30 Years Old 4 Kids and Ready for a New Year and New Me. I'm from Huntsville Al but traveling to Miami FL for surgery

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I'm very excited about getting this procedure. My...

I'm very excited about getting this procedure. My doctor of choice Johnathan Fisher. I'm choose him because he has done work on a very close friend of mine and she looks fantastic!! She started over with a new healthy looking bodacious body. I can't wait to have my procedure expecting and wonderful outcome. I have to lose 20lbs because of my height 5'4 I'm doing fairly well I think I will be ready by March with prayer and determination I know all things are possible. Praying everything goes well. Looking to update my profile with my New me pics 3-2017

Wish pics

Wish pics

Just somethings I've ordered

This helps me with detoxing

I find myself on this site everyday but yet still discouraged

I've read so many stories good and bad about Vanity and different doctor's. Sometimes I get discouraged and sometimes I'm just like this is what I want and in order to get what I want I have to take chances. You guys are some very strong women. I'm pushing hard to loose weight by March but honestly I'm more muscle smh I workout alot and always had an athletic figure even while fat lol my arms are still bulky. Legs are very strong but the flab has to goooooo!! I'm doing pretty good though I started out at 200 I'm now at 195. Now! I'm wishing I would've listen to my mom when she said it's easy to gain and hard to loose. I'm eating right an excerising I decided to leave the weights alone and just do cardio. Wish me luck I'm really trying. Smh this third shift job is not making it any easier. I know with prayer and faith I can do it. I'm worried because March will be here sooner than I think. Any suggestions? ???

Vanity coordinator Shannagins

Ok so I told my coordinator that I am to start paying towards my surgery and her responses were sweet and very prompt. Up until she ask if I could email pictures of my credit card front and back then she will send me something to sign. Umm no ma'am are there other options? ? I ask ?? She said yes Bank of America! I said ok well that sounds better. How do I start making deposits? I got no response. I don't have time for this I'm serious about what I want but I think is really giving me the ok to lean towards Dr. Remi Ghurani his staff is very helpful and respectful and I've heard very good things about him and spectrum. He also has videos on his work and how it's donE on you tube. I've also heard good things about Claudia recovery home. So! I think I'm gonna stick to him.

Weight loss

My weight loss is coming along just fine. I've even stop smoking which is what I needed anyway

Wish pic

Just me wishing away


Ok that's it! No more consultations they are just discouraging. So my first choice was Dr. Fisher but of course my BMI was to high so he wanted me to loose 20lbs ok that's fine I started my journey to weight loss and I'm doing very well plus confident. I started at 206 and now at 198.. so after dealing with my coordinator that made me feel she wasn't trustworthy. I decided to get amother consultation with Spectrum and the coordinator Lizebeth made me say you know what screw it... she told me I was obese and needed to lose 30lbs in order to use Dr. GRUHRANI I have to be 165 ???? which I'm ok with but with my body if I get to small I won't have any fat to transfer sigh! I've never been this big in my life it's crazy how u can gain weight within 2yrs without even knowing it. I've always been between 120-170 never over depression with send your body threw an emotional Rollercoaster. I'm still interested in getting my surgery in March so I'm gonna continue to work hard, eat right, pray and keep my faith. This procedure is truly life changing and challenging. Which is indeed based on determination. I just look at it like this if I can loose the weight and keep it off once I get my Bbl I will also be able to maintain my body and eating habits. Trying to stay focus and continue this journey. You Dolls are my inspiration! !!????????????????????


I don't think determined is the word I should use lol but I'm truly dedicated to working out. I feel better about myself everyday. I'm not miserable and without energy. I feel the changes in myself as a person and I also feel my body getting healthier. My weight going down without a doubt. I'm mad at myself because it shouldn't have took a decision of Bbl but because I wanted to take better care of my body weight. But hey everything happens for a reason. I'm happy continue my journey to weight loss I give myself a pat on the back LOL I can tie my shoes and see my kitty hahaha


Very excited I'm finally locked in to be Fisherdized set for March 13th 2017!!!!!!!!! I can't wait I'm so excited. I have butterflies already!

Thanks to Bae I think I had to much fun

Well today was a great day and I'm glad my babe is supportive. Ive ordered and bought things like a spoiled Brat lmbo

Final update tI'll Feb surgety in march

I'm currently down to 187 I'm very proud of myself. I'm more than sure to be 180 by march 10th surgery day on the 13th. I'm excited for the new year. These are my final wish pics. These will be the ones I'll show Dr. Fisher take care ladies. Stay prayed up


I had a crazy day today I told my close friend that I was having my BBL in March and that I couldn't wait she told me that I was beeing booty greedy because I already have a butt. She also told me that I should do it because a lot of women don't survive that kind of procedure and thier ego go from 0 to 100 on top of that she ask me how do I expect to keep my man after the procedure? She told me I shouldn't spend that kind of money on something so pointless. I Frowned usually you would think your close friends would have your back but unfortunately I just found out my closes friend is no friend at all and if my man chose to leave afterwards (which I don't think he would,but I don't but nothing pass anyone) it will be fine nothing I would stress over. I believe that God remove and replace everyone is not meant for every journey in your life. WHAT'S MEANT FOR ME WILL BE FOR ME! WHAT'S NOT MEANT FOR ME WILL NOT BE FOR ME! So sad I lost someone dear to me but I'll survive lol I'm so ready for my time to do something for me and that makes me happy. I can't wait March where are you? I've been exercising and dropping lbs just for Me not anyone else. Nothing can change me I will continue to be me just me with a Nice Ass LMBO

The hard part

It's been one hell of a hoilday. Working hard on staying away from all my favorite foods,cakes, and pies. But, I made it! lol excerising, eating right and drinking plenty plenty of water. I'm happy with myself and enjoy feeling the change. I know I said I wasn't updating till next but I get bored working late nights and find myself strolling and thinking.

Last year in this body

Welp! My count down begins 3-13-17 super excited. But I'm not excited about the pain that I'm going to endure. As they say beauty is pain. I still have a little weight to lose but hey! I still have time but not to much time. Hope everyone enjoyed thier New Year of course I did lol epic... if anyone has advice on RH and who to go to for massages please help a girl out! At the moment I'm truly thinking about going solo. Advice anyone??????

Forgot to update Vanity to Eres

Just some pics I forgot to post. I can honestly say I think I'm going to enjoy this experience. My coordinator is wonderful and the staff if great. They have a very busy office but they always email me any and everything I need. I'm so excited about my surgery I just can't. wait. I guess everyone experience is different but for now I give them 2 Thumbs up! This is my Email from Claudia Pre op department

A lil scared I won't be 180 by march so I started the military diet this morning

Omg I can't believe I'm trying this military diet. I started this morning but u have to have this stubborn fat gone by march..my goal by the end of February impossible but I think doable. Pray for me. ; (

Military diet

Sorry for taking so long been focusing on work, school and my children. Ok so I did the military diet and true enough it works because it's very low in calories but definitely not good for you. I lost 5lbs in 3 days and I was tired no energy and it was NOT a good feeling I was so tired I didn't want to do anything. The good thing is I lost 5lbs and it also teaches you discipline on choosing and eating smaller portions and not eating at 6pm. Drink plenty of water exercising was out of the ? I tried exercising during my 3 days of the diet and I felt wore out like I was gonna pass out at any min. Would I recommend it? No would I try it again? Hmm my body says hell no and mind does too. I'D rather continue my lean diet lol I feel healthy energetic and ready for my choice to have surgery. I'm now 185.2 and that sets my BMI at 32

Dr. Calva

After looking at Dr. Calva instagram I'm thinking of considering switching to him. He presented how he did his surgery and his results were great. I'm scared that I won't be where I need to be by the time I need to be for Fisher so CAlva will put me on the safe side. I've already put in for my vacation for my job and purchased plane tickets my weight is up and down plus sometimes come to a halt . So I text my coordinator to get her opinion on it I know it was after 8pm when I text so hopefully I'll hear from her soon.

Loving my coordinator right now

I can honestly say I have a great coordinator she's very encouraging and wants only the best for me. I know everyone adventure with Vanity now Eres but mine seems to be going well for now. Thanks Fabriza

Sticking to Fisher

After talking to my coordinator and during some reviewing I'm gonna stick to Fisher. When your determine you'll do anything that you can to make things happen. I'm excited my day to be snatched is coming sooner than I think. It's only January and I'm overly excited. I'm still thinking of getting the cell saver I haven't decided just yet I'm still leaning towards it and I just might go for it because I want the best recovery.


Gosh! It's been one hell of a weight loss journey. Stressfull yet satisfying. I'm officially 185.3 today now I just have to keep losing the weight or just maintain it for another month. I made it!!! Thank you Jesus! I had a Co worker tell me stop stressing, stop rushing, stay focus.. Worry about Fat loss instead of weight loss, shock your body do something different and so I did... and I lost what's was needed from 217 too 185 I've lost a total of 32lbs and I'm proud of myself.my weight has been up, down and around. I'm gonna continue exercising and eating right to keep my weight where it needs to be Fisher will only take you at the highest Bmi 31 but I plan on losing more. I've already spoken to pre op and they sent over what was needed for me to give to my doctor. Ive also set my appointment for my Testing. Well time to start my count down march will be here sooner than I think. : ) I've already booked my resort I will not be staying at a recovery house. My friend that has already had surgery with Dr. Fisher will be with me to help take care of me and my cousin will be there also. My coordinator Referred me to Xanadu for massages since I was pretty much blind without help on finding the best person for massages. So I'm ready! I have more things to get but I can get the minor things over time. Just updating can't wait!

I wish! I wish! I wish!

Just sum updated weight loss pic's

I'm truly loving my weight loss results. Everyday I thank the Lord and also pat myself on the back for a job well done. Finally I can look in the mirror and see True results and also be confident about when looking in the mirror with a huge smile on my face. It's almost February man how time fly. Testing for clearance is on the 14th lol what a great Valentines gift! That will be the greatest gift to receive an email stating I'm cleared for surgery. I'm already booked at my hotel, flight, and Finally found another person to do my massages. Ive heard wonderful stories about Marian and I think she's the best woman for the Job. I love her website www.medicalprofessionals.com she has great prices and different videos of her giving massages, also one on fibrosis. I've been taking all my vitamins and iron pills. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, happy, and counting down the days March will be here soon.

Count down! Count down! Count down!

I'm too excited lol kinda nervous March will be here soon. Next week is my testing for clearance. I've been taking my iron pills and taking in my vitamin C. Praying everything will be ok Feb 14... I don't want my surgery pushed bk for any reason at all. I've already been approved for vacation at my job,Room & flight- rental all booked. I'm ready : )


Well its almost time to do my blood work Feb 14th is almost here. Oan I'm still losing weight I'm 182.3 I think I will less than the expected weight needed by March. Losing weight now is much easier than it was at first.

Oh lord mother nature

Smh she always show up at the wrong time. Blood work tomorrow and valentine's day. I hope this is not a bad sign I just wanna cry


The good was that my lab work came bk A okay! My Hemo was 13.4... The bad thing was that my Aunt passed and do to Domestic violence of my now ex boyfriend I will not be able to do my surgery As I lay in this hospital with a unknown feeling I think to myself this man has never ever in life put his hands on me never ever showed signs of being cruel. But as it got closer to my surgery the more controlling he became. He also hacked into my account and tried canceling my page. Smh I pray everyday trying not to ask God why me?? But it's hard. Ladies never let anything stop you from doing what's best for you. I pray everyday and wish you girls the best of luck on your surgeries and you girls are gonna look great! Unfortunately its not my time. Im gonna reschedule for another time but for right now I'm healing. As I cry while writing this I'm not ashamed to tell what has happen to me. Maybe it wasn't my time.. maybe it will be a eye opener for someone thats in a relationship and start to see change in thier companion to take it seriously unfortunately I didn't but I can honestly say.. I can't believe it! I never thought this would happen to me. Good thing he's now in jail facing attempTed murder and I hope karma does him the way he done me. Good luck girls and I will update soon as I decide when I will do my surgery later this year. Good Luck to you all!!
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