31 Yr Old with 3 Kids, 5'7" , 148 Pounds, Miami, FL

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I used to have a butt until I had my kids! Lol......

I used to have a butt until I had my kids! Lol... After Them my ass was flat. I would wear my bubbles underwear to help me look better. I became obsess with having my body before kids. I begin to exercise, but my butt never grew! So, I left the gym. Months later I heard of the bbl. I knew I had to have it. I researched on real self many Drs.. For example Dr Salama, Dr Miami... To be honest my first choice was Dr Salama, but after reading reviews of girls getting burned I x him out.
So I started to watch Dr Miami's snapchat and loved his results! I came to Miami in Aug of this year, went to his office and after my consultation I was making my payment in full for a bbl to be scheduled two months later.

Day 1

Felt miserable ... Sleep most of the day... I wore no garments since Dr Miami does not use them anymore :( idk if thats good or bad

Day 3

Just as miserable as day 2... I didn't had an appetite but tried my best to eat everything I was served because I felt so weak and well I obviously needed energy

Day 6

Well I think on the sixth day was when I finally started to feel close to normal... I still need assistance to go down the stairs, to cover myself when sleeping, showering, and all of this obviously is die to being super stiff and sore! The last couplenof days have been hell as far as sleep goes... I have to sleep on my tommy for 4 weeks and since I'm not a stomach sleeper I could barery sleep because it is so unconfortable, the drains don't make it any better.

Day 8

I went to see Dr Miami yesterday and finally he removed the drains. For the fist night after the surgery I sleep through most of the night. I think I only woke up once to go pee! :) Today I feel much much much better! I can now walk normally, without feeling like I'm gonna faint, vomit, or feeling like my heart is beating so fast I could hear it.

Yesterday when I went to see the Dr he ask me if I love the way my sx came out. And yes I loved it! Yesterday I felt that I had the body I had always dreamt of. Guess what? I woke up this morning with less ass then yesterday! :( :( I almost feel the same way I started .... He wants to see me tomorrow, I'll bring this up and see what he tells me. It just seems to me that if you loose most of the swelling in the first 6 weeks, and screwed since I'm not even 2 weeks and half of the ass I was left on the sx is gonne! Anyways, I'm not stressing for now, I do recall him telling me that my butt was gonna go down and that it will grow back again after the fat fluffs ... So I'll let you guys know how my appointment goes tomorrow and I'll try to post pics every week! Take care

Friends came and

Well some of my friends came over to visit me this morning! And said I was crazy! They think I have a huge ass!!!! :) So, my confidence went out the roof once again!!! I guess since I see my butt in the mirror every darn day I don't see what others do! What I am going to do know is let it be! I'm very confident, Dr Miami was the right choice. I just gotta give time, time. Will post pics in two weeks!

Dolls Recovery Getaway

I chose Dolls Recovery Getaway as my RH! To be honest I booked them not knowing how I was gonna get treated since there were not many reviews on them. I was following want2bbootyful journey here and she had a great review on them, her comments and positive feedback on Dolls made feel more at ease about my decision of going with them.
My experience: I was picked up by a very nice gentleman who took me on his suv to Dolls recovery! At arrival I was helped out by Tish who took me to my private room. That night, and the following two, she cared for me. As soon as I arrived, they offered me something to eat, which I believe was a chicken soup, delicious btw. Even though I was given a bell to request their service, Tish just like the other 2 girls in the house, came uncalled to check on me, to see how I was feeling, if I needed anything, if I wanted more water, gatoraid or crackers, ect. They treated me like a queen! Each morning Tish brought me orange juice to take with me pill and a yogurt. They would always ask if I wanted to eat, even though I was not hungry and very weak I would say yes! I wanted to reenergize plus the food was delish!! They served 3 meals a day plus two snacks! You could have asked for more but I never did, it was plantiful for me. Any time I needed assistance to get out of bed they helped me, they would hold my hand and took me to the restroom and stayed there with me, because I was so weak, I just could stand by myself. They were on point when it was time for me to take my pills, which were a lot! I can't stress enough the gratitude I have for all the girls, Tish, Yuli, and Sandy that were there to take care of me. I even cried when I left Dolls, I was so confortable there. Fyi I check in on my sx day 11/21 and checkout on 11/24 ( thanksgiving) and thats because although Dolls do accommodate guest, I had 5 family members flying over from Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with me! So, we ended up renting an apartment through Airbnb that was very close to Dr Miami's Office .If they had not come I would've happily stayed at Dolls for the remainder of my recovery! If you guys have any Q don't hesitate to ask.. I don't have a lot of pics of Dolls, but you can always check their Instagram page. The place looks exactly like in the pictures. And also want2bbootyful has another review on them

9 weeks post op

Hello everyone, I just got back home after almost 2 months! I feel great! I have been sitting since week 6, it was painful, i felt like my butt was going to explode, I couldn't even sleep on my back. By the seventh week I sat down and it hurt less each day. By now I have no pain on my butt at all! My butt measures the same as when I was 10 days post op... I'm still a little tender, specially on my flanks! I weight the same as I did before sx, and I'm still wearing my spanx cause if I don't I feel like I swell up... I'll try to post pics this weekend!

Loving my size and shape but...

I love my sizeand shape but , I have butt dimples!! Wtf! Why? Idk!!! I have 2 on my left cheek and 1 one the other and then I also have rolls under both my Butt cheeks, I know perfection isimposible, but I feel somewhat uncomfortable like this... I have not email or text the Dr... But I will... For now I'm only wearing the garment at night, If I don't I feel swolen the next morning. And yes it is true, if you over eat you gain weight from your butt! You might think this is great, until you notice how ridiculously huge and not so natural looking your butt gets...

Here is another

Sorry... I forgott to take side view... I'll ask my hubby to take some pics for me so I can post more... Hate the dimples, love the shape and size
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Friendly, professional, Energetic, looking for your best outcome. I showed him what I wanted and he delivered

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