31 Yrs Old, Mom of 2 and Looking Forward to a BBL-Planning for March 2017 - Miami, FL

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I'm 5'4, 170 and have always wanted to get a bbl...

I'm 5'4, 170 and have always wanted to get a bbl since ive heard about them. Ive been looking up Drs overseas but decided that it would be wiser to just stay here in Florida and do my Dr search. So far I am interested in Dr. Sergio Alvarez's work. Ive been reading and following threads on this website. I am excited to finally have made the decision to get this done. So far today I chatted with someone from Spectrum and they are going to reach out to me by phone so that I can get some of my questions out of the way. The person i chatted with was friendly and quick to answer my questions. I had chatted with someone from CG Cosmetics and they would take long to write back and their answers were written out very unprofessionally. I am mostly concerned with the post op and procedure and results.. ect. Anyone else considering this procedure with Dr Alvarez around that same time frame? Any info or experience is appreciated!

Consumed with BBL Thoughts.

Anyone else planning a bbl and cant stop thinking about it? Lol I am
planning for early 2017 possibly even Dec 2016 if they are able to
schedule me for the last few days of the month. It seems so far away but
all i do when im online is looking for more and more information. I
have typical worries, such as will i wake up after sx, will it be the
size i want, how bad will the recovery be in my case..? Anyone else
feeling this way also? I would also love to partner up with someone that
hopefully goes to Dr. Ghurani during the same time i will go but i wont
be scheduled until later this week. I am waiting on Emily from Spectrum
to return my messages.

Can't Wait to Be a Ghurani Doll!

I'm excited to be on the journey to having a better behind! I've been
debating between Sergio Alvarez and Dr Ghurani.. but I'm confident I'm
going worth Ghurani. I'm attaching a collage of wish pics. I'll post
this week what my sx day will be. I'm hoping that I can meet some of you
dolls when the time comes. Either late 2016 or early 2017.

Torn between 2 doctors

Between Dr. Ghurani and Dr. Alvarez. Ive always read good things about Ghurani and his post op pics speak for themselves. I initially only saw good things about Dr. Alvarez but then the more I searched some I started having mixed feelings because sometimes the reviews were negative. So I decided to go with Ghurani because hes the booty boss in my eyes.. But I keep looking at these post op pics from Alvarez and he does a really good job also. So today I looked at the spectrum website and the price has gone down to $3850 for Alvarez by the end of December, per the chat person. What to do... What to do? Does anyone else keep going back and forth like I do?

Also I checked my hemoglobin

just to make sure I checked it right after my menstrual cycle just assuming it might be at the lowest point-I may be wrong. It was 13.5 which is good but I still would like to get it higher considering the procedure. Anyone ever have blackstrap molasses? I'm wondering how its supposed to be taken.

Current size

I'm 5'4, 170. I need to loose lbs in 4 months. Plenty of time but I wanted to record my start weight/pics.

Recovery houses

So I've been contacting recovery houses in Miami and thought perhaps other dolls might want to know a few of the options available. These are the few I've narrowed down as my choices:

1. Claudias Recovery - Includes her post-op care, 3 meals per day with snacks/beverages, transportation to and from Miami Airport as well as clinic appointments. She will monitor you throughout the night and will assist with help using bathroom, walking and giving you your medication. She also offers cleaning and sanitation. She charges $145 per night, to be paid on arrival and she DOES NOT require deposit. She also offers Lymphatic massages at $45 per hour. I have read some great reviews on here. Her contact is 305-496-5110.

2. Karla at Assistance for life - includes 3 meals per day with, a person assisting you for all of your stay, transportation to and from Miami airport as well as the clinic for surgery and follow ups. $150 per night, and a massage therapist that offers massages at 3 for $120. Deposit is $100. Contact is 786-327-0510

3. Magdalena Recovery House - includes her care with 3 meals per day with snacks (juices, water, yogurts). Transportation from Miami airport and clinics. Room with Tv, access to internet. $600 for 4 nights and each additional night is $120. (Side note: Only female guests allowed for an additional $80 per day). She does have a lady who will give you an hour massage with 15 mins of ultrasound and that is $60 each time. Contact is 786-443-1856

Hope this helps anyone looking. :)

Ive created an IG sx page.

Does anyone else have a page on Instagram they are using to track their journey? If so id like to follow you-if you don't mind. Mine is @soon2beghuranidoll. Feel free to follow my journey as well! :)

Back to Alvarez..

After much back and forth, I've decided that Alvarez will be doing my bbl. At first i had my doubts on his work because i read multiple reviews of women saying their butt had gone down, but then on IG i saw many reviews that i really thought were great. Going forward i will focus on getting ready for this sx and loosing about 15lbs that need to go. I will keep you dolls updated!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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