30 Years Old No Kids and Ready to Get a BBL 5/31/2016. Miami, FL

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I am going to be a fisher doll this May, and I'm...

I am going to be a fisher doll this May, and I'm so excited. I have a flat butt a gut and not much of a shape. The only thing saving me is that I have nice thighs, large breast, and a pretty face lol. My coordinator at Vanity is Kandis and she's super cool. I'm so excited to take you along my journey to getting a nice ass!!

Current body shape

A New Life Recovery House

So I have been searching far and wide for a recovery house and I finally settled on A New Life Recovery House with Yane. I really like her, she's super sweet and answers all my questions. The website which has pictures is http://www.anewliferecoveryhouse.co/ you can't beat the price and all the things it includes so I'll shell out the 1250 for 7 days for the peace of mind in knowing I'll be fed 3 times a day (plus snacks) and have someone looking after me cause I've been reading the recovery process for a BBL sucks. I'll be sure to update my review after my stay as well.

Flight paid and recovery house halfway paid off

OMG I can't believe I just bought my flight and made a downpayment on my recovery house. Sh*t just got real, Happy Valentine's Day to me lol! I'm so nervous about how I'm gonna sit on the airplane. I don't care if people are looking at me, but then again I do. I hope that someone will come with me so that way I don't have to be alone through this. I know I'm jumping all over the place but when your nerves are shot what do you expect?! Yane is awesome. She really is a sweetie, I can't wait to meet her in person.


So I am staying at A New Life Recovery house with Yane, and I made my final payment this past Friday. So now my flight and stay are completely taken care of. I can't wait until surgery . I just want to get this all over with so I can get to healing. I need help with my supplies. I really really want to have everything I need so I can heal comfortably in MIA, and also in my home state. Does anybody know of a really good BBL supply checklist? Also, when does your butt start to fluff? I was able to get three weeks off of work so that I can heal, and I would love if my butt fluffed by then. Also, I heard that you can sit on your butt after 2 weeks. Is that true? I appreciate any advice I can get.


OMG I am so happy, my surgery is completely paid off! I made the final payment last week. I also asked to be either the first or second patient to be operated on by Dr. Fisher! I don't want him tired, LOL I need him alert and ready to work some magic on this body.


I've gained some weight, I am currently 182.6, but I really want to get down to 165 for surgery. I just want to be closer to my goal weight so I don't have any loose skin after getting lipo. I really don't want a big old stripper booty, but I definitely want a bigger butt with projection. I'm hoping fisher can make it look "home grown" instead of store bought lol. Man I wish surgery would hurry up and get here. Also, PLEASE if you know of a good list of items for me to get for my surgery I would truly appreciate it.

Staying with someone new

I switched recovery houses, I'm staying with Mayda. I can't wait to meet her she seems so sweet. She was also very helpful in calming me about what I do and don't need for surgery. She gave me a list of necessary items that I'm purchasing now. I also had a physical with my primary care physician (PYP). She is fully aware of the procedure I'm getting and she wanted to start testing me early to make sure I stay on track with body levels meaning weight, bloodwork, hemoglobin etc. I'll keep you guys updated in the weeks to come! May 31st can't get here soon enough!!

30 days

So, I have exactly 30 days until my procedure with Dr. Fisher. Surprisingly I'm not nervous at all. I'm ready for the change. I also need to get my supplies together. I've gotten my maxi dresses and will get a lot of stuff while in Miami, but I really need to get the essentials like the arnica gel and pez. Did you guys the cream or gel? And did you also get the tablets? Real quick I got down to 169, but gained it back and am now 182. I will get back down to 169 prior to surgery. It's important that I am closer to my goal weight which is 160-165. I'm praying that everything goes smoothly!

I'm cleared for surgery!!!

Received confirmation from Anna via email that my labs were good. I'm so excited. I guess I should just by my supplies today from Amazon lol. But only a few things though cause Mayda said that I can get everything from FL for really cheap. I'm so excited let the countdown commence!!!

Countdown...6 more days!!!

So... The big day is almost here and I'm so excited. I got all my supplies and my bag is packed. I'm so ready to go!!! I'm not nervous at all. I'm so ready for Dr. Fisher to work his magic on me. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is not sitting down. But I did take the advice from one of our other RS sisters and bought a chair in a bag and cut out the center. It was only 5 bucks at Walmart! I'll post a pic below. Another thing I did flake on was my weight loss. I really wanted to get to 165 but I actually gained weight. As of not I'm 5'5 and 188 I need to lose at least 2 pounds to have a bmi below 31 and I'm confident I will. I'm having as little carbs as possible with nooooo sugary drinks and snacks. Can't wait until I'm in bootyland TTYL


Surgery rescheduled due to managements negligence. But instead being completely negative about it, I'm focusing on the positive and will try to hey down to my goal weight. I am now scheduled for 21 June.

Miami, I'm here!!!

So far so good, Mayda picked me up from the airport and I'm feeling sooooooo good about everything, I just love her, I can tell I'm in good hands. We arrived at Vanity like 15 minutes ago, and I just got fitted for my free faja. I'm waiting to fill out the pre-op paperwork. Hopefully it won't take too long. I'll keep you all posted, surgery is tomorrow at 6am.

Surgery Day

So, I FINALLY made it to surgery day. It's 3:16 a.m. And I can't sleep at all. I'm just up looking at wish pics try to narrow down exactly what I want. I hope I can explain it well enough to Dr. Fisher. I'm really super excited and surprisingly not nervous at all. I pray that God sees me through this and I know I've got a million people praying for me too. I'll post another update when j make it to bootyland.

Surgery day was a success!!

Guys I'm so thankful!! I've crossed over to bootyland!!! I'm super sore but not in a serious amount of pain. For those who've been reading my review thus far and praying for me thank you and I appreciate you so much.

Some post op pics

1 day post op

Wish pics that I showed fisher

Recovery House Review

Honestly, I sincerely thank God that I found Mayda. She is truly a godsend. I don't know how I would've made it through this process without her and her assistant. I never had to want or need for anything. Mayda makes me feel right at home, and her assistant takes me wherever I need or want to go, she also picked up my meds. I'm telling you now, if you have not already booked your recovery house please stay with Mayda, her number 786-234-3069.

Dr. Fisher

Is the shit. Hands down. He was funny, friendly and realistic about everything. My butt is huge but I'm hoping that it will go down some in the next couple of months. Though I don't plan on ever getting a round two, if I did it would be with Fisher for sure.

This may be TMI but...

It's now Friday and I had my surgery Tuesday at 6:30/7am I finally had my first bowel movement. Not bad. I'm glad I had the cookies and milk earlier, I think that's what helped relieve me, I'm lactose and tolerant.

How I'm feeling

Recovery is ok, not as bad as I thought. The only thing that sucks for me really is sleeping on my stomach and the lower back pains I seem to have developed. The back pains are similar to the ones I get for my period. I usually take Ibuprofen and use a heating pad and my back pains go right away. Unfortunately I cantrake any Ibuprofen now but I plan on asking when because these cramps are a bitch. I also want to use my heating so bad!!

6 days post

I'm still feeling great and loving my results. I just wish that my butt would drop sooner lol. I have a shelf booty at the moment. I know it will gradually drop but I hear that it takes anywhere between 1-3 months for it to fluff and look more natural. Oh and ladies be prepared for the attention both men and women seem to be so intrigued by my shape.

Massages from the best!!

Guys, trust me on this, you need Elsi after your bbl. I got a total of 7 massages and omg I was so pleased with her services. LOL and she also commented on how great of a job Fisher did.

Lipo foam and board

I tried but I don't think I can go on wearing these lipo foams anymore they are extremely uncomfortable. I will still wear my triangle, ab board, and triangle but I'm saying goodbye to the lipo foam. Besides I'm ready for my stage 2 garment which is a little tighter anyway so I'm not worried about the compression. I'm healing so nicely too my body is sick!!!! In a good way of course. The pics do me no justice you really can't see how Shapley my butt is in them but I'll post some in a sec.

A couple days post op


So I'm currently the following:
Bust- 45
Waist- 35
Hips/Butt- 46

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