30 Year Old Mom Round 2 Previously Had TT and BA - Miami, FL

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I can NOT wait to have a booty! 2 years ago I...

I can NOT wait to have a booty! 2 years ago I had a TT and BA. 1 year ago I had some lipo done that I am unhappy with. I have been following "dr Miami" for about 3 years in Instagram and snap chat
And have wanted to get this done but didn't find it "priority" but more I watched did I wanna have it done being on snap chat with the Doc wearing sunglasses and rapping !? So I started researching other doctors that could give me the results that I wanted ! Then I found one Dr Fisher omg everyone I've seen looks AMAZING. Makes me so excited! I sent over all my stuff and got the quote back and wanted to book immediately ! Soonest I could get was September 13! Putting the deposit down made me kinda nervous cause they don't take credit cards so I had to wire the money but I'm trusting all you ladies that went to him previously!! Here are my before and wish pics and one I did playing with the surgery app! Can't wait to be a Fisherdoll!

Portal invite

Count down begins !!!! Soooo exciting !!!!

RH or Private nurse

Can anyone give me some more information more about private nurses in the Miami area cause I'm leaving more that direction or about new life cause that's the only place I've found that will allow my husband to come as well.

Freaking out

Got my labs back today and my PTT as abnormal 46.6 they are retesting in the morning anyone have any experience with false readings... ? My inr is normal and the rn said that they usually go hand in hand and could have just been thrown off by something .... Anyone have any advice heartbroken my surgery is Wednesday even if tests high tomorrow might consider vitamin k still going on the plane Sunday and having my tests ran again out there perhaps .... Please advice or info

3 days post surgery

I'm finally a little more alert then i have been these past few days. My nurse that i got off Carelinx.com after any quit responding to me has been great. Fisher was extremely nice I didn't get to meet him until right before my appointment. I didn't get any drains because he only did back lipo.


Maybe it's too early to have these feelings and I nee to let myself heal but I am so disappointed with the results of this BBL. I did NOT have any lipo to my abdomen just mt back flanks bra roll and waist and arms. I feel like I have no projection and that I still have the pointed triangle at the bottom and no cuff. I feel guilty I left my 4 kids to come out here for 10 days for this and spent someone where near 8000 total. I am thankful for God for being with me on this journey and making sure I made it through everything okay and am healing well. I fly out to go back home tomorrow and can't wait. Everyone says I'm still healing wait but I know it's not gonna grow bigger so what am I waiting for my waist to be smaller ? Yah that will be cool to go with my gma butt still I guess. ????

One day at a time

I'm feeling way better psychically and emotionally now being back home with my kids! Each day that goes by it's easier to do stuff ! Being on your stomach this whole
Time is a total bummer!!!! And I can not wait to not being wearing garments anymore !!! I'm still not completely happy with my size but I am definitely not doing it again. The swelling in my Lower back gets ridiculous feels like a waterbed back there after having to go awhile without
My garment when washing. Waiting for swelling to subside! I got a lymphatic massage when I got home but the lady here that does them said the other people been doing it all wrong and you don't use more then the weight of a nickel pressure. No relief from that massage so I probably won't be getting anymore of those.
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