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For a long time I have wanted my back fat gone...

for a long time I have wanted my back fat gone several non-cosmetic surgeries and one tummy tuck without lipo I have finally decided to make the change I have looked at several doctors but in dfw nothing I have seem to like (their work isn't my goal for me) I did see dr cortes but I am leaning to dr fisher...would love to see more of his work b/c I am just reading reviews with no pics...I will be paying cash soon and was told they will house me 1 week and I have to loose 20lbs if I pay during dec 2014 its 5000 if I pay in jan 2015 its 6000 but as of now I am looking at a projected surg date of jan 26/27 not set in stone yet...im definately excited about my new look and am trying to learn as much as possible

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my wish pics and my pics

more pics

Having problems uploading these pics in one msg only ; (

Try once again with the rest of my Pics

Any suggestions on where I should stay

Looking at hotels for a week but wanting something close to the facility that way I can get a shuttle or cab..etc...anyone have any suggestions

nurse?massage? where to stay?

So I'm trying to figure out the best thing should I hire massage person? How will I get to and from my check ups? Where to stay? Do I have to fill my meds or will they be provided? I went to yahoo travel double tree by Hilton Springhill suites extended stay America mia airport blue lagoon and days Inn are all very close to the facility. BUT I spoke to Marian today and she says she does massages transportation and some place to stay... is anyone familiarity with her?

Jan 27th it's official

Anna is so sweet answers all my questions. She has even assured me to not worry about some of the negative reviews on rs. Every question email or phone call she promptly responds. She is sending my lab requests just waiting on the doctor's signature. I'm excited!!! Also found more wish pics last night

paid in full

It feels good...now to pay for my recovery items stay and flight @ work looking at flights

Anna just sent my lab work through...let me book that appt asap

so far so good

So my labs are done everything is paid for except my remaining balance for new body recovery which is to be paid when I get there on jan. 26th...and so far my experience has been great....Anna is wonderful...I did my labs today and they will be faxed...I've all ready lost 10lbs....I have an official surgery date for 1/27 with Dr fisher....huge thanks to Moni I have all of my supplies that I am going to need.....everything is awesome now to meet Dr Fisher 4.5 weeks to go

cost for post op meds with Dr fisher?

About how much does the medicine cost for post op? If anyone knows please let me know :)

The reason I only told my husband my bff nothing nice to say

So I decided to tell 1 person other than my husband....my bff she was not supportive even stated that you have to get this redone like every other year.....then said well at least you won't be fat whenever I get married if it works but if it doesn't you need to figure something out.....mind you she isn't even engaged. ....hopefully the results are long lasting and she is wrong....

Happy but year ladies

26 days and I can't wait...um already organizing things and ready to go...I'm 10 pounds down...losing weight is very difficult for me do to my surgical history...so hopefully it's not a biggie...I don't want 5th be a twig Lol...anyways happy new year everyone:)

jan 1 let's get it dolls

Jan 1 let's get it dolls

Any reviews a yr post op? How much booty stay$

So has anyone seen posts from dolls at least a year out? I would love to see how much stayed at least a year later.

Should I ask for anything more????

So decided to post what I talked to a man about doing.....just wanting to know if anything is missing

Can anyone tell me about the scars

I noticed a few photos online not on rs and some of the ladies have dots all over their backs and top of their butts.....is this normal scarring? If so I'll have to get a cute small tat to cover the scars. ...or just never wear my back out

Bbl pillow

I was told by Moni from new body recovery to get this pillow....but I see others have posted a different type of pillow ..mines came in the mail today. ...what do you all think?

22 days until I fly to Miami so ready

My lab work was faxed a few days ago but Anna said she didn't receive it so they sent it again yesterday Anna got it and emailed me this morning saying they will review them today..my doctor said my lab results were fine so I should be good to go. ...aon: Anna is hilarious to me she is cool so some mat think she isn't always professional but I can only speak on my experience with her and say that so far....she has been great I'm looking forward to meeting her.


I love buffy the body always have tall should check out her workouts for women to keep big butts and exercises to actually get your own as well...but for all of us doing the bbl this can can teach is how to maintain what we will have



Have to start now thinking about your lifestyle change

everything you need for.your bbl

Thanks moni at new body recovery:)

If you are able to find the Vedette 929 with hooks/944 with zipper (same style just different closures), that will be great.    Moni also sells them for $65.  It's important to have 2, one that is for your normal size now and one that is one size smaller.  During your recovery stay, we will utilize both so that you will not be without one during the washing and drying process of the dirty one.  

It is imperative that you don't stay without it on for long periods of time or your body will swell even more.  Initially you will be swollen and as time progresses and swelling goes down you can switch to the smaller size. Later get the larger garment taken in.

Here are a list of things that you want to bring:


1.  Neosporin/triple antibiotic ointment

2.  Tank tops or camisoles (4-5) these assist with preventing garment burns, it serves as a barrier between the garment and your skin

3.  Lipo Foam-  http://www.amazon.com/Lipo-Foam-Individual-ContourMD-Package/dp/B007WUA3XK

4.http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001FXX02Q/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1- used for travel back home

5.http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BWRPB7M/ref=twister_B00L9SI176?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1- used for travel back home

6. Baby wipes

7. Female urinal

8. http://www.amazon.com/NorthShore-Premium-Disposable-Underpads-Large/dp/B000FD2AZ0/ref=sr_1_2?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1417664688&sr=1-2&keywords=chuck+pads-

9. Arnica gel and/or arnica tablets- helps with the swelling

10. loose fitting dresses i.e. maxi dresses, elastic waist pants ( no jeans or any clothing that can cause an indentation on your skin)

11. small pack of gauze (2x2 /3x4 etc, not the rolled gauze)

12. ted hose/ anti- embolism stockings

No back fat just all booty

More pics I like also some workout inspiration......etc

Labs are great

Yaay so happy. Labor came back great
Weight loss going great. Spoke to Anna and another lady today and Giselle will call to confirm. I was told to report the day prior before 3pm. I can do that as I arrive the day prior at 8am. So happy about to post more wish pics lol #bootyshoppingisfun

Lab issue today; weigh in today; surgery 3 day diet.

1st: Anna had everything taken care of with my labs and I was cleared. Yiselle sent me a lab prescription to redo all of my labs claiming she never received them or the ekg. Well today made my 3rd time having them faxed over. But Yiselle finally received them and Dr Fisher stayed everything is fine just report the day before the 27th and be at his office anytime before 3pm...being that I have no set appointment time for that day I am expecting a long wait but I am going to ask Anna on tomorrow can I schedule an appointment for the 27th. I'll let everyone know what she says.
#2 - successful detox ...A few days I had to eat so I didn't loose the 20lbs this particular time but my starting mechanical weight was 213 and it's now 202 and my starting digital weight based on height and a few other things was 216.0 and it's now 205.2. So I lost 11lbs. Being that I have fibroid tumors and I'm due for my monthly any day now I'm going to do the 3 day surgery diet. That is a guarantee of 10 lbs lost. My supportive husband is going to do it along with me being that a few of the foods I hate. Also my faja's are here!!!!! Although the owner personally called to let me know the blacks were out of stock so I had to go with nude. But I can honestly say vanity and this entire process so far has been amazing. No bad reviews or comments from me. I'm considering arm lipo it's an extra $500.00 ...but I do know I can easily tone there big arms of mines....so I'm not certain if I want to get lipo on my arms as of now. I'm extremely happy about my 11lb weight lost after being told by several doctors it would be extremely difficult for me to lose weight due to my fibroids and scar tissue from numerous surgeries. My next weigh in is Jan. 10th the morning after we finish the 3 day diet. I will post the diet plan in a separate update for you all ...hopefully I'm still 202lbs in the morning :) because my weight as of Sat Jan 10th should be 192lbs.

Safe Surgery Diet ..my doctor gave it to me (lose 10lbs in 3 days)

I already had vanilla ice cream and carrots at home I bought everything else and spent $32.00 @ Walmart. And it would have been half of that but my husband is doing it with me. You can do this weekly as well and maintain your weight until the next week...As I was told by my doctor. Eat or drink everything straight you can't add any sweeteners or seasonings. So here it goes:

Day 1 -
Breakfast: black coffee/tea, 1/2 grapefruit, 2T of peanut butter, 1 slice of toast (whole wheat bread).
Lunch: black coffee/tea, 1 slice of toast, 4oz(1/2c) tuna.
Dinner: 3oz of any kind of meat, 1c of beets, 1c string beans, 1 small apple, 1c vanilla ice cream.

Day 2-
Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg, 1/2 banana, 1 slice of toast, 1c of coffee/tea.
Lunch: 1c cottage cheese, 5 saltine crackers.
Dinner: 2 hot dog weiners, 1c of brocoli, 1/2c carrots, water, 1c of vanilla ice cream, 1/2 banana.

Day 3-
Breakfast: 5 saltine crackers, 1 slice cheddar cheese, 1 small apple, coffee/tea.
Lunch: 1 boiled egg, 1 slice of toast, water.
Dinner: 1c tuna, 1c cauliflower, 1c beets, 1/2 of a cantaloupe, 1/2c vanilla ice cream.
Day 4- time to weigh in. Maintain your weight loss from here. : )

3 day diet update (honesty is what i give)

So my hubby did this with me for encouragement knowing its extremely difficult for me to lose weight due to my fibroids. But to me no doctor is God, i workout and eat right for me. So ill be going to what works for me (me knowing from experience) versus what my doctor gave me lol. This 3 Day Surgery Diet does work, it just didnt work for me. I kept a journal of my experience so i am going to share it with you all :)

Day: 1 breakfast- was nothing i like to eat. i'm not a peanutbutter girl i do NOT like grapefruit, & coffee...straight...YUCK! but i was not hungry @ all.
lunch- was much better the tuna smelled horrible almost did not eat it but it did not taste bad @ all. and i was so full too
dinner- was great except for the beets i have childhood issues with beets...seriously. overall a good day lokking forward to our weigh ins in the morning

day 2: so i lost 1lb and my hubby lost 6lbs. sometimes having fibroids gets very discouraging for me especially when doctors have told me it will be challenging to lose the weight then it comes down to things like this morning where he did no form of exercise only ate the food i exercised and ate exactly what was there he lost 6lbs i lose 1lb!!!! Now my menstrual did start on yesterday and i usually gain 10lbs due to the fibroids when it comes on ...he thinks that is playing a reason i only lost 1 lb and that when my menstrual is over the weight will fall off like always.
breakfast- getting used to the black coffee breakfast was great.
lunch- i have never eaten cottage cheese before to my surprising it is not bad the texture is a little weird in not used to little round bubbles in my mouth as far as food goes but the crackers help with this but it is only 5 crackers lol i'll just have to eat the rest looking forward to dinner.
dinner- great great great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

day 3:
breakfast definately filled me. but on my wau to work i ha to poop badly cheese and 3rd day menstrua is a bad combo lol hope lunch doesnt do the same lol
lunch- felt skimpy im drinking lots of water but the boile egg and slice of toast feels like it did nothing at all i'm left feeling hungry
dinner- everything taste good i did not attempt to do the beets and i was so full i did not fix the icecream.
weigh in 1-10-15
my hubby start weight:
260 mechanical weight
260.4 digital weight
his end weight:
248mw & 250dw.
he lost 12lbs mw & 10.4lbsdw.

starting: 202mw &205.2dw
finish weight: 199mw & 203.2dw
total loss of 3lbs mechanical weight and 2lbs digital weight.

We ate everything as the guide said no additions at all ...all food bland. i also jogged 1 hr all 3 days. my husband did not. my menstrual did start the 1st day of the surgery diet ...i am uncertain if this played an role in my results or not. but here are the results.

countdown #BBL

I've never looked at so many ass, and stomachs in my life...but I'm always Window shopping until I get my top 3 :)

Good morning dolls

14 DAYS UNTIL MIAMI <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

seriously where has the time gone i just booked & paid dr fisher the last week of december and i am already 2 weeks away from my date.....i have so many thoughts and questions....it will definately be hard to leave my husband and 3 kids for an entire week but i trust he will hold the house down ;) he's a keeper....i read a lot of reviews on here daily ...the only things left i have to do is pay moni @ newbodyrecovery when i get there as she would only take the deposit and takes the rest once i arrive...and purchase an ab board ...moni sells them for $22 vanity sells them for $40
other than that i am ready to go ...im in the process of loosiing these last 15lbs which could have been done already had i not gained weight prior to booking the surgery i normaly am between 190 -195...i had gone up to 213....eating to good during both holidays and slacking on my workouts....tsk tsk tsk...im paying for it now ...but everyday i grind....EVERYDAY...i cant expect the best from dr fisher if i dont present him with the best .....so im staying positive and motivated until its complete....any ways enjoy your Sunday dolls

from 213lbs to 193lbs ....20lbs down!!!

Fisher roll call: Jan 26 through Feb 2 anyone?

Any dolls going to be here during these dates? We there with Fisher Hasan or mcadoo

6 days until Miami BUT

So instead of being excited I'm struggling to lose the last of this weight trying to get to 180...I've lost total of 22nd aleeady....but I'm uncertain if I can do detox this close to the procedure. ..I'm eating extremely healthy and working out daily ...ran 2 miles today and did my exercise bike....breakfast was 1/2 a grapefruit lunch I had a lettuce wrap dinner I had spinach and kale 1/2 each 2 strawberries sliced. ..and I drink 2 liters of water daily

Really stressing #worrieddollhere

Good morning dolls. I believe I have hit a plateau. I was weighing 213lbs and I am currently down to 191lbs. So I have lost 22lbs. I am definately eating healthy and exercising daily. Praying to get down to 180lbs as requested, or at least half of that. I am really stressing out trying to lose the last bit of weight. I am certain I can not do a detox prior to a surgery. I have major surgeries before and was told by doctors that is not recommended. I am not doing diet pills at all. Just my own hard work and sweat. So I definately need to know what will happen if I am not 180lbs come next Tuesday. I dont want to lose the money that I have spent, all my arrangements have been paid and made for my kids the week I will gone. As well as my arrangements for the time I have to be in Miami. But I know that you can only lose so much weight at a time. And fo me I am defintely glad I have lost 22lbs, but I think my body is at a plateau as of now. I have been trying to hit 188lbs for the past 3 days now. And I am just stressing and worrying that my srgery wont be performed. Currently for my height 5 feet 4.5 inches weighing 191lbs my BMI is 32.3. I know doctor Fisher requires a 30.0-30.9 BMI for surgery. Will he not do my surgery if my BMI is 31.0 to 32.3 BMI? I really need to know. It wont stop me from trying to lose the last 11lbs at all. But I do not know if I will lose that or not in a weeks time. I am praying hard that I do.

pineapple juice and agave

so everyone was posting that we should eat and drink this a week prior to the bbl ...but why ...lol i know it helps with swelling but isnt that what the dang arnica tablets are for? just a question lol

mixed signals

So I spoke with Anna and she assured me that as long as my bmi is 31 or lower Dr Fisher will do my sx....today yo selle calls asking my weight progress and then asked had I booked my flight already and for me to send updated photos..she told me she would call me back. ...but I didn't hear back from her and Anna Calles and told me she was with the doctor and they were running errands but she will call me ....hope my sx won't be canceled. ..Anna says it wont

tips? What yo expect?

My surgery is Tues. ...what should I expect?

from 213lbs to 190lbs trying to get to 180lbs

Stop vitamins?

So since last year I've been taking women's one days. ...This morning I read on the Internet you shouldn't take vitamins prior to cosmetic sx
...This was not.on my pre op instructions .....does anyone know if this is true or not

surgery date changed!!!!

So I just spoke with yiselle instead of the surgery on Tuesday I will be having surgery Monday
....because I have lost over 20lbs De Fisher stated for me to continue what am doing but he will definitely be doing the surgery for me this monday.....All of a sudden I'm nervous lol I was prepared for Tues but hopping off the plane and to vanity for the surgery and pre op stuff all on the same day just made ish real lol. ....I'm ready though.... called and emailed moni at new body recovery to let her know the changes.....so I'm hoping to hear back from her soon.

surgery time

Just received confirmation for Monday @ 5:30pm. But have to go in that morning for one blood test and what ever else they do. I will definitely keep everyone updated as much as I can

mixed feelings

So I leave home about 230am but I'm finding it hard to leave my kids and hubby....and I have never been in surgery and not had family there with me....praying everything goes well tomorrow

Finally leaving for Miami

Sitting in the airport with my kids and hubby ...ready to head out to Miami prayed up and ready for today xoxo

changed from 5 to 11!!!!

This is my 2nd time in Miami airport ever. ...couldnt find the damn baggage claim lol people in the airport are not friendly. ...Both times I've experienced this. ....shelly picked me up very friendly. ...talked all the way to vanity. ...get to vanity they say I'm scheduled for 11 not 5 and they don't know who told me 5.....Lord Jesus.... I'm ready though lol.....that's better than 5pm

How I feel

Great day dolls. Just to recap my report time was 5pm had a bit of a wait De Fisher wet over Everything with me even told me mat have some loose skin...sucks I know. ... waking up from surgery it was painful as he'll getting on my garment my ass felt like I was carrying a dump truck lol but my mouth is very swollen. ..vanity says I bit my lips while I was under. ....I doubt it I believe I was allergic to something but my mouth hurts more than my mouth. .I was extremely cold mini and her stuff are so nice and helpful her home is beyond clean and nd cozy.....

Not 30bmi

Fisher did me and my bmi was not a 30.


Today I have been so soar massage hurt on the places he was most aggressive. ....my back and side ........taking the garment off and on hurts me so bag

so scared of you 2nd massge

Very tender in the place he was more aggressive

Second message was not as bad because I didn't have much fluid

comfortable at last

So I had to loosen my garment tonight my entire body is swelling om me

Had to take an extra pain pill amd.some arnica tablets,

day 5

Woke up feeling uncomfortable my swelling seems worse... no longer have a knee. ...just heavy ass legs...you back is still swollen it's just uncomfortable. ...my mouth is really dry ...or have no appetite today because I just taste pills. ...but the car ride to vanity has definitely helped me out a bit...I don't feel as restless. ..I have just a few questions for my doctor this morning. ..but not a lot

stitches out back and butt looks great

So my garment is a bit to tight this being the lines on my lower back ...so I'm on it

so happy

Finally had a bowel movement.....that is all.

5 days post op

Swelling going down 2nd poop this morning...I will officially be 5 days post op tonight around 9pm lol. being my surgery was definitely around that time.....I think I stopped draining last night as well so looking forward to my massage today and I can see my results coming through

New body recovery

It has taken me each day just to write this review. ...trying to find the words does no justice....above and beyond in every thing they do ...moni shelly and Monica took great care of me...Their home is gorgeous 5 bedroom 2 bath decor is lovely meals are always delicious and timely you are always checked on you have a buzzer a reacher in case you drop something transportation to and from airport and doctors office stores etc. ...massages. .professional always and we had empire night. ..although I'm leaving tomorrow I have felt safe And comfortable
..I'll be back if I decide on another procedure...and any one looking for a home away from home .....go here

Home sweet home

So I got my drain removed took pics and signed a form to find out how many cc's I got during surgery. ....my flight was a bit uncomfortable because the half roller and the pillow didn't really help much ....When I got off the plane my stomach and back where swollen so badly so I greeted my hubby and kids walked slow as hell to to the car and when I got home showered changed my garment and I'm calling it a night
...tomorrow its preparing meals for this week and taking it easy before jumping back into work my only goal is to finish my antibiotics and get this swelling under control ....good night dolls

10 days post op

Yaaay!!!!! Although I still have a lot of swelling in my legs and vagina....my swelling is going down in other places and it looks good in and out of clothes. ....I have 2 days left taking my antibiotics and today is the last day wearing my socks. ...but I may wear them longer because of the swelling. ... more pics to come soon.... still need help bathing and wiping when I do #2....it's very difficult getting in my car unless I'm sitting backwards on the seat on my knees or laying down in the back seat. .....still walking slower than usual as well. ...Most people don't mention everything that comes along after but I will be as truthful with my journey as possible. ..I'm a very active and athletic person. ..and I'm used to doing things myself. ...so I'm ready for this phase to be over with lol

For those who wanted to know bc it did not matter to me lol

CC's per butt cheek

11 days post op still some swelling but results get better with each day

Just a few clothes

I mainly walk around in my garment but i wanted to see if a few things still fit or not

Love how my skirt looks now

How long

Does anyone know how long we are supposed to wear the foam, triangle, and ab board? I know we wear the garment 3 months and after 6 wks you can either wear it during the day or just at night. But my question is in regards to the foams. .. mean I have the cami on the foams the ab board then the garment

13 days post op 2 wks tomorrow

So I posted pics of me almost 2 wks..my legs and back are still very swollen excuse the granny panties but my cycle also started today. ...I'm very tender without my garment on ... only take it off for showers or to do a bm unfortunately I can only pee with this garment on ...anyways just wanted to update

1st massage since drain was taken out

The hard spots were still tender to touch but the massage softened them right up....and now I feel great looking forward to my next massage this week

Going to attempt intimacy tonight

So since my vaginal isn't that swollen anymore and it's vday I'm going to try this with my hubby but being that you can't take the garment off I have removed the foams and ab board just for tonight. ...hopefully my body won't swell up .....any suggestions

1 month post op

So Dr Fisher said 4 was no sitting only except for the restroom. .and even then I used a rolled up towel. But if I sit will I be okay or should I hold off 1 more week... I briefly just tried to see how it would feel and I felt like my butt was about to pop in the 3 seconds I sat down lol

6wks post op today

So I still have a few hard spots but nothing major I am glad the Dr Fisher told me what all to expect so far I don't have loose skin on my stomach just a little above my butt/lower back so I make sure to compress with the foams on that area even though when just spoke with vanity they said 4 wks was enough time for my foams.....typically I listen but he was very aggressive on my back and sides so those areas may need a bit more time to heal....looking forward to getting back to my exercise routine on tomorrow I'll let everyone know how it goes

I'm not mia

Haven't been posting because I'm still healing. I run daily but my back still feels like fire like the skin is still loose but only my back hurts or is still tender to touch everything else is fine at the beginning of this week I started sitting on my buttons with out the boppy....I only use my boppy to sleep with because when I sleep on my stomach with a regular pillow I get a lot of swelling in my lower back so the boppy helps a lot with that....tried yoga and sit ups and etc still can't because I can't do the things where I am on my back April 19th I will be 12 was post op so I will update again then stay tuned....oh in clothes I look great but I still have purple bruising under my arm pits but it's still going away and one of my arm pits or back fat areas is way bigger not sure if he skipped that one since I was the last person he did that day ....my back and stomach still have a few hard spots but I'm sure within the 6 months to a year they will soften as well like the other ones did

Still healing at 4.5 post op

Only my lower back still swells where the line is seems like extra skin from where he liposuction my full back but overall I'm happy

6 months post op

Overall I like my body with clothes on without 3 things. ...One my stomach is uneven I have a hump over my navel and the right bottom side of my stomach is bigger as well nothing wrong except not a good lipo job. Next my back is still tender at my lower back and I have a line or dent all across the bottom of my back on my upper back it seems he missed a spot and didn't lipo it because it's bigger and hangs over and the other side doesn't not ...I keep debating if I should post the photos or not ....shrugs....maybe I will or maybe I won't ....but i can hide all of this underneath clothes...

6 months 1 week post op

My lower back is still very tender and swells at night I have uneven lipo not any knots just fat left in places my right upper back is larger than left side as he may have forgot to lipo it or skipped it I'm not sure I was the last patient that night and and had swelling on my mouth as if I may have been dropped and everyone there avoided answering me..sighs...anyways my back has loose skin that creates a line or crease above my buttocks over all in clothes I like how I look with the exception of the back fat on my right side...I will need further lipo to correct my back (although Fisher did full lipo on my back) I paid for full lipo on my stomach but he said he only did the bottom part of my stomach...I have a hump above my navel...where he also skipped....you know what....it's just an uneven lipo job. No one called me ever after my procedure so I never heard back from his office....I will be getting lipp redone not sure if I want a bbl because my butt is fine at this size....but I definitely want my back fixed and my stomach fixed...not sure if I will go back to Fisher when I was last there I even asked about a beast lift you would think they would have at least called me for that...well I'm finally posting pics for you all to see for yourselves

6 months 1 wk post op (better pics)

Read previous post for updates and such to know what I'm pointing out to you all with the uneven lipo

I want liposuction to fix my bbl with fisher

I can't seem to get a response with Dr fishers office staff..so disappointed. I spent my money and I can't get a call back. I want liposuction full back and full stomach. Which is what I paid for the 1st time with my bbl but got there and he said he couldn't do full stomach but would do full back....I have uneven liposuction so it needs to be corrected as far as my butt it is fine I like the size and shape I just want the lumps in my stomach gone the back fat only on the right side gone....smh....and the 2 lines at the bottom of my back gone. I would love to go back to fisher but not sure if I should chance spending that much money again and need a round 3...that should have only taken a 1st time...I may try and find a doctor here....I just don't know

want a round 2

I want t get the things i told yall and showed yall fixed not sure if i want to transfer the fat in my butt as love the size i am now i just want my back fixed and my stomach fixed i sent over pics via email finally got a response and nothing else since then....so im considering it. ..what do yall think...also should i stay with dr fisher or try dr cortez....

Fisher or a different doctor for BBL Revision

At this point I do not know what to do. For a year I have been going back and forth with Vanity. I never get a call back, or an email back. Dr. Fisher's assistant emailed me one time and I have never heard from her again. I paid so much money, and I am trying to get some of the uneven lipo fixed. I also have areas that are larger than and don't match. I just want it fixed. I am already not the happiest that after following all directions eating properly and regular exercise than I will have to go through the sx a 2nd time. I really like dr fisher and would love to stay with him, but I want certain results especially if I have to come a second time. I need to know cost...like am I going to have to pay another 5000.00 cash? I did not finance I called in and paid the next day. I am just a little frustrated b/c being from another state I feel vanity did not follow up with me as they should have. Even now I can not contact any one here. This makes me strongly want to go with a different doctor all together. I have tried researching Dr. Duran but she has no pricing, no pictures up, and most of her reviews or at least 2 to 3 years old. I am wanting to try and get this revision done in March so that I can look good out of clothing as well....but I can not seem to get in touch with my doctor. Any one have any suggestions if I should stay trying with Fisher or go elsewhere?

Laura on Whatsapp (for Dr. Duran)

Sorry but I believe she is a hoax or something. I received an email I filled out the medical form 4 days past after I WhatsApp her on both numbers she provided and nothing then when I said I believed it to be a fake account and was reporting it to the bbb I received a message asking for my email and to fill out a medical form I then stated I had already did that so I was still asked for my email again so I gave it and have not heard anything just continued proof the messages or being read. this def doesn't make me feel comfy about that process or the doctor for that matter I have contacted duran on her website her google her emails and never a response from her office just a response from laura asking for 200.00 ...I just find it very difficult to deal like that what if I am trying to make a decision bw my original doctor and her and compare pricing (I wasn't but still) as a business owner myself ...hell as a patient....this is not right nor is it comfortable for me at all....its enough there are no recent photos or reviews of durans work for the year of 2015 .....I just need some clarity or suggestions b/c I am about to take my cash and just pay fisher and call it a day...I would love to go to duran but if it is all of this before I can only imagine trying to follow up and after care or getting questions answered ...frfr...

I'll pass on Duran and considering Cabral

...as I still wait to hear from my own doctor...its been right at a year and he stay on vacation...I am supposed to hear from his office on the 8th...so I will see.....but in the meantime ...dr duran who I would love to do my procedure...as much as I love dr duran's work I will have to rule her out...the pre op and post op would seem to be a concern for me...it is difficult to speak to her office...been calling very early (7am 8am 9am and 10 am their time) and no answer just a continued voicemail I assume b/c it is all in Spanish...even after entering her extension. laura on WhatsApp responds when she chooses after days of her reading a message. I sent the requested health form photos very detailed information to durans email ig doctor office and nothing...found laura on ig b/c she reached out to me and asked me to contact her on WhatsApp....and I stated above how that has gone...to me the customer service and follow up would be extremely worse than dealing with vanity in Miami for me...so if she gets someone there that can help her deal with potential patients and patients that are in the u.s. for questions concerns pricing pre op and post op than I can reconsider but until then I just cant ....surgery procedures are typically a standard price...and this information should have a ball park figure that someone should be able to communicate and then state but the doctor has to confirm...just something.... it was much easier to speak with cabral's office on today. ...although he only said hi on his WhatsApp but his staff some of them speak English and they were very easy to deal with...I just have some concerns about his past but I do love his work...I just don't want to be burned or killed anywhere ...I absolutely loved wendy from highclass recovery she has been overly helpful so far and is amazing!!!

bbl revision with or without breast lift

today dr cabrals office gave me a quote via email 5500 for liposuction bbl and implants. Implants????? my breast are big enough I just wanted a lift and I have been told by several docs I am a great candidate for a breast lift without implants. so I don't want a breast lift now. I have emailed them back telling them why and that I am just interested in the bbl...which mainly for me is full liposuction on my entire back and full liposuction of my entire stomach

finally heard back from vanity on behalf of dr fisher

i was told i don't need a bbl revision and if i wanted a breast lift procedure the doctor is only allowed to perform lipo in the stomach and waist area so it would not cover the back area at all...that there is two things i can do come in for full liposuction at a low price of 3500 and it would eliminate all the fat from my back and stomach
get the breast lift with lipo on the waist and abdomen for 6000

decisions decisions

Round II Wish Pics

I want my back with no back fat at all & this uneven liposuction on my back and stomach sucked out. Being that I had a bbl already I am sure adding this remaining fat to my but will take me from a 47" hips to IDK lol. My is 36 & a half inches so I am sure it will go down more as well....although I don't really care about the inches at all...I care about how I will look...and right now in clothes I look and feel amazing but when I'm in panties and bra I don't feel that way at all

1)Realself deleted his profile 2) Cabral is not board certified???

I found it funny when one day I came on and his profile was there....then a few days later realself had deleted his profile...I just don't understand at all...so then I went to www.sodocipre.com b/c I like to know things for myself...and Dr. Cabral's name is nowhere listed with the board certified surgeons...at all ...I have copied and pasted it for you all to see below:


Dr. Jesús M. Abreu Montero
Dr. José Ernesto Abreu Santana
Dr. Jose Luis Acosta Collado
Dr. Gustavo Adolfo Almanzar German
Dra. Fátima Anadel Almonte
Dr. Herman Almonte Cruz
Dr. Asmin Aquino Rodríguez
Dra. Silvia Avilés Terrero


Dr. Javier Báez Anglés
Dr. Ivanhoe F. Báez Comme
Dr. Manuel Belén
Dra. Yvelise Bello Paredes
Dra. Analía Béjar


Dra. Karina Calderón Pimentel
Dr. Rubén Carrasco Peña
Dr. José Carrón Honoret
Dra. Tanger María Altagracia Castillo
Dr. Enrique Almonte Checo
Dr. Enriquillo Clime Rivera
Dr. Aridio Collado Cruz
Dr. Tadeo A. Compres Pichardo
Dr. Luis Andrés Cordero Espaillat
Dr. Luis Emilio Crispín Paulino


Dra. Elsa De la Cruz Mejía
Dr. Fernando De La Cruz Acosta
Dr. Franklin De Jesús Acosta
Dra. Quisqueya De La Rosa Saiz
Dra. Yily De Los Santos Rosario
Dr. Manuel Díaz Guzmán
Dr. Otoniel Díaz Casado
Dra. Sandra Díaz González
Dra. Cynthia Disla


Dr. José Luís Encarnación Bautista
Dr. Luis Francisco Espaillat Moya
Dr. José Espaillat Lora
Dr. Manuel Espaillat Pavonessa
Dr. Rafael Estévez Hernández
Dr. Rodrigo Escobar Jaramillo
Dr. Pedro Andrés Espinal González
Dr. Kelvin Eusebio Paulino


Dr. Luis Alejandro Fernández Goico
Dr. José Miguel Flores Bretón
Dr. Andrés Bienvenido Frías Reynoso
Dra. Australia Fragoso Báez
Dr. Fernando Arturo Francis Rodriguez
Dra. Katherine Fèliz Camilo


Dr. Luis Enmanuel González Valdez
Dr. Giancarlo Guaschino Ginebra
Dr. José Gilberto Guerra Seijas
Dr. Roberto Guerrero Daniel
Dr. Jean Paul Guidicelli Lebrón
Dr. Roberto Gutierrez Genao
Dr. Sergio Guzmán Padilla


Dra. Elena Hasbún Hirujo
Dr. Mario Hernández Díaz
Dr. Elias Herrera Padilla
Dr. Alejandro Hernández Pizzoglio
Dr. Héctor Andrés Herrand Perdomo
Dra. Agustina Hilario Durán
Dr. Luis Ygnacio Holguin
Dr. José Anibal Hungría


Dr. Kemil Issa Lora


Dr. Carlos Jiménez Miranda
Dr. Maikel Jiménez Ferreras




Dr. Robert Langlands
Dr. Eugenio Lapaix Vargas
Dr. José Alfonso León
Dra. Lirian Del Carmen Leyva Riveron
Dr. Luis Yunel Lima Vargas
Dr. Francis Llaverias
Dr. Rafael Lluberes Freites
Dr. Juan Bautista Lora
Dr. Carlos López Collado
Dr. Guillermo Lorenzo Ortiz


Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes
Dr. Néstor Julio Mallén Tejeda
Dr. Israel Porfirio Mañón Alcántara
Dra. Disnalda Margarita Matos Sosa
Dra. Shailyn Mármol Soler
Dr. Marco A. Mártire Borrel
Dr. Manuel Marte Mercedes
Dr. Emilio Martinez
Dra. Milady Marzán de Ramírez
Dra. Tania Medina Collado
Dr José Luís Mejia Vargas
Dr. Eduardo Mejia Santana
Dr. Luis Alberto Mejía
Dr. Flérido Méndez Núñez
Dr. Severo Mercedes Acosta
Dra. Jacqueline Miranda Pereyra
Dr. Rafael Antonio Mirabal Batista
Dr. Carlos Mojica de León
Dr. Julio D. Molina Suárez
Dr. Ángel Alejandro Mora
Dr. José Oscar Mora Acosta
Dr. Ramón Morales Pumarol
Dr. Ramon Morcelo Gonzalez
Dr. Miguel José Mota Cabral
Dra. Ivette Muñoz Contreras


Dr. Andrés Nieves Paulino


Dr. Gary Joel Ortega Abreu


Dra. Brenda Yoleidy Pache Jiménez
Dra. Alenni Pérez De Sena
Dr. Luis Emilio Pérez Rosario
Dr. Julio César Peña Encarnación
Dr. Franklin Peña Romero
Dr. Raul Alexander Perez Pimentel
Dra. Gladys Polanco Estévez
Dr. Abraham Polanco Safadit




Dra. Rosalina Ramírez Marzan
Dra. Birmania Ramos Vasquez
Dr. Luis Eduardo Redondo
Dr. José Alexis Reyes
Dr. José Richardson Lopez
Dra. Walkiris Robles
Dr. Aniceto Rodríguez Delgado
Dr. Ramón Alberto Rodríguez Estrella
Dr. Alejandro Rodríguez Fermín
Dr. Francisco Rodríguez Rosario
Dr. Nelson Rosario Socias
Dr. Nelson Rubio Silfa
Dr. Wilfredo Rodríguez Peña


Dr. Ramón Sabala
Dr. Carlos Saint-Hilaire Lockward
Dr. Derby Sang Caputo
Dr. Kenneth Schimensky Cabrera
Dr. Adolfo Sesto Alvarez-Builla
Dr. Julio Alberto Sicard Cerda
Dr. Juan Stanley Rondón
Dr. Gerineldo Sosa Morel


Dr. Luis Salomón Tactuk Simo
Dra. Yira Marlene Tapounet Brugal
Dr. Rafael Torres Acosta


Dr. Jairo De Jesús Ulerio
Dr. Rafael Ulerio Mejia
Dr. Robert Novalis Ureña Echavarría


Dra. Luisa Fercarina Valenzuela Feliz
Dr. Orlando Vargas Almonte
Dr. Reynaldo Aramis Vega Paulino
Dr. Manuel Ventura Gonzalez
Dr. Ricardo Ventura Herrera
Dr. Carlos José Vivas Ortega
Dra. Petra Aurora Vólquez Matos










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He is so nice and honest with you. He told me realistic results to expect and he definitely got my body together I am very pleased I would come to him again...already received a consultation from him for a breast lift.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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