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I have a scheduled surgery with Dr. Osak on...

I have a scheduled surgery with Dr. Osak on November 19th. This will be my first surgery and I am getting full body, arms and BBL. I plan on staying in a recovery home. A friend of mine is getting something similar just a few days before mine with a different doctor at Vanity and her coordinator has answered all of her questions, she even has all of her supplies, for after surgery care. I have not yet spoken to a coordinator, although I have reached out. I am starting to wonder if I chose the wrong center and if I should switch over to vanity. I like the reviews I read on Dr. Osak. I just am not happy with feeling unprepared for my surgery almost one month away in a different state. Any suggestions?


Surgery is with Encore not spectrum.


Thinking of changing doctors and clinics. Have anyone who is around my size have a great procedure with a different office besides Vanity. My procedure is 1 month away and I still have not have my questions answered. Everytime I call they say they will via email but do not. I finally had the portal sent to me 1 month later after asking numerous times.

Decided to cancel

30 days away and still haven't had a single question answered. Decided to cancel for now but I still want to get the procedure. I'm requesting a refund and will try again with a different office.

Update of November 21st

So I have a new coordinator, her name is Annette and she has been answering my many questions. Only thing is now I feel I don't have enough time to prepare for the surgery. Does anyone know if Dr. Osak drains? and if so for how long?

Recovery house or hotel

Is anyone staying in a hotel and hiring a nurse?

Wish pics

Wish pics


Hey ladies, any good garment recommendations for full body lipo including arms?

Returning calls

If only I can get Dr. Osak to return my calls, life would not be this difficult.

Today is Officially The Day!!

So finally after many changes and run arounds from Encore, the day is finally here. I spoke to Dr. O over the phone and he was very reassuring. Today is my surgery day with Dr. O and I am excited. I'm am getting full body lipo and body sculpting, bbl, thighs and arms. I chose to stay at Elite recovery house, Mary came highly recommended from a friend who had her surgery with Dr. Hasan. Anyway so far everything is great, I have no complaints. The house is very nice and very clean. She is actually a nice person, I'm from New York and nurses are usually not that nice out here. I flew in Fort Lauderdale and paid only $60 dollars for a direct flight through Virgin America. Mary picked me up from the airport and we are in her car and heading to Encore now to sign my paperwork. Mary is very accommodating and makes you feel very comfortable, the house is fully stocked with food and she answes all of your questions. She is very informative. I made a good choice with choising Elite. I'm so happy I didn't stay at a hotel and hire a nurse for three days, like I originally planned. Now I hope all goes well when I speak to Dr. O today..... Fingers crossed. My blood work was fine but they need to do a urine analysis. My procedure is at 9:30am. So far I have everything except for my lipo foam and garment, but I will get that from encore. I will keep you guys updated.

Pic now

I am super swollen and this pic was so painful and bruised. But I will try to get some more when I feel better.

Love it... 9 days Post!!!!

DR. O did his thiznang....... What waist????? And he gave me that slope that I asked for.

3 months post

I definitely need a round 2 to get my waist smaller.

Update on BBL

Over all I'm happy with Dr. O. I definitelty want round two.


I am so drepressed. I wish I never got this precedure of chose a different doctor. I have this bbl with Dr. Osak who now is banned from performing surgery and encore doesn't care enough to try and fix his issues. Not only did ne not even shape my butt round, he shaped it square on the bottom. Then now I have discoloration and hard lumps that doesn't want to go away. I also have dents. I never fell and did not sit down at all for 3 weeks. Afterwords I used the bbl pillow. I was recommended to try Carboxy for the lumps and bleaching cream for the discoloration but the creams do not work and I cannot find anyone in NY that does Carboxy. It's been 6 months now. I wish I never done this.


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