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A little about me... I'm from NY, 26, no kids. I...

A little about me...
I'm from NY, 26, no kids.
I had my consultation with Dr. Miami June 2015 and scheduled my procedure for this December. I'm tryna convince myself that this is my Christmas present to myself, since I'll be getting this procedure right before Christmas ^_^
I've been on RS for over a year now, stalking everybody's page lol.
I'm finally ready to document my journey. Any other Dr.Miami Dolls getting surgery in December? I'd love to keep in contact with you.
Or anyone who's gone through the process already, Your experience and recommendations are welcomed. =)
I'm a little over 4 months Pre op. I have everything ready, thanks to RS and @Bella__Vita on IG E-book, I may be too prepared (lol jk, doubt you can be too prepared for things like this). Anyway I'm now looking for a RH to stay at and possibly some lymphatic massage places.
I'd love to hear from any and everyone.
Thanks <3

Well Hello Again....

So I've been MIA for a while. You kind of forget about this place when you're dealing with life =( lol
I've been busy with school and work full-time , its just been hectic.
But on a good note....I'm 50 days away from my surgery with Dr. Miami
I'm super excited, not really nervous yet...that may change tho.
I'm staying with Mary at Elite Nursing Concierge. I'm glad I'll be there, I speak to her often, she kind of calms me down lol...I just love the vibe I get from her, plus Ive heard nothing but great things about her so I'm sure I made the right choice to stay with her.
I'll keep you posted how it goes.
Right now, I'm just trying to maintain my weight and get my Hemo levels up. I already take multivitamins everyday but I've included B12, Folic, and also Floradix these past few months.
(side note: Floradix actually taste pretty good to me)
As far as my supplies for surgery, I got a kit from this company called ChiseledLux, they have a recovery bundle for Elite Nursing that they send directly to her, all I really need to bring is myself and some dresses. Which is totally fine with me, I didn't really want carry too much so happy I'll only probably need a carry on ^_^
It just makes my life so much easier lol. I've been on real self for a while now and it can get overwhelming on what you should do/ot do, buy/not buy...its a lot of info to process but I'm happy I've narrowed everything down and I'm finally almost at the finish line.

Anyway that's all I have to say for now...
I'll try my hardest to keep you posted as the day approaches.

No Longer Going to Dr.Miami

Smh! Will explain later
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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