30 Years Old, 2 Kids. 5,7/102 Kg. BBL

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This is my first time writing on this site. I have...

This is my first time writing on this site. I have been contemplating getting surgery done but it was just a wish but now I want it more than ever. I consider myself to have a nice shape but my butt is sorta flat. I am still doing research as to where and by who I want to get this surgery done. I am looking into some drs in Miami and dr Almonte in DR.
I will be flying in from Europe and probably will be able to get my surgery done in 2017 due to financial reasons.
Is there anyone that has experience with surgeouns in Miami or with dr Almonte

I have chosen!!

Hey my real life dolls/dolls to be. After being on this page nearly the whole day yesterday I think I have come to a conclusion to go to dr Almonte in DR (I don't know how to change location on my profile)????. I am coming from europe and have to travel either way so i figured why not go to DR where the results are amazing and exactly what I am looking for. I still have to contact leslie to verify date and deposit transaction. I have up to now not one single negative doubts about dr. ALmonte. Hopefully it remains that way cause my plan is to get it done summer 2017

Im also aiming to lose some weight prior to having surgery. I am currently 102kg. I am really hoping to bond with this community on this journey


Okay dolls here are my wish pics. They look close to natural, don't they??
I included RahAli of Love and hiphop. I just love her thickness and shape.

No response from doctor. Dilemma. Mixed emotions

Hey my RS sisters,
I'm going through some mix emotions here and i would like y'all opinion. So i am on this site searching and searching and reading experiences with the bbl. Ive contacted a surgeon on dr cause thats where I wanna go. I got the quote but st the same time i am looking into other surgeons. I've contacted the one i got the quote one asking questions before i actually made the deposit but up to now i haven't heard anything. I sent a whatsapp letting the assistent know that i emailed some questions and to please get back to me so i can make up my mind a chose to make the deposit. Right now I'm feeling as if maybe this is a sign that i shouldn't have surgery but I really want to. I dont find myself attractive sometimes. As of now I dont know what to do or think.

Frustrated. Visceral fat. What to do?

My mind was so made up to go to DR with fatima almonte but thn i started looking into dr alvarez and fisher work. I got a quote from spectrum. I then decided to try and get in contact with dr fisher on instagram. Someone on his page that has a massage business reached out to me and said she is a direct link to fisher. It wasn't anyone from vanity (i asked). I've read so much negative stuff about vanity so i had to ask.

Has anyone been in contact with dr fisher lately? How did you get in contact with him?
- is there anyone that were told they had visceral fat?

Anyway..i explained to her that i wanted to know the prices of the lipo/bbl procedures. She said dr fisher bbls cost $6200. So she then ask to see my pics and i sent her my pics, she then said that by the looks of my pictures i may have visceral fat. She said from the looks of it i might have enough fat for the perfect bbl but she recommend losing weight due to the visceral fat (which i don't mind) I was planning on losing before surgery anyway. This lady is not a surgeon, although im glad for her opinion but i have sent my pictures to dr almonte and dr alvarez evaluated my pics and they never mentioned anything like that. I'm basically here don't know what to think.

How is recovery with tt/lipo & bbl?

Hey dolls,
I'm kinda struggling to make a decision in having a TT, lipo and BBL or just lipo/bbl. I'm so scared that I wont be able to handle the pain. Can the dolls that already had surgery enlighten me about the after pain. How will you be able to sleep/lay comfortably?
I told my surgeon I wanted to leave the tt for a next time, she said with a tt the results will be much better. I truly and honestly just want a big butt and a somewhat flat stomach. I think a tt is unnecessary right now. I do understand where my surgeon is coming from but man I'm thinking on the pain. Is it possible to tell ur surgeon the amount of skin they should take from your tummy?

Do you have second thoughts?

Hey realself dolls,
Do y'all feel selfish for having this procedure done cause of kids?? I want this and I am going for it. I just wanna feel good about my body. Sometimes I think maybe I'm spending to much money on myself at once, cause of my kids pffff. How do y'all deal with these kinda thoughts?

Cali Columbia or DR??

That moment u paid ur deposit with DR doctor, secure your date and then came across some cali surgeons and don't know what to do. One of the surgeons that I now am considering in cali, sent me a follow request on instagram awhile back and I was like..I'm not going columbia....look at me now lol. I really don't want to lose my deposit but from looking at cali surgeons etc, they same to be more modern with technology. And i like the fact that the owner of a RH that i recently start following on instagram, is constantly in contact with the 2 surgeons that I'm considering going too. She has some videos of them during the operation. She has q&s with them. I notice that one of the surgeon answers alot of his followers question. They seem to genuinly care even after sugery. according to the comments their bedside manners is wayy better than DR. Their operation is 5hrs and DR is 3 hrs..hmmm. I love DR results but it aint like i want the vixen body.. I think i might consider Cali. From the island I'm from, alot goes to Columbia but all I was seeing on here and insta was DR.

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