. I have completed my antibiotics, and I really haven't had a use for the pain meds prescribed. Immediately after surgery, I aint gone lie, I could have chugged the whole bottle. But I have not taken anything but Tylenol here and there since then. The soreness and itching is real but the pain is tolerable. I still wear compression socks, safety first. I believe that has covered everything thus far. Thanks Dolls for all your support!!!!

The real bloody truth

Here are some pictures 2nd day post, and some pictures two weeks post. Remember ladies i haven't worn my faja since 3days post. I wanted to really show you all my journey, therefore I will bare all.

More pictures

Recent pictures 2weeks post

Before stress

Ladies this was my butt at the beginning of the year. September I began to stress and became depressed. I lost 55pounds from September to February. So im trying to get it back, in all the right places of course. ;)


What do you ladies think? Im still pretty swollen and have lumps in my back, sides and stomach.

Dr. Alvarez addition

53days in

So not yet 2months post from my BBL with Dr. Alvarez. The swelling in my abdomen is going down, yay!! (finally) . However, I still have a long way to go, still have the knots. I do the massages myself with bio oil and firming lotion. I wake up a lil swore now, it feels like I have been working out my stomach and back muscles. The feeling subsides during the day. I do sit on my butt, have been since day two, smh. (I'll attach pictures) I finally get to wear my garments, but they are too big for me now. I do wear a compression tank, which is tighter than the garment. I just ordered the BBL panty, I'll post pictures when I get it. Otherwise, all is well !!!!! Cant wait to hit my 6month and 1year mark!!!! God bless you ladies!!

That az!!! Lol im excited

Levi 710 super skinny

Some after effect items

Here are some things that I purchased after the procedure. The wrap makes you sweat like hell. The compression tank is amazing, it fits like my garment did. The panties I just got but I have tried them on and the abdominal section feels amazing and holds in my tummy. I purchsed these things because your faja will get too big. Both of mine are too big for me. So instead of getting another faja I ventured around.

Fluff Stage

Oh my goodness ladies the fluff is real!!!! And the healing time is too. When I first heard six months to a year to see your real results, I was like bull!!! No bull, it does. I'll be six month 8/17 & I'm telling you, I'm like pause no more growth please. Im now 47 in the ass ! So now I'm 36,33,47.


Have not met with him yet.

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