30 Years Old in Desperate Need of BBL

Hello All! Well I'm 30 years old, no kids. I have...

Hello All!
Well I'm 30 years old, no kids. I have always been overweight, but my weight increased dramatically during a stressful period in my life, and I was up to 280 lbs at one point. I am currently down to 225 lbs (still want to lose about 15-20 lbs before surgery). I'm 5'6. Even at my smallest weight, I never had a nice shape. I'm not looking to have a huge, ridiculous A**. I just want to look better in my clothes and feel better about myself. Trust me, I have very realistic expectations. I have done tons of research and have decided on Ortega or Alvarez.
I would like to have it done Feb or March 2017. I plan to stay in recovery house.
I am not interested in bringing someone with me to take care of me during this time as that would be unnecessary $$$$$ I would have to spend. So it would be great if I could find a surgery buddy who would stay in the same recovery house and possibly have the same day as me.
I don't think my family would allow me to leave otherwise. LOL.
I am excited to share my experience with fellow RS members!!!

Flight Booked, Recovery House Booked, Surgery Scheduled

Well, it's less than 2 months until my surgery. I'm sooooo excited!!!!! It's the perfect time for me to have it done. I am nervous but only because I fear I won't have great results. My flight is booked. My recovery house has been booked and my surgery is scheduled. There is no turning back now. I will have to stay there for one whole week which is more than I initially anticipated but that's ok. Dr. Perry was very adamant about this because he wants to be able to monitor for any surgery complications. I am ok with that.
I do still need to drop some pounds before then, but these holidays sure didn't help. LOL.
I will be posting some pics closer to my date and I will probably be doing more frequent updates as my date draws near.
Until next time.........
Wendell Perry

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