31yrs Old, Single! No Kids!.. Ready to Be an Instagram Model ;-) Miami, FL

HeLLLooooo There!! A little bit about me: I'm...

HeLLLooooo There!!

A little bit about me: I'm 31yrs old, Single with no kids, 5'2 and right now about 124lbs. My weight goes up and down(ranges from about 120-129lbs) and I can easily lose weight when I focus on diet and exercise. The problem is... my stubborn belly fat that just WILL NOT go away!! And I have been told time and time again that it is genetics. UGH! Not to mention, my boobs are a Double D. So, being short with big boobs already makes my mid area looks bigger than what it really is!

I have been wanting a BBL for the past 5 years but at first I thought maybe it would be a little too much for me. Possibly because I thought BBL's were only for women who wanted BIG BIG BUTTS... and I never wanted that. But overtime I begin to notice that the BBL's are looking more and more natural these days.

So about 2 years ago, I settled for a Smart Lipo on my abdomen with Dr. Kulkin. My results left me very very unsatisfied :( My stomach was much smaller and had less fat than before but I still felt like I could not wear a two piece swimsuit and my stomach was not FLAT... it left my stomach lumpy and uneven looking. $3000 DOWN THE DRAIN!!! I was very sad... I explained my concerns to Dr. Kulkin and he advised me to wait a few more months to see full results.... 3-4 months later, I was still unsatisfied. I damn near cried in his office.

I was expecting for him to tell me the cost of a revision but luckily for me he told be he would do a revision for FREE! I was happy about that but my first experience was so painful and because it was a smart lipo and not such an abrasive surgery he did not put me to sleep(which I was kinda happy about)but it was uncomfortable and still painful. So there I was, back for the second time... smh. And guess what?!... months later STILL UNSATISFIED!! Dr. Kulkin is a very nice doctor! Extremely nice! But liposuction is just NOT his speciality.

Anyway, now after much research, I am truly ready for a BBL! I am ready to be my sexy confident self that I have always wanted to be. I have a nice little petite shape and I just want to enhance it but adding a few curves and a juicer booty ;-) I have thought about going to DR but so far I am really loving Dr. Fisher's work!

I am still doing a little research but I plan on getting the BBL in Feb 2017 and putting a deposit down by the end of this month. Welcome to my Journey!

Smart Lipo on abdomen Before & After pics

I got my smart lipo done on my abdomen in Jan 2014 and a revision completed Sept 2015. Here are the before and after pics.

Wish Pics!

Here are a few wish pics of how I would like my BBL to turn out. I know they are just "wish" pics and everyone's outcome is not the same. However, with proper recovery, eating healthy, and exercising I am going to achieve my dream body.
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