30 Yrs Old One Child Getting Ready to Get My Booty on Lol. Miami, FL

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Hello My Real Self Fam!! IM Finally decided to get...

Hello My Real Self Fam!! IM Finally decided to get my BBl Done with Dr. fisher I've Been Doing research for a very long time Now and its about to be On LIKE DONKEY KONG lol. IM JUST put a payment Down And I can't believe im really about to do this. IM SO SO Excited and Nervous. IM 5"6 175 lbs thats getting 12 areas of lipo +Recovery house+Transportation+medication+1 Garment and 5 massages. I'll Be post pics soon

so im going to change my recovery house

YeaAAAaaa UuuMmm im going to change my recovery house instead of staying with vanity recovery which is 1400.00 7 days 6 nights one meal transportation pick up and nursing care ill be stayinh somewhere else with 3 meals a day pick up transportation lpn and CNA care and 3 messages 6 days 5 nights for 1000.00 BAM!!! Lol

Here It Goes

So I just im going to but some updated photos up of myself and what im looking for I want my waist to be small and my Bum to be Heavy lol FFfffAAaTTtttt I cant stress that enough. BUT........ I dont want my BackSide Looking Like Breast in my pants OH NO NO NO Lol And ladies My Waist is Just as much important as my Booty bc I must have Laterals #VeryImportantToMe

Its been long

Hello ladies i know its been awhile sine ive updated but ive been working trying to get things in order but im back so ill be having surgery in feb 2016 which i2 right around the corner from now i also have to update my pics bc ive gained weight in the old pics i was about 165-168 but now im 175-178 I must and i mean must maintain that weight any who ill post some updated pics with the weight gain ttyl RSbeauties

I know its been awhile

Hey dools i know i been away for some time but im back okay sooooo....... when i went in i was 173. Measurements 40 35 42. Didnt measures as of yet bc im still swollen but they gave me a 2xl in garment lol i was like damn im huge okay so he took 4000 cc of fat off of me and injected 1500 ccs per cheek. Recovery is rough but im getting through it. I can say i will NEVER DO THIS AGAIN but i dont regret doing it too.

Okay dolls

So ive been getting my massages and wearing my garment i also xhad my garment that vanity gave me taken in 1 size down my stats 38 30 44

Still standing at around 173 body measurements are 38 28 44

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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