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A little about me... I'm from NY, 26, no kids. I...

A little about me...
I'm from NY, 26, no kids.
I had my consultation with Dr. Miami June 2015 and scheduled my procedure for this December. I'm tryna convince myself that this is my Christmas present to myself, since I'll be getting this procedure right before Christmas ^_^
I've been on RS for over a year now, stalking everybody's page lol.
I'm finally ready to document my journey. Any other Dr.Miami Dolls getting surgery in December? I'd love to keep in contact with you.
Or anyone who's gone through the process already, Your experience and recommendations are welcomed. =)
I'm a little over 4 months Pre op. I have everything ready, thanks to RS and @Bella__Vita on IG E-book, I may be too prepared (lol jk, doubt you can be too prepared for things like this). Anyway I'm now looking for a RH to stay at and possibly some lymphatic massage places.
I'd love to hear from any and everyone.
Thanks <3
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