Healing count down begins

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I am 31, never had any kind of shape. Didn't...

I am 31, never had any kind of shape. Didn't really think I needed one cause I have a pretty face. I have been blessed with two kids, 13/3. Yes ten year apart. And since my last child I just haven't been feeling my self. I was refered by a friend who has heard only great things about Dr. Hasan. I initially set my appointment for May 7 with Osak, but changed my mind because my husband isn't at all supportive. I push my date back to July 9th hoping by then I will win him over. He says if I do the surgery we are over after ten years... I'm hoping with some time he will understand that this is for me, I'm a great mom, CEO of Milady's Virgin Hair, and I dedicate all my time and money to my family and business. I will post pics through out this process, thanks for all the support.

What to bring?

So my date is set, and I still have time before my BBL, just looking for advice on what to bring or buy before my trip, I have family going with me to take care of me, wondering if I should just go to the recovery house... What do u guys think?

Getting heart ready

I've started walking two miles a day, and taking multi vitamins and iron, 70 days till my bbl and I just wanna be ready physically and mentally.

DATE SET July 9 2015

So my date is set, and I'm getting excited, 44 days till surgery and I couldn't be happier. My honey is starting to understand this is about me, and how I feel about my body. So he's helping with the planning. I'm still taking iron and walking, had to slow down tho cause I dropped 5lbs in two weeks, lol and I wanna save all that for my new FAT BOOTY


I have a few weeks till my bbl with Dr. Hasan in Miami, I have talked with hubby who has agreed to come with if he can get the time off work. So I've decided on aore tear drop bottom, definitely wanna go heavy on the hips. Posting some wish pics :)

Count down begins

So I got my labs back, all is well hemo at 12, continuing my iron supplements. Getting excited and nervous.

Booty time


So now here's the short version. The place (vanity) was packed, saw a lot of basket ball butts (ugh). They got me in and out yesterday had to redo pregnancy test via blood. Called me right away to tell me be in at 530 am. Got there straight to anesthesiologist. Dr Hassan came and marked me up. We went with the up side down heart. No bubble (basketball) butt. I want a natural look, nice smooth curves. He called it the "lil Nikki Minaj ". I was don't and out by 11am. No real pain, just stiffness. Love the pee funnel, works great. Have only taken meds once Tynl3. So far a lot of blood ( no drains) but I feel okay

Feeling pretty good

Had surgery 3 days ago, and I won't complain. Sleeping is getting easier, make sure you ladies eat. I didn't eat before my first massage and got very nauseous. Not soup either, eat real food. Body is forming nicely. Haven't left hotel much, so all those clothes are s waste. Make sure you bring some one you comfortable with washing your behind in the shower, it was hard to reach. Not much swelling, I'm taking iron and "make me heal". I will post pics later. My tummy was very saggy during first shower which was to be expected from two c sections, hoping Lopo foams help reattached loose skin. Good luck ladies

Pics of day 1

Healing quickly

One week exactly . My garment feels very large even with lipo foams. Skin is starting to retighten. (Just trying different shaper combos), feeling good so far no complications. But I want my butt to drop :(

Vanity / Hasan....love them

Vanity gets a 10/10 for me. I actually Felt very comfortable with all the staff, even though I was nervous because of all the traffic (like a butt meat market). My body looks awesome 12 days post op. I did have fluid, in lower belly. Thank god for family, cousin who's an MA got it out wit syringe... I gave up on finding an over priced surgeon to do it. No pain at all. I'm so happy with how my over all experience has been so far even with seroma.

Happy camper

Post drain of the large lower belly seroma. Waist Shrinking more every day, butt nice and plump. Upside down heart as request. Yay Dr. Hasan

I'm in love (Hasanified)

Body changing everyday, Seroma has gone down a lot (been absorbed). Lil to no swelling. New garment, ended up cutting the butt out of other one, so I figured thing one would be better. Loving the changes my body Is making

New booty

Booty pic

Before and after

Side by side comparison

Worth every penny

I am so confident in Hasans work, one month post still healing but very much happy

Itchy itchy itchy

So I'm laying here cause I can't sleep... IM ITCHING LIKE CRAZY!!!! I looked it up, I'm just healing so I've been using a rolling pin to massage my back and sides. I read another ladies review on a dr name marcado at vanity and he didn't do such a good job, so I decided I won't complain about the itch, just let you dolls know that itching is normal and ladies lets all pray for one another on this journey. Some Dr's aren't doing this with love. Do ur research ladies and if it don't feel right (in ur heart) don't do it! We all wanna look good. But we gotta look out for one another. It broke my heart reading a bad review. I pray she is able to heal mentally and physically

New pics

I still itch a lot on my lower back and sides, doc says I'm healing. I'm also sleeping in my waist trainer a few nights a week. All is well, glad I went with Hasan


WEAR YOUR FREAKING GARMENTS AND WAIST TRAIN. Stop sitting on your butts then blaming the doctors! If your over weight prior to bbl WORK OUT! Damn I'm tired of seeing theses reviews shitting on Vanity and YOU DID NOTHING YOU WERE TOLD! And to top it off you sat of your ass and got fat again after surgery and didn't wear your GARMENT! Waist train or anything. So you waisted your money and they're time! Sorry for the Rant but I'm just being real! Carry on!


Work out a lil prior, wear your garment and don't sit on ur ass! And Walla! You get what you paid for !

A lil shopping

Just a few pics in cloths. No garmet

In love with HASAN !!!

Just still so happy with my choice, he changed my life, and confidence

Birthday shopping

Still waist training at night, loving my new body. Btw been thinking about asking For Dr. Hasans (hands) in marriage, lol, cause I freakin love that guy . Muah

New pics

Just so happy with Hasan. That's all :)


Just more pics

Happy with my decision

Just a pic in jeans. Diff cloths

10 month review with pics

I am still very happy with my results. I have since Gained a little belly back, but not much. It was completely worth every penny because it total changed my body type. Any question please feel free to ask
Miami Physician

He is very straight forward, keeps it realistic as far as expectations. Awesome surgeon. Confident and good and that SNATCH BACK

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