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Hello guys after spending months! lurking and...

Hello guys
after spending months! lurking and researching on real self i have decided to go for a BBL and general body contouring via liposuction. i am scheduled to get the procedure done with Dr. Mel Ortega in Miami. i've read some of his reviews, and seen him on a couple of talk shows and i feel he's good choice. although i haven't spoken to him directly, just thru his assistant and emails....
when i made the appointment i was super excited at the prospect of having an ass finally! but now im getting pretty damn nervous....
i am 5'2" 160lbs... with all my weight mostly being concentrated at the top. my goal for my surgery is to finally have a body that i can be happy with..
i'm getting a BBL, with liposuction of the mon pubis, double chin, arms, all my torso and probably my inner thighs (i'm iffy about the thighs)...
i have a surgery buddy, My aunt, who is going for a lipo, arm lift and tummy tuck, but she is a nervous wreck herself so i have to pretend to be sure all the time. so bear with me i might come on and vent every once in a while if i feel like im going crazy.

one month to go

I have a month to go till the surgery! as the date gets closer for the surgery i'm getting so much more excited and nervous. i keep thinking, how the hell am i going to sleep for 2 weeks, and not sit at all for 2 weeks. since im getting my bbl done at the same time as my aunt is getting her lipo and tummy tuck, the plan is to stay in miami for 2 weeks. i want her to be in a good condition, mentally and physically, to travel back to canada.
i took a few days off from work but i will be working from home for the remainder of my time in Miami. all my work is sitting in front of a computer.... how in the world am going to be able to do that.? i
im trying to look into different chairs that i can possibly cut out, but there isn't much choices out there... why are bbl post op chairs not a thing?!! as popular as this procedure is, you'd think somebody was trying to corner the niche market! or even foam mattresses with cut out pieces so women can sleep on their backs!
for a budding entrepreneur there you go, go make it happen and let me know so i can buy the damn products.

pillow for post bbl procedure

i saw this pillow booty buddy, its supposed to let you sit without putting pressure on the butt. has anyone used this ??

Got my BBL!

got my Bbl done on the 7th! its been 3 days now and omg i am in so much pain! my ass is sore. the first 2 days were actually pretty good, i walked around, wasn't in nearly as much pain but not 3 days i feel like i got run over by a freight train.

Had my follow up with Dr. Ortega

so on the 7th, i had extensive lipo of my torso, mon pubis, chin and then the fat grafts to my very flat butt. i'm adding some before pics so you guys can see the amount of work that needed to get done. the doc added 1200ccs per cheek. im a week in and there is a lot of swelling still so the fat rolls in the front and mon pubis kinda looks the same.... dr. ortega said i need to wear a more controlled girdle, keep the ab board on for 24 hrs for atleast a month and try to get lymphatic massage frequently to reduce the edema. the issue with the edema is if the swelling doesn't go down in time i could end up with scar tissue that will keep my fat rolls on my belly as is and i won't see any improvements.
to be honest i'm a very nervous thinking i might've gone thru all this and still have the michelin man look :(

10 days post bbl

more than my butt i am now concerned with my torso and the lipo that was done there. because i had the stubborn fat in the fat rolls, it was starting to look as of i've never be able to get rid of the fat rolls themselves... based on the doctor recommendation i got a more fitted girdle for my torso and it looks like it helped. the rolls aren't completely gone but after wearing the girdle for 2 days i noticed they aren't are prominent as before. .. im hoping wearing the girdle consistently will make em disappear all together.

New corset

i've been super concerned about what my stomach situation is going to look like when im healed. so i ordered a new corset to wear over my compression garments. after i have worn it for a few hours my stomach does look smoother and it seems to be shrinking so im happy about that.

3 weeks post op

i am 3 weeks post op today and i woke up so very disappointed... my butt looks much smaller. so i guess yes the swelling has gone down and my butt is softer but overall i expected better.... i had 1100 CCs injected per cheek...the butt should look better than it does. my waist isn't smooth and my butt is getting smaller. im only 3 weeks in and can the butt to actually get smaller...i'm now really wondering if it was worth spending almost $6000 and go thru all the hassle. i've avoided putting unnecessary pressure on my butt, i make sure to sit on the BBL pillow at work, exactly as the pic shows so i'm not sitting on my butt. and if i do need to sit without the pillow i put all pressure on my thighs and lean forward, readjust and get up as much as possible.
to top it off i developed a rash from wearing the damn fajas 24/7. this whole experience makes me wanna cry.

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