31 330 Lbs Just Decided to Get It Snatched 2017!!! - Miami, FL

After 14 yrs of online research I am finally going...

After 14 yrs of online research I am finally going through with the bbl....figured it's better than telling my kids my silicone butt pads are chest shields...smdh...... I'm a 48ddd so I doubt the oldest will fall for it much longer.....been studying Fisher and very much sold....now to get the bmi down 10-15% in a year!!!! OK dolls let the support pour in and I'll return the love....love the mulatto with no a**

Wish pix

That booty tho

Last physical from the dr and therapist

At least the depression is improving....if only the bmi would next ;)

P.E.M.D.A.S (please excuse my dirty ass surroundings)

OK this is pics day 1.........long way to go......never showed a pic like this since I was 160 in high school...... 16 yrs ago fml

to DR or not to DR??????

Sooooooo thinking the DR will work wonders for less...still saving up!!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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