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Let me start by saying I love RS. I have been...

Let me start by saying I love RS. I have been stalking this website for years. So I have been thinking about getting the bbl procedure done for about 5 years now. I was geeking so bad to have a nice shape and big butt that I was almost amongst the many women who got them butt shots in them hotel rooms. I have done my research and I'm ready. I have 2 beautiful boys 11 and 3 and now I'm ready for my body back. I'm 5'4 180 but I'm really top heavy. So after a long search I believe I've found the right doctor. I have been back and forth about going to the Dominican Republic they do such amazing work. But that's a lil to far for me. I'm a big baby I just cant swallow the thought of being away from home in another country away from my family so long in pain. So I decided to stay close to home. Miami here I come! I'm scheduled for 4/20/15 with Dr. Ortega at spectrum-aesthetics. I'm up in the air about switching dr's. He works with another doctor Dr. Omulepu and I heard that he is a lil more aggressive with the lipo. plus he's offering 12 areas but I can't find many reviews besides the couple on youtube. Have anyone ever had any procedures done by this doctor before. Help Ladies

So Confused Right Now???

So It seems like every sense I decided to go with Dr. Ortega and paid my deposit with Spectrum I have been getting emails and calls left and right from Anna from Vanity. So right now Dr. Fisher has a special for 4900 with 12 areas of lipo and 1600 for RH. The RH wouldn't be an option for me cause I plan to travel with my mom and aunt and hire a nurse for the first 24hr.HELP! If anyone know of any nursing services. I considered Dr. Fisher first but with all the bad reviews vanity has I just didn't want to deal with the bad customer service. Money is Power and I feel like if I'm giving you my money I want the best treatment possible I want you to kiss my butt (my fat A**) But Fisher is the man he has proven he can do hips and a really full bbl. I have seen many of his before and after. I have yet to see any of Dr. Omulepu before and after pics only the you tube video of him performing bbl surgery. I know that Dr. Ortega can do a great bbl but I think he could be a lil more aggressive with the lipo. I'm so confused. If I decided to switch to Dr. Fisher will Spectrum refund my deposit?

Recovery options

So I'm looking for a recovery house now. I was originally going to travel with my fiancé. After reading all the reviews and seeing how ruff the first couple days are so I think I will choose to stay in a recovery house for the first four days and then day 4 my boo will fly to be with me. We will stay in a hotel for the weekend and then fly home together. So I have a few options. What do you ladies think about assistance4life with Karla. Has any of you ladies ever stayed with her? How does that work do you stay with her or in a hotel and she comes and care for you? I am also looking into staying with Marian from Medical Massage Professionals. I am so confused can any of you vets offer some advice.


So 4/20 will be here before I know it. Its time to start buying supplies :) Hip Hip Horray I cant wait. But ladies I must warn you I am a shopper and I will buy anything that I think I need even if I don't really need it. Help narrow the list down for me ladies. I'm trying to stay on budget and only buy the things that I will for sure use the few days after surgery.


Please help ladies. What's a good second post surgery garment. I know that Spectrum supplies one in the price of surgery but I want to purchase one so that I have a second option.

Spectrum OMG

So my coordinator Liz has been so nice. She answers any of my calls or texts any time I have any questions. But lord behold she has been giving me all the wrong damn info. So I made a payment towards my surgery today. She transferred me to payment dept. I spoke with Chris at Spectrum. Something told me to ask him to confirm the day of my surgery. Do you know that this chick Liz has been telling me that everything is ok and my surgery is scheduled for 4/20. Only to find out from Chris that Dr. O only does surgery Tues and Thurs at Spectrum. So talk about pissed. I made all these plans to stay and to fly out on the Friday before so I can have pre op apt and get scripts. I would of been there too damn early and wasted money to stay the weekend thinking I was having surgery that Monday. SMDH. So I'm in for some work with changing travel plans. :/ Ladies ASK ALL THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Like is the doctor even working that day? These coordinators sell you these stories like they working off commission or something.

Plane ticket purchased

So I just purchased my plane ticket for the return fight home. First class so I can have a little more room. What do I need to buy for the plane ride home besides the boppy pillow. Some advice would be really helpful from you ladies who have been through this.

Time is ticking away

So my date is getting closer. Im trying to narrow down the few supplies I still need to order while I still have time for shipping. I just copied one of the girls supply list from on here. Which was really helpful. But First thing ladies. What are the maxi pads for. Are they really necessary. I purchased some of the big gauze that i plan to put over incisions. How many lipo foam do I need? I purchased the arnica gel and tablets. When do we use the gel/cream. Is this meant for massages? Does anyone know the address of the faja shop near Vanity. Just a few last minute questions. Help :)


Still haven't received any info about labs. Im scheduled for the 21st of April. Everythings is booked. RH, plane tickets and surgery is half paid. WTF!!!Im calling them first thing Monday morning.


The booty buddy pillow is now available. The first 50 customers get 15 dollars off. Use the code BOOTY50. www.bootybuddy.com. I have seen other girls on here with it and I hear its awesome

Lab Work

So I did my labs today. I got a email from Ruth today telling me to go today or tomorrow. There is actually a labcorp right down the street from work so I stopped on my way home. Silly me didn't even pay attention that I should have been fasting so I hope everything comes back ok. We'll see :/ The date is getting close so fast.


Does anyone know the address of the faja shop near Vanity? I purchased one off Amazon and it was to big so i sent it back for a smaller size. I had been wondering what was taking so long abd why I haven't received it yet. So I tracked the package and the dumb ass mail carrier delivered it to the wrong address. So I will just purchase one when I get to Miami. Spectrum provides the first one.

surgery clearance

I am so relieved. I repeated my labs today and wbc count was normal. Im cleared. 14 more days. Time to start packing:)


Just wondering has anyone used the medical financing that Spectrum offers? I have fairly good credit and I was just fooling around on the internet and I applied for one of the loans and got approved for more than the cost left of surgery. Should I go with it. Is there some kind of hidden fees if you pay with medical credit? Just wondering.

7 days to go :)

So I am all packed and ready to go. I only want to travel with the absolute necessities. These are the things that I think I will use the few days after surgery that I will be in Miami.
Lipo Foam
Abdominal board
Bed pads
Abdominal pads
Medical Tape
Arnica Gel/Tablets
Pain meds/Antibiotics (will get scripts day before surgery)
Vitamin C
Advil PM
Hygiene necessities
Maxi Dresses
Slip on shoes
Compression socks
Fuzzy Footies (hate cold feet)
Big cotton panties (for my new big ass)
Cami shirts
Garment (1st one Spectrum provide)
2nd Garment (will purchase when I get to Miami from Faja shop)
Back scratcher
Small portable fan (I have to have air blowing on me anytime I'm not feeling good)
Boppy Pillow
Booty Buddy Pillow
Please chime in ladies if there is anything that I'm missing that I will absolutely need.

4 days to go.

So today is my last day of work for a whole month. Whoop! Whoop! Guess thats something to be happy about. Im just ready to get this over and done. So I got that famous call from Vivian this morning to confirm surgery date. Again with the BS. So Dr O doesn't work on Tues and Thurs at Spectrum after being told those were the only days he did surgery, so to my surprise surgery won't be Tuesday the 21st but Wednesday the 22nd. Talk about pissed. These coordinators need better customer service skills when working with out of state patients. I asked over and over again and was given wrong information. I fly out Monday morning to Miami. The only good thing at least I'll have a full 2 days to enjoy Miami with my boo before surgery. But that means I will only be 3 days post op when I fly home. Im so nervous about the flight home and the discomfort. Hope I don't have to travel with drains. Pray for me ladies cause I'm getting to be so stressed

2 days

IM HERE:) tomorrow is the big preop day. Hope Spectrum don't stress me out.

Tomorrow's the big day

Preop went fine. Signed some papers and got scripts filled. Spectrum is nothing like I expected. It's located next to an abandoned gas station. Its really nice in the inside though. Surgery time is 630am. Im Dr Omulepu first patient whoop whoop. I'm so nervous and exited at the same time.




So im officially 5 days post op and I can deal with the stiffness. Its the swelling in the middle of my back that is very uncomfortable. Help ladies what can i do for this. Its right above the part where the triangle at the bottom of my back


I know its been a while ladies but my recovery has been a rollercoster. There has been many days of crying, laughing, wondering, worrying. So let me start off by saying that.this surgery is no joke. We all jut try and focus on the final results and what we want to look like. But honey let me tell you it is a journey getting there. I'm not trying to scare anyone. This is just my experience. I love my results. Dr. O did his thang. He snatched my waist and gave me the projection I was looking for.
Ok so the first day after surgery was absolutely horrible for me. Coming down off the anesthesia made me real nauseous. The nausea pills that were prescribed didn't work so I was still throwing up when I took them. The perocets were to strong for me so they made me even more nauseated. Good thing I had Vicodin to substitute cause the first couple of days after surgery you feel like you have been hit by a train. I stayed at Karlas recovery house and the aide there spoke little English so communicating with her was exhausting. I stayed for 4 days then I flew home. The flight home wasn't to bad cause I had wheel chair service and three different pillows and a big first class seat. The Delta crew were amazing. Recovery at home was much better. Its nothing like being in your own bed. I had my mom and my aunt helping me out so recovery was smooth at this point.
At 1 week I had my drains removed because they were dry and my incisions had started to heal around them. I had absolutely no appetite. I'm nauseous. I did get some nausea medication that worked. It worked so damn good it wouldn't let me eat.
At 2 weeks pain is tolerable. I'm eating appetite has come back in full swing. I'm still very swollen. The swelling in my back was the worst. Both but cheeks are still swollen but no pain just stiffness. I did a lot of walking this helped a lot. You got to get up and move around.
At 3 weeks right cheek begins to soften left cheek is still hard and swollen. I just figured that since I'm right handed naturally this cheek will heal first since I mainly favor this side. So I try and use my left side more to get that blood circulating. I begin to sleep on my left side, step down on that leg more. Leg exercises and I started using the arnica gel after showers. This seemed to help.
At 4 weeks the swelling in my back has gone down. Belly is starting to flatten. The right side is completely soft and left side is still swollen. I called Spectrum to ask if this is normal why am I now at the 1 month mark and only one of my cheeks are soft. I asked to speak with the doctor they said they will have the nurse to call me back. So nurse calls me back same day and tells me that this is normal that it may take a whole three months before it completely softens. So I asked how many cc's had been injected and if maybe the doctor injected more cc's into this cheek the reason its taking so long to heal. She told me that she didn't have my chart in front of her so she didn't know how many cc's I received but said that the doctor would only put a even amount in each side. So by like the middle of the week my left ass cheek begin to get hot and red. The pain is unbearable. These sharp pains shot up my left leg it was hard to stand or walk. So straight to the emergency I went. They told me that it was staph. I was hospitalized for 4 days given iv antibiotics and diliad for pain and sent home 2 different antibiotics for 10 days.
So now I'm at my 5 week mark, I'm all finished with all my antibiotics. There is no real pain in my leg. I stopped all narcotics. Be carefull ladies those pain pills are addictive. About 50 percent of my left cheek has soften but its still hard and swollen. I have a follow up appointment with an infectious disease doctor this week to see if I need more antibiotics or if I may need surgery to drain the infection. I don't think that its that bad. I think that they caught it in time because it is starting to heal and soften. It itchs a lot though. I only take ibuprofen for the discomfort sometime.
This is my journey so far. I will update more when I know more about the infection.


So here's the news ladies. So I went to see the infectious disease specialist and took tests more cultures. Im waiting for the results of my wbc to see if its really elevated or if its going down. If its elevated I will be going to surgery to get it cleaned and drained. He prescribed another antibiotic to take for now. Dont be too alarmed at the pic. The left cheek is still half swollen and red but its mostly red cause im constantly scratching. I need to start taking some benadryl. This is an improvement since I was hospitalized cause the entire cheek was red, hot, swollen and painful. Im officially 6 weeks today and I'm just so ready to feel better. To be 100% myself. This surgery has been so emotionally draining.

Infection Update

Hey ladies I know its been a while but I have been just laying low enjoying my new bootie. Planning my next move. So let me start of by clearing up a few things. My recovery was really ruff the first month. My left butt cheek had never soften up 4 weeks after surgery. So I went to the ER and they told me that it was possibly cellulitis. Which is an infection that is normally aquired after surgery due to staph. So i was placed on antibiotics to try and clear it up. After a week on the antibiotics and trips back and forth to the infectious disease doctor my wbc wasn't getting any better or butt cheek wasn't getting any softer. So back to the ER I went. This time I had a consult with a plastic surgeon and he told me that my best choice was to have him place a drain into my butt and drain the fluid so that the antibiotics can have a chance to work or continue to take the antibiotics and wait to see if the swelling would go down or an abscess to form and they can cut there and drain the infection and pack the hole. PUT THAT DRAIN!!! HELL NO I did not want to take the chance to let any abscess form. He promised me that he could use one of my surgical incisions incisions to place the drain and he wouldn't have to make a new hole. So to surgery I went. The doctor said that when he cut my bbl incison it drained over 500cc of fluid before he put the drain. So he irrigated the area and placed the drain. Ok so while I have this drain in my leg I still have to take antibiotics to lower wbc so the best route is IV. So a picc line was placed in my arm and I had to give myself IV antibiotics for 6 weeks. I kept the drain in for a whole. 2 weeks before he would remove it. It drained bloody fluid for the first couple of days and after it began to drain this yellow oily fluid. THE FAT. After weeks of the cultures growing the doctor informed me that it was not staph. Staph never grew on the culture. It was a bacteria that is common with Fat Necrosis. Throughout this entire process I was in contact with doctor Omulepu. He was great he spoke with the plastic surgeon and updated him on the procedure he performed. So long story short ladies I had a fat necrosis not staph. Dr O following my instructions that I wanted a fatty gave me 1750cc into each cheek. This is way to much fat to be transfered in one surgery according to the plastic surgeon that's why some just didn't survive.


Here is a pic of my left butt cheek the dent is where the drain was placed. I have been in contact with Dr Omulepu and he has agreed to do a revision and fix any imperfections he can.

revision with Dr O. hell no!!

Hey ladies. So I know its been a long while. But actually I was sitting back planning my revision. I was scheduled with Dr Omulepu May 2nd so that he can fix the dent and the flatness in my left cheek and also lipo my uneven stomach and love handles. From the surgery I had with him back in April. But GOD works in mysterious ways. I log onto realself to see what's going on and lord behold. He has been restricted from doing any lipo and bbl surgeries. Truth is I already knew about the infections and some girls needing blood transfusions. But to see it in black and white is just plain scary. Just like everybody else I just thought of it as the risks that come with the surgery. But I know I did everything right on my part as far as after care. I had been in touch with Dr. Omulepu during my hospital stay. He called a couple of times to check up on me. I thank god that I only had an infection and not damaged organs. God had his hands around me in that operating room and I am so thankful. So I'm gone count my blessing and steer clear of this man. God is trying to tell me something. I had took my pics down before and I probably will again soon. But here is my struggle this is what I dealt with


license revoked

I thought he would be back doing surgeries next month.

Omg they still can't get right


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