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I'm hoping for a rounder buttocks smaller waist...

I'm hoping for a rounder buttocks smaller waist and upper back. I def don't want to have leftover fat above my bra line, it's the worst! Especially, when I don't have much hips. I had liposuction about 3 years ago around my waist. I hope this time I can have my waist taken in a lil more and achieve that hourglass figure I been wanting

Wish pics

I'm anxious to get this butt done. I want to loose this upper back fat and fill leggings. I've found some nice results RS sisters :)


I've done some shopping for post op. And this is a sexy pic I took of myself for my boyfriend. Can't wait to have that hourglass figure just a month away

23 days till my bbl!!???

So i just received my faja and Bromelain pills. I think I paid 89$ for both. I got my blood work done this week for my medical clearance. Hope everything goes well with that. Haven't heard back from vanity and probably won't lol. I'll make sure to take copies of everything to avoid getting aggravated. I hope everything goes as planned because this surgery is sucking my credit cards dry. And I can't stand looking this fluffy lol. I gained some weight to make sure I get a big booty .

Medical clearance

So I have been cleared by my doctor and they faxed my script over to vanity. If it wasn't for u RS girls I would still b lost. So now just the waiting game. Going to start running today to see if my anxiety goes down a lil. I need to stop eating and or shopping lol..

So close!!

I was finally able to sign in to the patient portal! 13 days to go!!!!

Not cleared yet??

So assistant calls me to let me know my doctor didn't provide them with the recent Hiv test. The one provided was from January so I went this morning to get that done and just sent them the recent one. I just pray everything goes as planned. Went shopping for a luggage suitcase didn't like any of them so I won't even bother. Right now it looks like I pretty much have everything for post op except ab board and foam. That I will get in Miami don't feel like guessing anymore.

Less than a week left I'm so excited!

So I just have a few days before I'm in Miami. O so excited! Who else wants a huge butt like me??? Yes, I know we have to be conservative but I want a big ass. I'm not going through this pain and waiting for an average butt. I just don't know if I want round a or heart shaped. Because we all will have different results I'm just searching for the best shape that'll suit me. What u guys think?

Made it to Vanity

So I went to Vanity yesterday. My first impression of the clinic is that it wouldn't have been a place that I would've picked personally but I was seen right away and signed all paper work. I wasn't able to see Dr. Fisher I was kinda sad about it because I didn't want to forget any special details of my request. I hope everything goes as planned. For now I'm here in west palm beach with my sister till Sunday

The day has arrived

So I'm all preped for surgery. I guess im a lil nervous but not as much as I thought I would be. I ask myself whyyyyy? I do this to my body everyone says I'm crazy i don't need it. See u girls later I'll try to put up pictures

What did I do to myself ????

Feeling horrible but better than yesterday. Lots of dizzyness. I think the worst part has been the dizzness. And can't get comfortable at all. I got Lipo on arms and chin also. I think it was too much everyone says I was in surgery for a long time. But I'm alive and feeling better. Thanks for keeping up

Unexplained headache

So I'm feeling better except I have a horrible headache. Not even Percocet helps don't know what to do

Some more pics

My stomach looks good in person I hope it stays nice and smooth. My first Lipo looked sloppy. But u see how my arms and neck are pretty beat up


Please try not to throw up. But I look like this right now I lost count of my post op days I guess five

Back home!!

So the flight home... Where should I begin... Walking was a breeze but once I sat down on the plane I started to swell soooo much more. I have deep lines and swelling on my waistline I'm so mad I don't want it to stay that way my faja barely fits. I guess once the drain comes off its to be expected. I was sooooooo itchy on my butt area So last night I had like a mini anxiety attack. For some reason after taking Benadryl I got very anxious and my legs wer restless. Hard to explain but yeah don't take Benadryl unless it's necessary.

Good luck

I wanted to wish a happy healing to the girls who have surgery today. U will b in my prayers!!

Stomach looks good

Loving my stomach. I'm holding so much fluid in my waist area but I'm trying to be patient because it does take time for the body to actually get rid of it naturally


Feeling kind of warm and scared because too much fluid is building up on my stomach. Any recommendations??

Feeling stronger!!

Hello dolls!!! I'm so feeling much better. For my girls who are recovering post op, I know you feel horrible now but I promise it gets better. I posted some pics yesterday but they didn't go up, don't know why. I'll give another try. My swelling has decreased immensely I can see my camel toe is smaller lol... Yeah, i always struggled to find pants that look good so I'm kinda glad dr. Fisher helped me with that. One side of my body looks more swollen but I hope my buttocks looks even after all this swelling subsides


I forgot to add these yesterday

Finally have my Latin curves!

My swelling is going down lil by lil. I didn't wear my foams yesterday for work because I feel so big but this is a side pic. Butt is not as big as I wanted but big enough for now. I would be surprised if I was to get a second surgery to make my butt any bigger because this shit is unreal. The discomfort at night is ridiculous. I been laying on my back because my hands get numb after just like 20 minutes of sleeping on my stomach no matter what position it still happens. Did I mention the back pain it's so bad


So I tell my boyfriend to help me take out my brand new beach chair to see if we can cut a small hole on it and then..... He cuts it the wrong way and cuts a humongous hole. I sat down and couldn't get back up lol I laugh it out but I really felt killing him. O yeah I also tried the floatie thing it didn't feel good on my butt I felt I was like sitting on the bed so threw it out


So look one of my butt cheeks is much bigger than the other. I want to cry. I had the dimples before surgery I was hoping he would fill them :,(

Some pics 3 1/2 weeks post op

These are some random pics I took two days ago. My results are looking good but I'm searching for tighter faja. I'm at a month post op so I need to compress more as my original faja is wayyy too loose.

An update

Hello dolls!! I haven't posted much I know.. I was depressed for a while since I didn't feel like my results where what I wanted but I realized it was all because I hadn't bought the right garment I finally fit into the Maria faja I bought before surgery and my body is molding much better than before. I had a hard time putting it on the first time but I'm achieving that hour glass figure. I get pain on my butt still I can't figure out if it's fat cells dying or sticking to my original butt fat but I still have a hard time sleeping at my 7week mark. Another problem is that everyone notices how my butt is lop sided idk how that can be fixed but I'm praying it evens out somehow

2nd stage garment

This is the 2nd faja I been using its helping my shape a lil
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