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A little about me... I'm from NY, 26, no kids. I...

A little about me...
I'm from NY, 26, no kids.
I had my consultation with Dr. Miami June 2015 and scheduled my procedure for this December. I'm tryna convince myself that this is my Christmas present to myself, since I'll be getting this procedure right before Christmas ^_^
I've been on RS for over a year now, stalking everybody's page lol.
I'm finally ready to document my journey. Any other Dr.Miami Dolls getting surgery in December? I'd love to keep in contact with you.
Or anyone who's gone through the process already, Your experience and recommendations are welcomed. =)
I'm a little over 4 months Pre op. I have everything ready, thanks to RS and @Bella__Vita on IG E-book, I may be too prepared (lol jk, doubt you can be too prepared for things like this). Anyway I'm now looking for a RH to stay at and possibly some lymphatic massage places.
I'd love to hear from any and everyone.
Thanks <3

Well Hello Again....

So I've been MIA for a while. You kind of forget about this place when you're dealing with life =( lol
I've been busy with school and work full-time , its just been hectic.
But on a good note....I'm 50 days away from my surgery with Dr. Miami
I'm super excited, not really nervous yet...that may change tho.
I'm staying with Mary at Elite Nursing Concierge. I'm glad I'll be there, I speak to her often, she kind of calms me down lol...I just love the vibe I get from her, plus Ive heard nothing but great things about her so I'm sure I made the right choice to stay with her.
I'll keep you posted how it goes.
Right now, I'm just trying to maintain my weight and get my Hemo levels up. I already take multivitamins everyday but I've included B12, Folic, and also Floradix these past few months.
(side note: Floradix actually taste pretty good to me)
As far as my supplies for surgery, I got a kit from this company called ChiseledLux, they have a recovery bundle for Elite Nursing that they send directly to her, all I really need to bring is myself and some dresses. Which is totally fine with me, I didn't really want carry too much so happy I'll only probably need a carry on ^_^
It just makes my life so much easier lol. I've been on real self for a while now and it can get overwhelming on what you should do/ot do, buy/not buy...its a lot of info to process but I'm happy I've narrowed everything down and I'm finally almost at the finish line.

Anyway that's all I have to say for now...
I'll try my hardest to keep you posted as the day approaches.

No Longer Going to Dr.Miami

Smh! Will explain later

So I'm in Miami! ^_^

I know I've been MIA, school and work has been hectic these past few months BUT I'm finally here!
I ended up going to another doctor (still have to explain why and I will).
I'm going to Dr. Orlando Llorente today.
I'm currently staying at an airbnb then I'll be heading over to my RH later today.
I'm staying at Miami Escape, hopefully I can settle in before my surgery.
I'll seep you guys posted <3

I was originally going to Dr. Miami but now I'm...

I was originally going to Dr. Miami but now I'm going to Llorente.

I'll be updating you guys on the rest of my journey here.

It has been a rough and stressful journey to get here but it's finally about to be a reality in a few hours (crosses fingers). 

Im currently at an AirBnB but I'll be staying at Miami Escape to recover.

Keep me in your prayers <3

The Day Before Surgery

So I arrived at Miami on December 22 and stayed at a really nice air bnb that was literally a few blocks away from New Life.
The owner was super nice and he took me to a sushi/Korean restaurant he owns. I was given dessert for free (super nice gesture). He then drove me home and when I woke up the next day to check out he drove me to New Life Plastic Surgery.
He was so nice.
I definitely recommended him.

Surgery was originally scheduled for December 23 but....

The day of surgery was kind of hectic. I met with...

The day of surgery was kind of hectic. I met with Dr. Llorente who was super chill but seemed a little bothered by something. I soon later found out that one of his patients couldn't get surgery for her own personal reason which delayed all the rest of the surgeries for the day. You could see it in his demeanor that he wasn't too happy about it.

So our initial encounter wasn't bad but it could've been better. When he saw me he asked why I wanted a BBL when I already had a butt. I didn’t really have any wish pics, I just explained to him that I wanted my stomach gone and to shape up my butt and give me hips.  So I was scheduled for 8 pm that night (I know kinda crazy right). I wasn't nervous till I actually pulled up to New Life Recovery at about 7 pm. And when I pulled up, the ambulance pulls up 5 minutes later -_- I initially thought something horrible happened. So I go upstairs and I find out that the patient before me, had a severe panic attack (I was relived nobody was injured..but still)…it was so bad they had to call the ambulance.  I went to go see my Coordinator (Elena <3) to talk abut what would happen because it was now 8pm. Cut a long story short I ended up having get my surgery cancelled because there was such a delay from earlier that morning and then that evening with the girl that had a panic attack.  Dr. Llorente came to speak with us on other options. Apparently the everybody was so worked up about the girl, the surgical staff didn’t feel comfortable performing anymore surgeries for the night, that plus it was getting late. I appreciate Dr. Llorente telling me that (some doctors don’t care, they’ll perform on you no matter the circumstance). I ended up having to reschedule. I was so heartbroken and Elena was too. I was so excited and so close to getting my surgery that night.  So being that it was Christmas weekend, the clinic was closed BUT Dr. Llorente and New Life made an exception to open the clinic on Monday. I was so grateful they did that. Thanks to Elena for doing everything she could to make it happen. Really didn’t do much over the weekend but chill with the girls at My Miami Escape and have christmas dinner ^_^. MONDAY, December 26: I was scheduled to come in at 8 am. I got there and I felt like VIP lol. The clinic was completely empty, just me and the surgical staff were there. Everybody was rested, in good spirits (I’m sure it had to do with the holiday weekend). We joked a little bit, they ran the tests they need to. I then changed and met the anesthesiologist who questioned me and then he escorted me to the operating room. He injected the IV in me, we were joking about christmas presents and I was out! I woke up shivering like crazy, but the nurse kept me warm with blankets and a heater. The pain wasn’t that bad like I thought it would be, but then again I am Pain tolerant. I was just hella stiff and sore. So I got picked up by Dani at My Miami Escape and taken back to the recovery home. I took my meds and slept for a while. I kept waking up every 2 hrs or so to nibble on fruit and crackers and drink fluids. It’s funny because I was up and walking just 2 hrs out of surgery. Everybody was looking at me like I was crazy lol.

1-2 days PostOp Recovery

The next two days was just taking meds, sleeping, walking, eating and drinking.
I went to get a massage from New Life since I was leaving on Wednesday the 28th (Yes two days after surgery).
I was upset I had to leave. I was originally scheduled to leave on the 28th but since my surgery was pushed back 3 days, I was hoping that New Life would reimburse me my RH fee and flight so I can stay extra days to recover but they were being a pain in my ass! They inconvenienced me, So I was hoping they would make up for it but they didn’t. They did however give me some money back ( wasn’t enough in my opinion but it was something).
Anyway I still left on wednesday Dec. 28th.
I called Delta for wheelchair service and they also upgraded my seat to first class with extra space free of charge! I was so happy to get that lol.
The flight back wasn’t that bad, It was uncomfortable sitting down ( did have my booty buddy with me, thank God!) but I was freaking out that I was gonna mess up my butt. As soon as they turned off the seat belt sign I was laid out on the floor or kneeling on the booty buddy. I slept the 2.5 hr flight home to NY. My mom picked me up and It was such a relief to be with her. Felt good to be home lol.

2 days post op till currently...3 weeks post op

Today marks 3 week for me.
I've noticed that I have a love hate relationship with my faja. I want so badly to burn it BUT I can't live without it lol
Yesterday I did went without any compression on (unfortunately I just didn't have my faja and foams) and let's just say it made me appreciate having those damn things.

Today I go back to work
Will let you know how that goes...other than that everything is fine.

More before and after


1st post op massage back home..3 days post op

Before and after my 1st lymphatic massage..still hella swollen and bruised

1 week to 2 weeks post op

Sorry for the mess in the background in some of these pictures...really was to stiff and sore to pick up/clean anything lol but here are my 1 week to 2 weeks post op pics

2 weeks to 3 weeks post op

As you can see the shape is there and coming in nicely. Llorente did his thing with filling me out. I already had the butt but was missing the umph and hips n such..still swollen.. in some pics you can see that I had some fluid retention that had to be manually drained at the spa that I go to (by a doctor btw)... I placed a marble in my belly button so it would open up and shape up nicely...enjoy

Today 1/18

Here's an update..much much less swollen!
And I can give all the thanks to my foam wrap, swell hell pills, penetrex cream, ginger tea and turmeric drink that I drink everyday...WATER! And also the doctor at Rejuve Face and Body prescribe me ibuprofen 800 mg for the inflammation which is working as well..oh and of course the dreaded faja that you must continue to get altered ladies! Don't sleep on your compression it's very important! Body is looking Right tho ^_^

This Helped so much

I contribute all these things to my healing...
I also go heavy with my oils...extra virgin olive oil, Jojoba oil, castor oil, glycerin, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil!
The lists goes on on what you can put on your skin for moisturizing and promoting skin tightening/body firming.
I've been using these oils since forever on my skin but here's a link so you can research....
The link I used to research

I also use a heating pad and deep tissue massager I got off amazon

The healing process is no joke ladies. Take it seriously!
Your doctor will snatch you but you need to further the process and bring the beauty out in his/her work.

Better before and 1 week after

Sorry thought I posted this but it didn't work...this is the night before surgery and 1 week post op

Almost 4 weeks

So today I got my 12th massage..I had a little set back yesterday..not sure if it was my faja or what but something disfigured my stomach..good thing I went in for a massage and my therapist caught it time. She was able to smooth it out for me ???????????????? during my 11th massage...so here's an update n pics ..

More pics from today


Just a little motivation for you all..be patient

your mind plays tricks on you n makes you feel like there's no progression but there is...here's a side by side from 2 days post op at my first massage back home in NY at Rejuve face and body spa...to today 27 days Post op

More side by sides

More side by sides

Dr. Llorente is Miami's Best Kept secret. He's a wonderful doctor and really takes his time with his patients. He has an eye for beauty and will make sure he makes you look like your best self. Llorente is really slept on, y'all better wake up and witness greatness! Lol but for real all jokes aside I'm beyond happy with my results and glad I went to him. The staff at New Life are amazing too.

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