31 Years Old, 1 Child, Ready For BBL - Miami, FL

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I'm 31 years old, 5'7, currently 219.4lbs, 6 year...

I'm 31 years old, 5'7, currently 219.4lbs, 6 year old son. I gave birth to my son through c-section. I've always struggled with my weight. My heaviest was 228lbs. I'm working on getting back down to 170lbs. I've been researching BBL doctors for almost 2 years and I've decided that I'm 100% ready to go through with it. I've always been top heavy, flat butt and carry most fat in my abdomen and back. I've been working out off and on through the years but for the last 3 weeks I've been very consistent. I've been working out 4-5 days a week and eating as healthy as possible. I want a nice flat stomach, natural big round butt and hour glass shape. So I sent an email to Spectrum Aesthetics and New Life Plastic Surgery. Lizbeth from Spectrum contacted me and I sent her my current body pics, front, back and sides. I also filled out a medical questionnaire. She contacted me the next day letting me know that I was a good candidate for the BBL and that my surgeon would be Dr. Alvarez. She also gave me a list of recovery houses. If anyone has had a BBL by Dr. Alvarez please let me know how your results were. I've seen a few pics of his work but would like to hear someones actual experience and if anyone had Claudia, Mary, Kayla or William take care of them at the recovery house please let me know how it was. Elena from New Life also contacted me with a quote and let me know that Dr. Llorente would be doing my BBL. The quote also included a complimentary massage. She also told me that their recovery house would cost $800 for 5 days, breakfast, lunch, dinner, pick up from airport, drop off and pick up to the office and they would pick up all prescriptions needed. If anyone had Dr. Llorente do their BBL please let me know your experience and how your results were. I plan to have my surgery in July. Thanks

I choose Alvarez

Ok so I decided to go with Dr. Alvarez. I'm booked for July 25th. I haven't decided if I will stay in a hotel or recovery house. I have 7 weeks and 2 days to lose as much weight as possible so I can have great results. I'm hoping I can lose at least 30lbs. Wish me luck.

Switching Doctors

Hey RS sisters. I was going to go with Dr. Alvarez but after seeing a few bad reviews and seeing how some of the girls weren't satisfied with their results I decided to go with Dr. Llorente. I checked out his IG page which is llorentemd and some of his reviews on RS and I love what I see. I sent my photos to Elena last week and she got back to me today. She told me I would have to get down to 200 lbs so that my BMI would be 31. I'm so focused and dedicated right now. I started at 228 in April, when I weighed 219 lbs I sent Elena my pics now I'm down to 210. My goal weight is 180 by the time I reach my SX date, which is July 25th. I believe I will reach my goal weight in time. I've been juicing and eating a lot of fruits and salads, drinking lemon water, water with apple cider vinegar and working out like crazy.

Elena told me I would need a TT in the future but I honestly don't want to do it. My friend told me if I eat a vegan diet I'll be able to lose the weight fast and I won't have the loose flabby skin, so I'm willing to try it to avoid the TT. I've also been doing different ab workouts, so I hope it works. I really want to have great results and I don't want to waste my money.

Another reason I'm going with Dr. Llorente is because he's now at New Life Plastic Surgery and they have a recovery house. They have a special which includes 7 days/6 nights with in nurse care, transport to and from the airport, transport the day of surgery as well as doctor follow up visits, breakfast, lunch & dinner, they will do your laundry, 1 garment, 3 massages and compression socks for $800, which is pretty good. So I'm going to make my deposit tomorrow and confirm my sx date for July 25. Talk to you girls soon :)

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