30's, 3 Kids... BBL W/ Hernia Repair - Miami, FL

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Hi everyone, I've been a RS stalker for over 4...

Hi everyone, I've been a RS stalker for over 4 years now looking at it all. I been wanting to get a BBL for ever a year now. I called Vanity to originally book with Dr. Fisher, I love his results.... Come to find out, he does not preform BBL with hernia repair. Now I'm and super bummed and sad. I had all expectations to go with him. I wasn't going to start my journey until I locked in a date which will be in May 2016. But I need some help. Vanity recommend that Dr. McAdoo is the only surgeon they have that does both procedures together (bbl/hernia). I really haven't seen his work. The ones that I did see since he's been recommend, the woman are larger body frame.. I'm considered small.. I'm 5'6 and weight 150.. guess my bmi is 24.2.. anyways.. I just don't know what to do know.. This a something I want don't the right way the first time.. Does anyone know any good feed back from Dr. McAdoo... :(

Pre op pics

Finally built the courage to put up pics. You can see my horrible stomach, back fat and hernia at my belly button.


I think my weight is 150-151 lbs here. Want to get up to 158lbs.

Sx date

So my date is finalized, 5/17...

Recovery houses.....

Not sure where to go.... Keylas, Miami Escape???? I'm just going to one for 3 days then staying at my aunts for the rest of the time there .... Help ....


Well got a call from my pcp and she said my labs are ready to be picked up. I only asked about my hemo and she said its at 13.5.. Wow .. I only took iron and vitamin c... Everyday for about a month. I always was considered boarder line anemic.. I didn't eat anything extra healthy to boost it up. Just took my iron once a day and the vitamin c. I was also drinking some ensure plus to help gain but that didn't work at all. I think I actually lost a few pounds over some stress issues I was dealing with. Scared to go on the scale.

Not enough fat...

Ugh I'm starting to think I don't have enough fat ... :(
I don't want a gigantic ass but I keep thinking I don't even have enough to fill and round out my bottom...

Boy today ... Has been crazy..

Man I'm so exhausted and tired. Trying to keep my mind at peace. I'm praying for all you dolls and future dolls. Flying out Monday morning.. Trying to get my family and home together before I leave.. It's almost time and now I'm a nervous wreck..

I made it

Hey ladies .. I made it... Finally. I'll go in detail later. Just taking it easy right now. Love you guys. Btw.. Keyla recovery house is a life saver...


Green panty is a before (obviously) lol


So my butt is not rock hard. Is that something I should worry about. To me it feels firm but still kinda soft. Like it kind of giggle already. I'm only one week post op. I thought it should be more stiff right now.

1 week 4 days

Some pics. I feel like the pics never comes out looking right..

CC's removed and transferred

So I request to know what was done and this is what I received. So where is the extra 1500 that was left over .... ???


When does the booty normally start to shrink. I love the size of my booty now but I don't want to get to happy knowing that it may shrink.. I'll be 3 weeks po on Wednesday. I'm still measuring the same.

3 weeks po

So I'm 3 weeks po. Going thru that iffy phase. Is it shrinking is it holding up.....
Well I measure my booty to often but it's still holding the same inches so far. I can't tell if it's still swollen, not sure. It's moves and giggle a bit. My stomach is still the same want it inches smaller. I'm bloated now so it may look bigger for now.


I also decided I will be doing my breast early next year....

New faja update

So I finally got a new (smaller faja) I love it. Um it's the Moldeate 1013. It was $57 ok eBay and I just seen it on Amazon as well. I was scared at first that it was too small for my booty. But when I measured my butt it's still the same. It have the 3 hooks to help cinch the waist. Here are pics of it and it under my clothes .
Vanity Cosmetic


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