30 Yr Old Mom in Need of New Body! Miami, FL

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I really wanna get the Bbl done so that I can feel...

I really wanna get the Bbl done so that I can feel better and more confident. I'm 5'9 213 lbs curvy nice shape. My stomach isn't flat and sticks out more than my booty do. Will post pics to give you ladies a better idea of my body shape. I'm looking to get this done in Miami I see wonderful reviews on Dr. Hassan any recommendations?

Just a few pics of my current body type

Wish pics

Hope my surgery turns out like this

Hey ladies I'm new here!!!!

Hi hello it seems no one is here I comment and follow others but no one follows me or comment on my lil dry page lol. Hope all is well and happy recovery to all the ladies with new bubble booties!

want bbl done for my birthday in September

What were some of you ladies financial options? Was it hard to come up with the money. Which financial institution did you use

Vanity in house financing!!!

Attention RS ladies and Vets has anyone gotten or heard of financing through vanity. I mean my credit isn't all that great. I can't get care credit or any other loan at the moment. I was offered this in house financing when I talked to Anna. The special Dr. Hassan has going on is 4500 but if I do in house financing it's 6400. If approved should I go for it or is there any other options for me. I really want this fine just trying to make sure I make the right decision financially. Anybody get cold feet at this early of a stage????

Feeling discourage.

My Gf told me that everything that I want some is negative. Any of you ladies have arguments with your partner because you wanted to get this surgery done?

More pics of me

Wish pics

I just want a nice round bubble butt

Hey ladies!! (united medical credit )

Hey yall. I was wondering if any of you ever used United medical credit to pay for surgery? If so what were some of the pros and cons. Did they give you a hard time. All Comments are welcomed

Tummy tuck vs BBL

I'm really undecided about what to do,but I have to say Dr. Cortes hourglass tummy tuck procedure looks really really freaking amazing. He doesn't do both tummy tuck with bbl, it's only hourglass tummy tuck with fat transfer to hips with lipo. I don't understand why of course. I need a tummy tuck and a phat ass. This is hard and if I'm gonna pay any type of money I want to look my best and go to the best. I need help ladies! Do you know of any Drs that have similar results and quality of work that does both tummy and bbl? Please please comment below.

Nervous and scared!

Hey ladies!!! I hope everyone is having a good day. (hugs) to those who day isn't so great. Have any of you ladies been so scared or nervous of this surgery? The more I think about it and stalk realself, I find myself running into a post where someone passed away from the procedure. I'm trying not to think about the fact that my ex(asshole) girlfriend was jealous of me wanting the surgery and actually told me she wished something happened to me if I got it done. A total B!$&@ I'm trying to remain positive and think positive thoughts. If you ladies experienced any type of anxiety along your journey before sx. What did you do to ease your mind besides pray!

220lbs need to lose weight

I have a surgery date!!!

Ok so my surgery date is August 4,2017 lord have mercy but I'm ok with it. Since I'm paying out of pocket that will give me time to pay for everything that I'm gonna need. It's far away but I'm still excited!!! I'm happy with whom I chose his work is bomb ???? Blinski doll here I come I can't wait ????
Dr.Darryl Blinski

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