5'2 140lbs Brazilian Butt Lift 12 areas of lipo 30yrs One child - Miami, FL

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Having procedure with Dr Ortega. did my blood work...

having procedure with Dr Ortega. did my blood work and EKG and Gabby(my coordinator) called me back and said everything looks good! 'm coming from out of town so i will be staying in the hotel next to the surgery office. Gabby got me a discounted rate.. so far everything has been professional and everyone i have spoke to has been really nice! i don't want my butt to look super fake but i do want to have noticeable curves i told him i want a beyonce meets nicki Minaj not to big and not to small but still really curvy. so i want small but curvy. i currently weigh 139 when i first talked to Dr ortega i weighed about 134. he said i didn't have as much fat as i though and i could gain a little weight he said i will make his job easier and will help with the overall outcome of the results i want. so i have one week left i am excited and can't wait to finally get my body done!! I've been watching dr ortega for 2 yrs now and i am satisfied with choosing him as my doctor to perform my surgery!

BBL 12 areas lipo

here are the before pics

wish pics

ok so u can see i have a lot of bad fat i am going to get my entire back lipped.... i want a super small waist and no fat on back. i also want my saddle bags lipoed... so entire back, love handles or flanks and stomach with lipo

I'm done with surgery!!!!

Ok so my apt was at 6:30 am so I had no wait I would request to be one of the first patients do u don't have to wait I tewuest to be onr of the first because I read the horror story wait times. Ok so everyone was really nice and do was the doctor I took a urine test when I got there and they took me back asked me to get in gown then dr Ortega started talking to me he said he's going to make my butt as big as possible I said great!! Also he had me laughing is is no nice and down to earth! He started drawing on me and they took pics then they took me to the operation room and I eas out after they gave me the meds. I woke up laying on my stomach and the nurse helped me put my dress on I don't remember much pain at that point but I was still a little dizzy I said I wanted to walk because I felt like I could the nurse asked me to sit in wheeling chair I said no because I didn't want to sit on my butt and damage any fat so she told me to put my knees on chair and face the back of chair so she could wheel me out I said ok and we went to the front were my fiancé was. She talk my fiancé I was s strong women! In the car I layed down in back seat on my stomach still a little dizzy. My hotel was right behind the surgery center which I loved!! So I get to my room to lay down and that's when the uncomfortable pain kicks in. The nurse gave me two pills before I left but they hadn't kicked in yet I was wide awake but the garment ft to tight and I made me so uncomfortable so it took me about 2 hours to fall asleep and get in s cofortable position.., after I woke about a hour later I felt much better and the garment Didnt feel to tight and it wasn't uncomfortable to lay anymore the meds kicked in!! Now it's 10pm I've been up waking every couple hours to prevent blood clots and I'm pretty comfy laying on my stomach but I rskr my oxy ever four hours so my pain level is at about 4-5 thank the lord!! So far from what I can see I love the results! I'm still really swollen snd I can't take my garment off for the next two days so that's when I'll see do here are some pics!!

More pics - same day post opp

I have foam under my garment around my back and waist so my waist and back are even smaller then they look!

The next day after surgery bbl look 12 areas

Last night I woke up every 2 hours and walked please do if you don't you will be very stiff no matter the pain walk and it will feel better by the time your done walking. I walked in my hotel room for about 5-10 minutes resting in between standing still looking in the mirror what ever to get the blood flowing and the stiffness gone.. I'm still walking every couple hours and taking my oxy every four hours... My pain is about a level 6 before I walk and 4-5 after I'm done walking. I can walk I walked down stairs in the hotel and back up to the room.. But u have to get up or you will be soooo sore. I'm sore after 2 hours so I can't imagine waiting longer then that to get out the bed. I've been eating steak and lobster and been drinking a lot of Gatorade the nurse said I lost a lot of blood and what ever is in power aids and gatorades that's what we have to drink. Yesterday I ate chicken noodle soup early then nibbled on some steak. I don't want my body to eat my fat so I'm trying to keep eating but I don't have a appetite so I'm forcing my self. More sore today then yesterday but happy I'm healing can't wait til I go see dr Ortega in 2 days so he can take my garment off and I can see the Tru results this far... My garment is looser now and isn't as tight so either the swelling is going down or the garment is stretching out. I think it's a little of both.. I'll update u guys in two days when I see dr Ortega with my pics!!

Another before after 2days post

So u can see I have much more volume now!

Before after 2days post

2 days post

Another view of before and after he rounded my hips and added more volume

First time out the garment!!!

Ok here is the raw bbl and lipo of twelve sections.. Pretty good cause I didn't have a lot of gat on my stomach and back he had to take some from my inner thighs to

About 20days post dr Ortega

Ok loving my results!!! Looking better each day!! Ladies it is painful recovery but so worth it! Drink lots of Gatorade and water and eat good or u will probably loose your fat... I still wear my garment 24/7. please wear your garment it sculptures your body... I have not sat on my butt either so don't sit down I still have about a week until I will actually sit on my butt. New pictures will come soon!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

dr ortega was very nice and realistic when he told me he could achieve the wish picks. he also said it would be fun gaining a little weight so that he would have more fat to transfer.

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