30 Years Old BBL 5/3/16! Dr. Mendieta - Miami, FL

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Wow, I have been reading the forum for years......

Wow, I have been reading the forum for years... And have been to scared to get the procedure done. Finally, I decided to DO IT! I want to feel good in my swim suit this year! I have all these swim suits and feel like crap when I put them on. I use to have such a nice hour glass shape before kids with a nice butt. Well, 2 kids later and unhealthy eating with the lack of exercising has put me where I am now. So, my journey has begun.I went to my consultation with Doctor constantino Mendieta on April 7 and paid 200 for that. I then booked my surgery for 5/3/16!! I know it's soon but I am trying to be looking good for my July vacation. I wanted to go to Doctor Salzhaur or however you spell it. Known as Doctor Miami but he is booked until December 2017. So my choice was out of these 2. They said Dr. Salz gives better projection in the butt but Dr. Mendieta sculpts you better and is more aggressive with Lipo is what I have heard. I have done my lab work and have been buying all the stuff I need. I am so nervous about the after care. I feel unprepared for the pain and the after care in general. I'm trying to read and buy anything that will help with it. I seen that Doctor Miami has invented a butt pillow. It's for this surgery so we can sit without sitting on butt. I am going to buy that. I also want to buy a female urinal. They say this will def come in handy. I don't want to pee in the pampers I bought lol but hey, you never know what will happen bc if I am in that much pain I may say F*** it. Who knows.. I know my surgery is 6 days away but I have bought my fajas yet. I really don't know which ones to get. I'm 5'5", 140 pounds. Does anyone have before and after pics of Doctor Mendietas work who can email me them? I know some people don't like posting pics on this forum. But I feel I didn't see a lot of his before and after and would love to see more. Thanks guys! I will keep everyone posted on my journey.

Surgery Tomorrow! Wish pics

Well guys I'm heading to my pre-op. I haven't had time to be too scared. I was too busy preparing the week for my kids and organizing everything. But it's sinking in now. Hopefully my nerves won't be too bad. So far so good tho.

I added my wish pics. I was a little disappointed bc when I sent these pics to my doc he said that I may need a second surgery bc there is so much projection in these girls butts. I don't get it.... I def am not paying 2 times. My body isn't that bad as is and I fee he shouldn't have a problem. Sometimes makes me wonder if they do this on purpose. Tell u that u may need another surgery for the results you want... Hell, more money for them of course they want this. So it makes u wonder if they do their best job on you the first time or if they make it where you have to come back. Ughhhh. Anyway, that's the only problem I am having at this time. This is a lot of pain and money for them to say you may need a second surgery!!!

Well after my pre-op I'm going to get soup, crackers, Gatorade, and whatever else I need. I feel a little unprepared.... Trying to make sure the kids were good for the week left me a little behind.

Well Dolls, wish me luck! I will write after pre-op appt. and let you ladies know how it went!

On way to pre op appt

Had to take a selfie on way! I got this!!!!!!

Holy sh**!!!!

This pain is the worst!!!! The absolute worst. I'm leaking so bad. My ass feels like I have been hit by hammers. Tons of hammers. The ass is the worst part of the pain. I keep crying. Over everything. They say the anesthesia does that. I keep asking myself what did I do??? What did I do.... Omg I'm just so so HURTING. Bruising ain't no joke either. I asked him to do the top of my back too! Hey paying this much I just want whatever he will do. Car ride home was awful btw. We were 2 minutes from hotel. Did this bc I knew I would hurt. And of course driver fucked up!!! Got lost. About 45 minutes to get to a place that was 2 minutes away... But all good now but I'm still little mad.

1 day post op!

Hello ladies!! Well I made it to the other side! I was in a lot of pain yesterday but that medicine was everything!! I couldn't sleep well. Had hot flashes last night and it's freezing in here. I haven't gotten chance to see my body. They change me today so I'll get to see today thank goodness. My appointment is at 2:30 today so I'll hopefully get garment off and be able to post a pic. I'll go ahead and post a few now in my garment and diapers haha! Dr. Mendieta did my upper back too. Only bc I asked! So ladies, I think we should def ask this bc we are paying a ton! I am taking arnica pills and patting the gel over my bruises. The actually look a lot better today! I took a Valium last night. Worked for a little while. I was leaking a ton yesterday. I only bought 1 garment. It was 150 from doc office. I may have to purchase another bc I want them to put it back on me and I need to wash this one! I don't think I can put it on with my pain. I was extremely dizzy today. I wasn't yesterday. But today I couldn't stand long. I am actually eating a lot. Yesterday I ate shrimp and rice, fruit and veggie squeezes, crackers, and chicken noodle soup. I was sort of hungry but not really but was just trying to eat as much as I could. They said clear diet but I felt it wasn't necessary. This morning I ate crackers and the a veggie fruit squeeze. I been drinking a lot of water. The catheter comes in handy! Lol. Well ladies here's some pics and I'll update after appointment! Xoxo


Omg! I just seen my body for the first time. I went to doc appointment and they changed me into another faja. I didn't want to put the same dirty one on so I decided to buy another. The dressing change did hurt. But wasn't extreme really. They also too the catheter out. It hurt a little but not as bad as I was thinking it would.
I am so happy with my results. I am still really swollen but I just feel so good after seeing my body. After the visit I came to hotel and took a nice hot shower which honestly, felt like heaven!!! I cleaned up and put back on my garment. They gave my the triangle piece to put on top of my crack they said to give it the heart shape. I asked for how much they put in my butt and hips but it was storming outside so the nurse couldn't run and grab my file. She said she will call me first thing in morning tho!
I ate some chicken noodle soup and drank two apple juices. I am just getting in bed now. I feel really good. I may actually take a Valium and go to sleep. I didn't sleep well last night. Well dolls, I will update pics every other day but here are a few from today!!!

2 days after surgery and loving results

Here are two pics I took today! Found out the doctor put 1000 cc in each cheek.

Faja/ garment to buy

Here's the package you should get for the bbl.

Not sure...

I absolutely loved my results at first.... The more weeks that pass it seems to be getting less curvy the way I loved it when I was really swollen. I definitely look better then I did but spending 10k I guess I expected perfection.

Anyways, I am really really sore today. My back is stiff. My body where I had the lipo feels either numb or tingly. I have been getting massages bc my tissue is really tight. Massages hurt like Hell!!!

I have been getting exhausted around 2 to 4 everyday. Extreme exhaustion. I literally go and take a 3 hour nap!

I am praying I don't get any smaller. I don't even want to think I need a second surgery for what I wanted to look like. Ugh! The time for recovery and the money!!!! Just sucks! I want curvy hips! And I feel like I had that when I was swollen! Smh...

Also wish I would have been more direct with the Doctor. He asked what kind of booty I wanted and I said not huge but big. Wish I would have just said huge bc he already is very conservative... I look at other peoples results who paid half of what I did and there bodies are so curvy.... Just didn't want to go threw all this for So So results.

Anyways enough complaining... I am basically back to all activities I was before. I don't sit on my butt still and still sleeping on back. I still wear my garment everyday. My bruising is looking much better!

For some reason I was eating so healthy before surgery and after surgery I crave sweets! lol but I'm getting that under control.

Haha! Little video ;)

Bruised body
Don't mind all my bruises!!
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