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I have been viewing RS since 2014 and have finally...

I have been viewing RS since 2014 and have finally decided that I need to get myself together. I want a bbl because I have almost nothing. I also want to get the fat out of my stomach because it is out of control! Lol this stomach that is sitting on my lap is out of line. I want my old self back but with some Junk!!!!! Any way I want Dr.Blinski to do my procedure, his work from what I've seen is awesome. I have emailed him and he responded right away. I am now trying to figure out what dates next year I want. I need to hurry so I can lock in the date this year. Some picture that I post are my wish pics!

Ready to get some Ass!

I am ready and excited ! I'm going to call Dr.Blinski's office so I can lock in my date. I can't believe this is real I am to geeked out! I'm trying to be the real big booty Judy!!!!!

Lost! Lost! And Lost!!!!

There are 3 days left in March to schedule an appointment with Doc.Blinski. it's hard to get in touch with his staff but I did just talk to him the deposit went up 400 which is no problem but now I need to figure out when I will get it. Im Using my taxes to pay for it . Is your deposit included in the total? I haven't got to really speak to anyone so I can be prepared! I'm trying to get this body right!


How long do you have to be off work?

Change of plans!

I will be going with Dr. Llorete! From what I have seen his work looks good! And he has a great deal bbl and recovery home for 6000 you can't beat that transportation and garment included!....big booty Judy here I come!!!!... work work work work work!!!!!!!
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From our emails Dr.Blinski was responsive in a timely manner, He was straight forward and honest!

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