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I am 31 years old and have a great career,...

I am 31 years old and have a great career, everyone says I have a bubbly and carefree personality, I just need the body to match it all so I can become the total triple threat! I also have teeth braces and a baby face, so many people think I'm about 22 y.o. lol. A friend of mine received an amazing BBL from Dr. Fisher, and I was quickly SOLD! She is perfection and I'm ready to be also! I would like to get any details of what I may need for the sx, I've been a member of the site forever but I have been stalking RS for a fee months now LOL! You girls are awesome on here, I have gained so much courage from reading all the stories. And yes I talk this much in real life, I am a natural born gift of gabber. Peace and love

My wish pic

This is what I'm reaching for..

The Chosen Doctor

For a few weeks now, I have been going back and forth with my coordinator at Vanity and I also contacted "Dr. Miami's" clinic, who also informed me that he has no dates until 2017! I'm not waiting that long for a beautiful butt! So my date is in order for Dr. Fisher June 21st 2016 and I totally can't believe I'm doing this! Looking at his reviews, I feel I have chosen the perfect doctor. Despite the customer service issues some girls had, I have heard and read upon, I could care less about that. We have to remember people have their days and people are human, so they won't be cheerful 24/7. I'm looking for quality not to be babied, and I am excited as ever to "join the BBL movement" lol!

Everything is booked!

So I sealed my date. I have to lose some weight before my surgery, and I want my body to be banging so I am not going to rush my surgery and expect miracles! I am going to work on myself first, this is a huge investment right? The requires changing to a healthier lifestyle. You can't have a BBL and then go home, eat candy, cakes and Doritos. So I'm taking baby steps. So far without exercise, I've lost 13 pounds in three weeks. Woo-hoo. Bmi is at a 36. It has to be a 30 for surgery in June. RH is booked. Flight is booked. Everything is booked. Now I'm just going to focus on working out, and eating healthy for the time being.

Few photos

Here's a few photos of how I look now. Some say don't get it, but I want a tiny waist and gigantic donkey!

Ortega Bubble-Here i come!

Hey baby girls! Well long time no hear from, ive been extremely busy BUT I was first scheduled with Fisher, but I started seeinh how his surgeries were looking sloppy, then I switched to Dr Hasan, the infamous missing in action one, and I really liked how his surgeries turned out. With all the speculation and concerns going around about Dr. Hasan, I decided to cancel with Vanity altogether, they run a messy practice and do not like to take responsibility for mistakes. And why in the world would a Dr leave for months, that's making about 50K plus a day? When things like that do not make since and questions are unanswered by the clinic it's time to RUNNN!

SO I will be an Ortega Doll! His work is outstanding and I haven't seen or heard any mistakes, my coordinator is amazing, cheerful and spells really well in emails LOL, So that makes me feel comfortable overall. I can't wait to get this done Ahh!

Lets Be Realistic!!! Lets Be Honest!!

Ok, so I read many reviews on here, good and bad and this is just my slice of cake to add to some of the hilarity that I've seen.

A friend of mine had a procedure done with Dr. Fisher in December, she was originally scheduled with Dr Hasan but they told her that the BMI was too high. She told me that in conversation with Dr Fisher, he stated many women get a BBL with a belief that their body will look like a video models, Kim K etc...while they may have a "box frame". He goes on.."You have to already have a nice body, stacked in order to achieve the results that are desired" liposculpture can ONLY DO SO MUCH LADIES!! and many woman do not set realistic outlooks on how they can look. So already being thick in the right places, helps out tremendously. For someone who may be on the thin side, a procedure called Super BBL would work better, seeing that there is not enough fat, and even gaining ten to fifteen pounds, he states does not work in most cases. So that is another reason why most doctors BMI ranges are going up. With that being said, work out at the gym and try to presculpt a desired body before going for surgery.

These are surgeons, not magicians.

Recovery House

I've booked my recovery house!!! And this is the first RH that stated they would pick me up all the way from FLL airport, this process is getting so real by the minute, I so can't wait!!!

Here is my before photo, yes I am bottom heavy. I took this at the Dr office LOL. People who I've told I'm doing this are like Why??? Because I just imagine how I'm going to turn out with my legs already matching my thick body..I can't wait for Ortega to do his thanggg!

Dr Alvarez

New doctor it is! He is good looking, many of us ladies do know this. And I think he will be the best choice for me!

New Date July Plus waist training

So I'm starting to waist train pre sx so I can get the results I truly deserve! I actually bought two trainers for 15 bucks a piece. I also changed my date with Dr Alvarez for July seeing that I want to lose another 20 pounds, I'm so anxious for the surgery and congrats to the new Alvarez Dolls!!!


Hey pretty dolls! I know it has been forever BUT I have decided to get 12 areas of Lipo only! Consists of full back, flanks, full abdomen. Only because since I've lost weight my bottom portion of my body is more prominent and toned and actually my butt looks bigger now so I don't think I could even stand getting more booty than I have now I wouldn't be able to fit anything lol. I went from a size 18/20 in January to a size 13/14 now and I'm trying my hardest not to buy any new clothes. I've went through two different coordinators at Spectrum so far, now I am on my third and her name is Christine and she is an absolute jewel! She states rave reviews about Claudias RH so I know I will be in great hands. I still would like to lose another 10-15 pounds so I can be at my prime once this waist is snatched. I am so ready to have this done and over with! All smiles 5 weeks away!

Cabral Barbie!

So it's been a while and after I seen that I probably won't receive the results I intend to achieve I'm just going to take the plunge and become a Cabral Barbie! I will be putting my deposit down this week and that is my final decision. He accepts a 32 bmi and his prices are phenomenal. I'll be getting a TT, Lipo and BBL! His work is consistent and he's killing the game for a few years now I'm in love with his work! The journey continues...

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