30 Years Old, 2 Children Later...I Want my Dream Body Dammit! Miami, FL

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Hey Dolls! I've been lurking on this cite for...

Hey Dolls! I've been lurking on this cite for about 1-2 years now. And I have always talked so much smack about how I want to loose some weight, tone up and get the body of my dreams. Fast forward to now and I haven't lost anything except for 10 lbs (insert a sarcastic "yea me"). Any who, I am determined this year that I will just say F%#$ it and pay for the darn body that I want. I'm 30 years old and have 2 sweet children. My son is 10 and my baby girl is 2. I have kinda a boyish shape and I want to feel confident about my body. I want to be able to finally wear a 2 piece and not be ashamed of myself. I want to look good. I want to be naked in front of the mirror and love what I see, not be depressed and grabbing fat areas and wishing things were different.

I toggle between results that Dr. Fisher and Dr. Hasan post. Hasan definitely kills those hourglass shaped though. He is all the way delivering consistent results. So I contacted Vanity through RealSelf about a week ago and received a response from a coordinator named Jessi. I was apprehensive on sending her photos of my body because the email she sent me was so informal. She said her name and that she was contacting me for cosmetic surgery, she gave me a questionnaire to fill out and that was it. There was no company header in the email, no phone number she just told me to reply to the email. Because I know horrible things happen via email and the internet I replied asking her the name of the company she worked for and what doctor I contacted her about. She answered correctly, better safe than sorry. I sent her 3 nude pics. I am currently 5'7" closer to 5'8" and I', 230 lbs. I have a serious lower pudge from being over weight and loose stomach muscles from my c-section from my daughter. I knew I would need a tummy tuck after my BBL. I wanted to loose about 50lbs or so ...to get to the 180 lbs range and then do the surgery. To my surprise Jessi said that Dr. Fisher doesn't want me to loose any weight. He claims (from the photos) that I do not have a lot of fat in my back and he needs my "gut" to perform this surgery. I asked for Dr. Hasan's opinion and shall see what he says.

I do have a bit of butt and I don't want something that looks like I have 2 basketballs on my back either. I feel thick and big, I wear a size 14/16 personally I would like to get down to a size 10/12. I think I have a wide back and I want to get smaller. Regardless of what Fisher says...but I don't know.

For the vets...I see a lot of pics that look like you shrink all over, is the "weight loss significant" for me to trust his suggestion? And I was also told that Dr. Hasan prices are now the same as Dr. Fisher...I thought Hasan was always cheaper...did I miss something?

Now I'm feeling Unesay

So I was in the car with my dad this morning having a conversation about the surgery with him to get his opinion. I'm grown and I still highly value my parents take on things especially for serious matters. He supports me getting the surgery but I started massively complaining about Vanity. To me the informality of everything with them is a big turn off. I also contacted Dr. Salama and Cynitha sent me an email that explained damn near everything and ....guess what it clearly stated who she was, where she was from and it had a footer with the organizations contact information, truly professional.

So I told my dad I sent Vanity two different requests, one from my personal email and one from my work email. Jessi responded to my personal account and told me she was representing Cosmetics Miami. I had to email her back to really find out she was from Vanity on behalf of Dr. Fisher. The second woman that responded was Yani from Broward Cosmetic Surgery. Towards the tail end of her email she then states "thanks for choosing Vanity". How many organizations are represented by these "sales women"? While on the phone with Jessi, whom was nice..was also trying to fast talk me and push for asap date...which I nicely shut down...and she also called me Ms. Reed...which isn't my name. I still love Hasan and Fishers results but is it really worth the headache I can foresee myself having with these people?...probably not. I also contacted Dr. Wendell Perry and I found a low key plastic surgeon also in Miami that isn't as popular on RealSelf named Stephanie Stover and she's only charging $3950 for her BBL's. Stover's BBL pic is attached. I like how her booties look natural and not like balloons or basketballs. This women looks like she was born with this waist and hip ratio. I love it

Day Dreaming I Can look Similar and Actually love My Reflection Finally

Mentally Changing Doc's Every 2 seconds

At first I was so set on having Dr. Hasan perform my surgery because he does an amazing job. I also love Dr. Fisher and Dr. Salama. Vanity appears to need some business practice courses but results from the surgeries are proof in the pudding and sometimes you can't have it all lol. Cynitha, Dr. Salama's coordinator really won me over with her professionalism and seeming extremely attentive to answer my questions. His BBL price is $8299 I got her down to $7999 and that would include adding my chin/jowel liposuction.

Today I took the time to look at the 3 doctors negative reviews and Salama appears to have left a few ladies with lipo burn marks, Hasan left some ladies lumpy and the main complaint I found with Fisher is that his staff are a bunch of assholes and the patients loose volume. Salama and Fisher are actual state licensed Plastic Surgeons while Hasan is not. If I go with Salama I would still need to put out about another $1000 for the hotel stay for the 7-10 days I'll be in FL (I'm from Baltimore, MD) and that would run me about $8999-$9600 for this surgery (Sheesh). If I go with Fisher the price is $5000 plus the hotel stay I'm spending $6000-$7600...I like those numbers better lol.

I would like to price out places to stay, as I will be bringing my mom or a friend with me. Can you ladies recommend places close to Vanity? I'm seeing some ladies post Fisher did their BBL's for $4500 sadly I can't get answers to why or how they got that price...I wonder if those are catfish accounts....

My Real Self.

I have a little bit of booty but I want more fullness, a nice heart shaped booty with nice hips. I weigh 230 lbs and I'm about 5'7" possibly 5'8" I plan on getting myself down to 190 lbs for surgery with whoever I choose. I feel like I have a boyish shaped body, no hips.

Recovery & Post Op Suggestions

So I would like for my mom to travel with me and I'm considering renting an apartment for the week we are down there but I'm not sure. Where are you you ladies staying, if not at a recovery house then where, renting a car for post-op appt's? I know you ladies ahve so much information to offer me lol

Discounted Rooms, Cheap Flights and Cheap rental Cars!!!!!

It has been a bust little minute since I've been on here and ladies I am TOOOOO PUMPED! I was exposed to the real. As long as I can remembered I have had self-image and weight issues...I'm handling that this Fall. A major road block me for during this wasn't choosing a doc but choosing the extra expense of recovery. The recovery houses in my opinion wanted tooooo much money...I was seeing $1800 and up, the cheapest being $1650 (wow, rolls eyes). Anywho, my sister came to me about this company that is about traveling called Dream Trips.

After she gave me the spill, I was skeptical about it but since I'm cheap as hell I investigated the company and competitors to see if they offer the best deals. And for real, they have the cheapest rates for ALL INCLUSIVE TRIPS. I have never been on vacation or been able to even really save for one and seeing that I could go on all inclusive trips abroad for like $400 made my toes curl lol. But that isn't it, so I decided to become a member and used the membership to find cheap (but nice) hotels in the area and I also got my round trip flight from Baltimore, MD and a rental for 9 days, 8 nights for only $989.00!!!! I'm taking my mom with me so I needed a rental so that she can do the errands and she can sight see for a bit while I'm laid up lol. I saved at least $700 right there and the room is nice and cute, not that that matters to most but it does to me.

Even tho I booked my flight, hotel and rental the service always is trying to find a cheaper rate and will automatically update exactly what I want for the cheaper price and the difference will be automatically refunded to me. I am more than excited about all of it. I go so excited about this I signed up to become a distributor. If any of you ladies are curious and want more information or have any question, please ask.....support a realself sister trying to save you some major coins!
Miami Physician

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