30 no kids with a Nice Butt, but Narrow Hips - Miami, FL

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I found Dr. Alvarez's Instagram and was...

I found Dr. Alvarez's Instagram and was disappointed initially. I was going to go with someone else because all I saw was pictures of him and celebrities. I realized that I was looking at the wrong instagram account. The account you should look at is @alvarez_plastic_surgery. There are pics with celebs, but there are also more pics of BBL's on that page! I was amazed at his work! The fact that he knows a lot of celebs is nice too! It makes me feel like he a hidden gem. I can't wait to meet him! My consultation is May 20 through Spectrum Cosmetic Surgery.

Current Body

I'm so nervous. I hope I don't weigh too much. :( I'm 6 ft and 240 lbs. I feel like I'm gonna be too fat for surgery and they are gonna tell me to lose weight.


The consultation was quick! He knew exactly what I wanted before I got a chance to say it. He said that he would take from my stomach and back and because I already have a butt with projection he would focus on my hips!! That made me feel so happy! It's like he read my mind!! I paid everything today so I'm going to do my labs right now. I'm so happy! They gave me the number to a couple of recovery houses as well. They even told me where I could go to get stage two garments. This place is awesome! So I'm just currently waiting to do my labs.

My narrow ass hips.

Now you see why I am focused on my hips! I took this while waiting for my consultation. Lol!

Waiting to get by blood drawn.

I have a slight cold. Hope this doesn't affect my labs.

Just ordered my pillow! :)

I wanted something that would also support my back.

Wish Pic of myself

I wanted to show results that I hope to obtain. I just want subtle results. Not trying to look like Nicki Minaj. If Dr.Alvarez can do this, I'll love him forever!

Wish hip pic

If Dr.Alvarez can do this, I'll love him forever!! ????

When I was smaller

I was slim but I hated the fact that I had no hips. :(

Labs came back!!

Playing with an app.

A dress I tried on a couple of days ago.

Almost to one week countdown!

Haven't been on here in awhile. I booked my RH with Bella Blue Revovery. Purchased all of my supplies. I'm basically just chilling until surgery now. The only things I haven't purchased are my massages and stage 2 faja. I'm going to wait until after surgery to get those. I'm excited!

Wish hips

Massages all set!

Surgery day

1 day post op

Everyday gets better!!!

4 days post op

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