BBL with Dr Osak 5/25

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So I had breast implants put in 10 years ago and...

So I had breast implants put in 10 years ago and since then ive been in love with my boobs but feel like somethings missing I am now on my journey to find a doctor I am hoping to have surgery as soon as next month and need to gain 10 to 15 pounds to have a better outcome. I am searching for a doctor but NYC has become really expensive although I would love to do it locally those who are budget friendly dont seem to have the outcome we all expect. So I might travel to miami.

Surgery scheduled now gotta shop

So I put down my deposit and am scheduled for May 25th so excited but also feeling selfish that I am doing something for me and not my kids

I Need some Help from those who gained weight

I was told from a couple of consultations that i dont have that much fat so I want to gain at least 10 pounds in 4 weeks any advice?

So any NYC Dolls who can recommend a massage specialist at a reasonable price?

I live in manhattan but willing to travel to any borough

wish pics

Just an idea



death in DR

My mom just came back from DR yesterday and told me about this story be careful those considering traveling abroad the risks increases everything In DR has a price you can pay your way out of anything so keep that in mind these doctors can pay off inspectors and with the money they are making they can own state of the art equipment yet I read these reviews with descriptions of the OR and the old equipment and the waking mid through the surgery omg it makes me tingle. Good luck ladies stay in the states Miami prices are similar and 1 few thousand dollars is nothing compare to the loss of life.

this sucks

So I ordered everything I need and I am slowly getting it. but I am depressed about this weight gain I am not even scared or worried about the surgery I mostly just feel horrible about gaining 8 pounds so far it's been tough drinking ensure and mass gain shakes it only leaves room for a light dinner because I always feel full and neaseus. I feel like my fiancé looks at me weird he has this sort of disgust for heavy people and I am scared he is having disgusting thoughts when he looks at me . Hope nothing gets in the way of the surgery and I can get rid of this weight.

on another note more wish pics

weight gain

Ok so to start it off I hate Ensure shakes I hope after this I never see a bottle of it in my life I am drinking 4 to 5 a day plus super mass once a day I am not a big eater and with food I get an upset stomach so I opted for shakes. I habe put on about 8 to 10 pounds give or take a few depending the scale. Hope he can get this all out cause I feel horrible and gotta find something that works on these oogly cellulite.

cleared for surgery

So I am medically cleared for surgery and have so far gained 12 pounds and my surgery is May 25th hopefully nothing comes between us lol I am excited and ready to get this over with.

2 days away can't wait

so I am packed and ready I leave tomorrow morning to Miami I am second for surgery so I hope nothing delays that. I am nervous about the outcome I hope I am happy with the results I'll post pics don't worry girls I got u lol.

finally in Miami

So I am here and everything is great I even asked the driver to stop by the supermarket and I picked up Gatorade Pineapple juice and a few snacks. I think me knowing Spanish helps a little but so far the recovery house is good let's hope I have good things to say about Dr Omulepu and spectrum tomorrow. Gotta be there at 6 am hope the surgery isn't delayed. I'll keep you girls posted.

woo hoo back on the other side

Had my surgery 9 hours ago and I actually feel pretty good pain and sore but tolerable with meds of course But keep in mind I have a high tolerance for pain. will take pics tomorrow once I am more up and active.

a few pics hard to take them myself

So I decided not to post pics or update till later down the line

Healing is a slow process you do need help for at least 2 weeks it's not easy being on your stomach it takes a toll. I see u support people on here but when it's your turn no one really comes around so Imma stop posting. Girls just go in with very little expectations they cannot perform miracles. Good luck to all of you on here be safe and happy healing.


Doctor said I need a TT so it's in my furure

Another pic

Another pic for future O Dolls

Wow All Of these girls getting infections

So I need to stay off realself because it's really depressing and stressful to hear ca
about all of these girls getting sick from Dr O I know it can happen with any doctor but damn not so often. I really pray for these ladies to heal and also for myself not to come across any complications. Gotta stay positive.

3 weeks post op

I wrote alot and it got deleted so Imma keep it short prepare for a long journey 6 weeks at the most. I fell and bruised my left cheek so delaying my healing. My butt hasn't soften. My cellulite is coming back a bit on my cheeks so girls hydrate and use skin firming cream by nivea it's making a difference . My back and stomach are swollen and just like Dr O said I will need a tummy tuck my stretch marks look bad. Take care of the incisions clean daily and put neosporin. Wait it out your body changes weekly lost 10 pounds since surgery but measure men's have held at 32 30 44 and I started measuring after 2 weeks so I wouldn't be disappointed too much at the shrinkage. 7 lymphatic massages do far still got 4 more to go maybe more if need be. Idk if I left something out . Oh I have yet to sit on my butt only time was during the plane ride with a booty buddy. Gonna try this week. My back is dead from sleeping and laying on my stomach. Good luck ladies I'll post some pics just prepare physically and mentally it's a longer journey than u think.

3 months post op

Swelling is down to a minimum itchy mostly and the results were expected overall satisfied and ready for tummy tuck and 2nd round bbl.


More pics

Dr Osak Omulepu

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