Dr. Hasan Doll!! 30 Yrs Old, 5"6, 176 Lbs - Miami, FL

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So. I have been in love with this procedure since...

So. I have been in love with this procedure since I first started researching it, but I never thought I could afford it. All that changed for me with Vanity Miami. They allow you to pay in installments without going through the hassle or getting credit approval. This was ideal for me, because I was able to use my bonus from work to secure my date, and pay it down. Now, less than a month out, it all feels surreal to me. I had second thoughts after my first payment because I wanted to take personal inventory of myself and my reasons for wanting the procedure. I've never felt unattractive, just--lacking. I spent years resenting every trainer that told me to 'just do squats' and everything will work itself out. It didn't. What did happen was I always ended up working my ass off (in a literal sense.) Everyone who is truly close to me is ecstatic for me, and I can't wait for the boost of confidence I know I'll have when my clothes hang the way I want them to hang on me. I finally blocked out all opposing thoughts about the procedure and I'm stoked. Watching Shay08's progress was the most reassuring!Anyway, I found a Booty Buddy and we're meeting up in Miami, but we're both seriously nervous. So, anyone that has any extra pointers for Dr. Hassan, please share!

Jessica Saved the Day!!

The worse happened yesterday. A nasty snowstorm touched down in DC and delayed my flight --3 times. The first delay was workable, the second was too. The third would've put me in Miami at 9pm though!

I was nearly in tears, but my girlfriend and boyfriend drove me to the airport and I was able to negotiate my flight. Jessica had given me her number a few days before and she communicated with me the entire time. She even waited for me to get in so she could greet me personally.

I'll post some pre-op pics when I get back to my room. Tomorrow's the day and I'm so happy!

Here's what I bought today:

Arnicare gel (topical pain reliever)
Maxi dress
Comfy flats
Bottled water
stool softener & laxative
chucks/pads (to protect the hotel bedding)

Infant Clippers lol

So yeah. Right now I'm pretty boxy. I don't look awful in my clothes but there are tons of things I don't feel comfortable wearing yet.

I'm a bit too shy for naked pre-op pics, but i promise to be more open with the post open ones.

Good luck to all of you with upcoming dates. Maybe I'll see you in the office when I go for my follow up. :)

*Infant Clappers*

Post-op Booty!

Too tired for a lot of words, but it pretty much went like this:
1. Got my date
2. Got Booty Buddy
3. Made arrangements; flew down
4. Met with Dr. Hassan
5. He drew the body I wanted (funny, but true)
6. I woke up with that body
7. I looked back at it, cried tears of joy and pain before passing out
8. Spent the next two days sleeping, walking, eating and taking meds in shifts
9. Took laxative and stool softener (you WILL need them)
10. Took ratchet selfies and sent them to bestie

Dr. Hassan Doll!

Here are a few more pics. The one in the tee and jeans makes me giddy. Now I'm so happy with my figure even when I'm totally dressed down.

Late Pre-op pics

Eh. I didn't wanna post these, but I was told it helps, so here's my anticlimactic pre-op body. Lol


My pre-op pics didn't post.

Pre-op Pics

I hope this post goes through! This was me last Monday. Again, I'm super happy with Dr. Hassan's work.

3/23 Less swelling. Less pain.

Hey dolls. Five days out and I'm finally able to get in and out my faja without the drama.

On my third day after the sx, I took both myself and my booty buddy's garment off to throw them in the washer. I figured I'd take a nap naked while it air dried. This was a major mistake.

Because I opted for a lot of volume, I ended up with a lot of draining and swelling. The faja helped with both things. So, when I took it off for my nap, I actually swelled in my sleep and was horrified to discover I couldn't get back into it after it dried!

My advice? Don't keep it off more than two hours at a time following your sx. The allure of seeing your new body naked is indeed tempting, but it's not worth risking a blood clot or other harmful circulation issues.

Today, my mobility is a lot better and I've weaned myself off of my stronger meds. This is a personal choice, however; I don't want to fly back too doped up. I have a three hour flight and I'll need to be able to walk around and stand up on the plane.

Back to real life on Tuesday, dolls, but for now I'm resting in Miami and the faja is my friend! Lol

On this pic you can see how it's rounding out a bit.

A Little Under 2 Weeks...Flatter Tummy, Jigglier Bottom :)

I have regained full mobility, but I still have stiffness and some bruising. Three of my lipo sites have healed significantly, and the rest shouldn't be far behind. At work I have to sit, but I do it in intervals and try not to exceed 15 minutes at a time. This is my only regret; if it were up to I wouldn't sit at all.

I've lost some volume, but I'm not complaining because after all the swelling went down I realized that Dr. Hassan had lipo'd my lower stomach so aggressively that I no longer have a pooch! I was considering a full tuck after my BBL before this procedure, but now I may opt for a mini tuck.

Over all, my family and friends are pleased that I decided to stay in the states. My mom has been an R.N. for over 30 years and that has always been her single, strongest piece of advice for me based on what she's experienced. (I'm not bashing anyone who's made the choice to go abroad; it just wasn't my preference.).

The attention I receive now is a flattering. I had a little fashion show for my friends, sort of a closet party. I had fun giving away all of my jeans and pouring myself into dresses in my closet that I've had for years but never looked this way on me before! Having hips and a smaller waist line has really balanced out my shoulder span. Now that both are even I'm a true hour glass!

I still massage myself with Arnicare gel and I'm STILL wearing my garment. I can't wait to go back to the gym and work on my oblique muscles to make my waist even smaller and get back on a squat regimen.

The only thing I wish for now is a more extreme cuff. Perhaps when I go for a fluff I'll have more volume put in the bottom. Of course, I'll strive to what I can the natural way before pursuing another procedure.

Last? I have more confidence and I still have no regrets and would recommend Dr. Hassan to anyone. I'm glad I got over my nerves and went for the body I've always wanted!

Tummy :)

I've had one child, and I still have some stretch marks, but I'm happy with how flat Dr. Hassan got it to look! If you have great skin elasticity and you're considering a tuck, I'd go with the BBL with lipo first because you may end up not needing a tuck, or opting for a mini versus a full. Of course, following up with the doc is the best way to figure that out. WARNING: If you have aggressive lipo done on your stomach it WILL look swollen immediately after the procedure. I was actually horrified when I say how jiggly and full my lower abdomen looked after the lipo. Then, after about a week, it shrunk significantly and I realized it was just fluid.

My plan is to whittle my waist all summer while using Mederma for my stretch marks so I can get ready for the next step--a tuck!

One Month Out and Feeling/Looking Fine ;)

One month out (well, technically it's in two days) and I feel great. Most of the numbness and pain I felt in my lower abdomen and back are gone. My injection sites have healed up nicely. There are some dark spots, but I think they'll fade pretty well.

The biggest change--as I've mentioned before--is the confidence and attention. I get a lot of stares from men and women, and a lot of compliments on my figure. Someone from my workplace remarked that I looked "different" and more "vibrant." I could only laugh.

Having an hourglass figure definitely takes the guess-work out of buying clothes and getting dressed. Even when I wear loose clothing everything hangs just right. Shopping for panties and jeans is actually fun now because I don't have to wonder how they're going to look or if they're going to camouflage any flaws.

I'm still happy with my decision. I lost a lot of volume as I healed, despite my efforts. At first I was upset, but then I realized that my results look more natural because of it. I read a lot about women feeling disappointed about that aspect of healing but from what I've read, the results after about the third month is what's truly permanent, so you should never hinge your emotions on your 2-week post-op result.

As for me? I have a good feeling that what I'm seeing will last as long as I follow my regimen and wear my garments. Either way, I'll be sure to update you dolls! ;)

NSFW! Little over a year post-op

I was asked for some recent pics of my stomach, so I thought I'd provide these two; one clothed, one is not. I'm still happy with my results. I've even found that my weight doesn't distribute in the same way. I've yo-yo'd up and down 15 lbs throughout the course of the last year due to stress and a slow return to exercise, but I have yet to gain any weight on my lower back and my waist is still small in proportion to my hips and butt.

Since I have a child and opted to have my BBL performed before my TT, Dr. Hasan did warn that I may experience some slight sagging in my stomach area after the lipo that would gradually reduce after the swelling went down and everything "fell into place." This was definitely true. It's not nearly as bad as I though it would be, though, and the core workouts that I've been doing lately have helped my stomach over all. My bottom is now soft, jiggles when I walk, and is still very shapely. I did lose a little volume in my hips and cuff area, but I hope to add on next year when I go to correct to stomach issues with a mommy makeover.

My emotional recovery has been more tumultuous than my physical one. The attention from men--and women-- I receive is more overwhelming than I thought it'd be, but I'm OK with that. What I wasn't prepared for is the harsh judgement from some in my life who'd initially supported my decision. I stand by it, though. It was a present to myself and I feel that it has improved my confidence and quality of life. I'm more into water sports, shopping, and meeting new people because I feel that I look great. :)

What I would've done differently is fought for more time off from work. If you sit down to soon, you lose volume. Unfortunately, I have a desk job, so...lol. This procedure was worth it for me, and my advice hasn't changed:

1) Get everything in writing and keep your receipts.
2) Have reasonable expectations.
3) Don't go it alone. If you're under 40, get a 'booty buddy.' If you're older, have medical problems, or are a smoker, try to stay in a recovery house to avoid any complications.
4) Post your results afterward...because everyone will want to see them!

So far my interaction with Jessica has been positive and I'm excited to move forward.

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