30 Years Old, 2 Kids, Lipo... (Maybe Mini Tuck) and Fat Transfer - Miami, FL

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I expect to have after surgery... A rounder,...

I expect to have after surgery... A rounder, bigger butt and a flatter tummy... Right now I am very self conscious of my belly since my first child which I had at age 16. I've always wanted a tummy tuck since 17. I was really depressed being so young and childbirth destroyed my belly... Unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky ones who went thru 9 months of pregnancy without any stretch marks and wrinkles. But now I am on my journey to a new more confident ME!

Choosing Doctors HASSAN OR PATEL

I have been researching one doctor in Chicago (Dr Patel) which I had a consultation with already and he quoted me 14,000 for lipo, mini tuck, muscle tightening and bbl... He is a board certified surgeon and is great at what he do... Plastic surgery is his one and only field!!! I've also had a quote from vanity for 4,500 for (Dr Hassan) that's only to lipo and bbl... I have loose skin on my stomach and if I choose dr Hassan I hope he can tighten up my skin or I will be going back for a mini tuck


I'm looking for early December... I'm not afraid of the surgery itself only going under... I've never been put under for anything but I kno if I want more confidence in my body I have to do it... I know GOD is with me through this Journey...

My body

I have hips and thighs already with a lil bit of booty ... Lol this stomach is horrible ( uggghhhhh) I had my first son at 16 and it's been like this every since... I'm so self conscious about it and ready for a better body! I'm going to add a photo to show


Wish pics


Burns on stomach after lipo by dr Hasan

Hey RS SISTERS! Can someone tell my why I have seen burn marks on some of dr Hasan patients after sx??? Sick_Booty_Game2015 have recently got surgery and developed burn marks on her stomach afterwards... It scares me

Date set

Date set for December 11, 2015... I will b flying my mother and children with me to stay in hotel and I will be in recovery home... I'm researching RH's now!


Height 5'2
Weight 147
Measurements 34, 32,42

I will get to 153-156 by sx date December 11, 2015

Pre op pics

More pre sx pics... I will attempt to put these legging when I post and put a before and after!

Flights, vitamins, and iron pills

I just looked up southwest flights and I'll be booking this week, buying all of my supplies this week and also I've been taking my vitamin and iron pills consist an for 2 weeks! December 11 is around the corner (I'm excited and nervous all in one)!!! I kno God got me!!!

Date is closer

Omg as I'm sitting here thinking the 11th is a week from now!!! I'm going to channel my fears and just do it!!! I stay prayed up and I know GOD got this!!!! Just nervous about being put under... About to start fasting for assurance from GOD because this is a serious surgery!

Rescheduled surgery

Hey dolls... Unfortunately because I have a cold virus Dr Hasan won't do my surgery... So now my date is rescheduled for January 4, 2016... Will update you all later! Xoxo

Recovery Home

PLEASE HELP SISTERS!!! No one is available Jan4-8 for after surgery care... I need to stay in a good recovery home with nurses as I was told Dr Hasan recovery is intensive if anyone no of any recovery homes beside new body recovery home and Mary please leave me a message... I would be greatly appreciated

Vanity receptionist are full f crap

Soooo as we all know I had to reschedule my sx for Jan 4 right?! Well as it turns out Leo my coordinator didn't even mark me in dr Hasan schedule for that day... I'm literally steaming with anger at them right now then on top of that turns around and tell me that I was scheduled with Fisher... WTF VANITY IS SO UNORGANIZED TO TH FULLEST... Now Roxana telling me there isn't anything till the 3rd week in January after I based EVERYTHING around my sx date for Jan 4... Everything happens for a reason so I'm just taking it for what it is and waiting on them to call me back tomorrow! I'm looking on the brighter side of things!!!


Hey sisters! I have a new date... January 26th... Unfortunately vanity didn't book me with Hasan for the fourth as I was told and on top of that they switched me to fisher... Everything is good now Hasan is still my doctor and my new date is the 26th!

One wee pre op

I'm officially one week pre op!!!! I'm ready dolls I have prayed and asked God to see me thru this sx and I believe hold heartily he is... I'll be staying with moni at new body recovery from Jan 26-29 leaving the 29th... Im also getting my massages done there as well... I may go to the hotel to stay after I leave moni I don't know yet... Talk to u later dolls xoxoxoxoxo

I'm here!

Here at vanity for my pre op!!!

Surgery date

Today is the big day! I'm here at vanity with moni... She picked me up from my hotel... My mom, sister and son are on the way up here! Just waiting to see doctor Fisher! Like I said before I will update to everyone on the situation of Hasan not being here (GONE MIA) and me finding out after I flew all the way here! I will tell fisher what WANT and what I don't WANT! Putting faith in him that he's gonna get my body right on point!

Made it!

Hey dolls made it to the other side... Feeling great...,moni is a sweetheart

Full review of my situation at vanity with Hasan being MIA

(This review is long ladies so bear with me) Hey ladies u know you all are really freaking out about Dr Hasan being MIA... Truth is the other doctors and staff don't know when he is coming back (he haven't told them anything) I kno I was just at vanity and heard it from the manger, staff, and Dr Fisher mouth... Ok so let's get down to the nitty gritty... I flew in on the 25 knowing nothing of Dr Hasan disappearance ???? I had just talked to Leo and Roxana on January 19th when I finished paying my balance and they failed to tell me that I needed to reschedule because of the unfortunate situation damn they didn't even shoot me an email. So when I got to vanity Monday the 25th for my pre op I get to the front desk and tell the lady I have an appt with doctor Hasan and I'm here for my pre op... She knew he wasn't there and didn't even tell me, she copied my ID and told me it will be just a minute, then I went back up there to ask a question and another lady asked me if I was there for Doctor Hasan and I said "yes" she told me "Doctor Hasan isn't here I said ok when will he be back... She said we don't know he had a family emergency... My heart drop I went off I just paid 1200 for a round trip flight for my mom, sister, and I plus brung my 17month old son with me. Paid for the rental and hotel I said oh no I need to speak with someone so they told me Roxana was coming to speak to me... I waited about 45 mins and a nice lady name Diana took me into her office and said... " so what's going on" me with an attitude said " you know exactly what's going on" she said I know. I start telling her my story and thank GOD they calls get recorded because she heard EVERYTHING, every conversation I had with Leo and Roxana on the 19. I kept saying I wanted my refund then I thought I'm not about to loose out on over 1,000 so then she asked me if I want to go with fisher at first I was like no way then she stood up and showed me her body and I was like I don't want it that big at all she said tell him exactly what you what and he's gonna give it to you... She said Dr Fisher is real and is a great doctor. At this time I was still made as hell because I've done research on Dr Hasan for months and that's who I chose to be my doctor and now I didn't have a choice but to go with with if I didn't want to lose out on any money. Then she tells me Fisher is 1000 more but we are not going to make you pay nothing extra ok.... I said ok then she told me after today Roxana will no longer have her job I said good because it's no way I should be going thru this because she failed to tell me


Breakfast moni assistant cooked


Hey dolls so recovery has been going really great for me! The first day I was moving around good! I haven't had any nausea, severe dizziness, fainting or throwing up and No bruising at all and I'm really surprised! With this being my first sx and first time being put under my body reacted Great! I stayed with Moni my first 3 days and now I'm at the hotel with my mom! She's been a great help to me! Moni is cool, she made sure I was straight and I love the eating schedule she have u on! It is very important u eat right and drink plenty of fluids after recovery... The only thing bothering me as of right now is the swelling on my liposuction areas... Other than that no bad swelling or reactions!


Sooooo ladies it is very important to get massages! Only one massage came in my 3day night package deal with Moni and I paid for one extra one but since I been at the hotel ESPERANZA GODOY came to me twice and I tell you she is the BEST! she really knows what she is doing and after you are finished with your hour massage your body feels GREAT man oh man I can't stress to you dolls enough how Great she is its a bit pricy but it's well worth it... (70-80 dollars depending how far you are) for an hour long lymphatic massage and she come to you... You can't beat that... And she targets the entire lymphatic system... This is her craft and you ladies will see for yourself if u chose her, so thank me later! Here the number 786-390-9108

Pic of Esperanza set up

2nd time trying to post this pic... Let's see how it goes

Tummy Tuck

Hey ladies... May start a new review on my TT journey... Waiting til the end of April early May to get it done... Starting my research now since I can't do anything but lay on my stomach!

Fisher Doll

Here's some pics of my booty... Very swollen

Drains out today!

So I seen Dr Fisher today! Yuliet took my drain out and removed my stitches then, I waited 40 mins to see the doc! He looked over me and told me everything was looking good! I fly home tomorrow and can't wait to get there!

Dr fisher!

Hello dolls Dr Fisher results take time... U do not see immediate fluffing don't get discouraged and not go to him while Hasan is out cause when the fluffing do happen honey its real!!! And you're gonna love it!!!

Hey ladies... Plane ride home...

So I flew home 7 days after surgery and I tell you it was needed! 3-4 days isn't enough for sure u need your drain in for a minimum of 6-7 days before removing so the fluids can drain and u don't build SEROMA. Hasan patients tend to get SEROMA because he doesn't use drains, although he was my sx Doctor at first (before he went MIA) don't really know how that would have turned out! So anyway on the plane home the boppy pillow was very uncomfortable for me so when we were all the way in the air I kneeled on the floor and laid my head in the seat on the boppy pillow... That was uncomfortable too (knees were hurting) but it was better than sitting on this investment (my new booty) LOL so today is day 8, I'm extremely sore and swollen and feel the hot lava, sharp sensation, and shocking feeling with some itching... Can't wait til I fully recover. I knew what I was getting myself into when I chose to go threw this surgery and I am truly greatful to GOD everything has been good so far! Ttyl xoxoxo

11 days post op

My butt is definitely fluffing more and more everyday!

11 days post

Loving my new shape and I kno its just gonna get better and better


Results are getting better and better everyday!


Hey dolls so far I'm loving my results more and more everyday... Swelling is still a bitch (can't wait til that ends) vanity has called 4 times to check on me! I was really surprised and pleased with that... Ttyl xoxoxo


Quick video for my fisher dolls or soon to be fisherfied!!! ????????????????????????

Wtf my videos arent posting

Why the heck aren't my videos posting???

Miss new booty

It's actually bigger in person!

Hey dolls

So today I made my appt for March 3,2016 for my consult with dr Patel here in Chicago for my tummy tuck! I'm so excited!!!! I can't wait!!!

More pics

Fisher Doll!!! It fluffs more and more everyday

Better view

Hey ladies I guess I'll flood y'all with pics today


Trying to upload once again


Don't mind the wet spots on my boy shorts... It's just water for my hands


Fisher Doll

3weeks 1day

Feeling good today although the other day I woke up feeling like my butt was little then I measured and its still 45!!! Just gotta get this waist to a 25-26 and I kno when I get my TT its gone b even better!!!


My butt was a 45 now it's measuring to 44 1/2... I'm bout to gain at least 8 pounds to keep my volume up!

4weeks post op

Hey dolls... Just a quick update... I'm still very swollen (which really sucks) I wear my waist cincher over my garment, lipo foams, ab board and triangle 99% of the time... Only 3 times I went outside with only my waist cincher and my body just isn't ready for that yet... I'm massage myself daily but now I'm going to get professional massages again and I'll update u all later with that my waist is a 30 (due to this swelling) and butt measuring to 44 1/2 hope all my sisters are doing great!

5 weeks PO

Hey ladies... I'm doing fine! Swelling seems like it's never gonna end in my stomach and sides... It's really annoying but I'm gonna be patient! Anyway I have my consultation with Dr Patel for my TT Thursday and I'll update u dolls in that... And what he says about adding more!

Going on a date

Just a quick update of me 5 n a half weeks PO

Quick update

Hey dolls! Just a quick 7week update! Butt is measuring 45 1/2 it grew an inch! I haven't measured my waist because it's still swollen I can't wait til that subsides... I've been sitting since week 5 and at first it felt like I was sitting on two ballons but now it feels normal when I sit! I've been sitting without boppy pillow for a week n a half I no longer sit with it... My butt is softening up but still a little firm I'll update with pics later xoxo



9 weeks post op

Sleeping on my back and sides now... No longer sitting with boppy pillow.... So I recently went to the ER because I had a pustul bump on my front incision where my drain was taken out and they gave me antibiotics... They told me that it was nothing major and not to be scared at all... Anyway I took the pills the pustul bump went away then I discovered I still had 1 stitch in that wound... I sanitized twizzers and scissors and got it out... It was really painful but all is well except of this swelling... Man oh man it seems like a never ending story for me with this swelling... All in my stomach, lower back and sides... It's horrible I just want it to be over with seriously... Butt is still 45 1/2.. I wear my garment at night but mostly wear my waist trainer and an board during the day except when I go out... Ttyl dolls!

3months post!

Hey ladies I'm 3 months and one week post and feeling good! I'm pretty much feeling 90% normal only things I still get stuff on my right side... I'm scheduled for my TT with Dr Roman here in Chicago May 17 and I'll keep you all posted with that!! Xoxo

6 months post op and loving Dr Fishers Results on ME!!!

Hey ladies just stoping by to update u all real quick... As u kno I had my bbl with DR Fisher 1/26/16 and I just recently had my TT done hear in my home town 6/15/16 I'm pleased with my results and my ass is colossal lol!!! I'm in love with my body now!!! So happy I went thru the surgeries and I feel really confident about my stomach. I'm still bruised and swollen and I kno it only gets better day by day so that's what I'm patiently waiting on ttyl dolls and happy healing to everyone getting surgery soon

Round 2

Hey ladies in getting a round 2 here in Chicago soon my appt is this this month and I'm excited!!! Can any of my round 2 ladies give me a heads up on what the experienced during their second round??? Please comments are needed!!!
Miami Physician

Fisher did my work! Hasan went MIA

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