29yrs Old Want to Bring in my Thirty THIRTY with a New Look - Miami, FL

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Okay so here goes... I been researching this...

okay so here goes... I been researching this procedure for 3 yrs now and actually have the knowledge and courage to finally make a move toward the new me. I even thought about going out the country but im a cautious person and my well being means more to me than vanity. im a beautiful lady in and out but you know we all have certain things we may want to change on our bodies and that's my dilemma. ok measurements im 5'4 and 165lbs im average size I guess but this booty is not average lol.. now the doctor I chose is dr hasan from vanity. and yesssss ladies I know all the stories about vanity the whole hasan scandal and what not but trust me I feel im in good hands with dr. hasan... I just feel people do a lot of talking before even taking the time to research so I don't need anyone coming on here warning me about vanity and Dr. Hasan cause I been snooping on this site for 1 year and half now and with the help of the internet I know all I need to know. but I just want to thank the other ladies for sharing their stories and not paying the angry ladies any mind cause the things I seen these women sAY IS JUST ABSURD... I appreciate the stories and it gives a lot of insight to the journey im bout to take ahead....now back to the surgery so vanity quoted me 3500 and my coordinator is Jessica... now ladies when it comes to your money don't be afraid to bargain a lil... so when I called she told me in order to lock in the price I needed to drop 800 I had the money but like I said I know how vanity get down.. I told her how bout I put 500 to lock it and of course she said yes. like who gonna turn down money....I only did that because vanity is known for calling you weeks later asking can u put down 1000 or whatever and they will take like 200-500 off...so I played their game lets see how that goes. anyway im looking to have surgery way before my 30th bday in june so im planning maybe like march april to get it done I will post pics later. im at work right now and I just don't have the time...thanks ladies I will keep yall posted

friends who really has them?? MEEEEE

a lil excited because I decided not to stay at the recovery house for one all the bad reviews and I know my attitude 2 to save money 3. for privacy....anyway my friend is a CNA so she will be coming along to help take care of me... at least I will have her for 7 days and not 24 hrs like vanity's RH!!!! I need someone I can trust helping me...


uploaded some photos to give a lil insight on my weight....forget to add that in my update

It is still A Green light ladies

I haven't been here in awhile so I just wanted to update u a lil...so surprisingly I lost 20 something pounds which is a shocker....i was 180 when I started my review now I'm 155....well I'm the ideal weight for my height for surgery and that's great....Everything is going as planned and I'm very blessed and thankful for that...March 2 is when I will be paying the reminder of my balance and then the count down begins...do anyone have any info on affordable flights and massages....or can the person that is accompanying me do the massages?? Also any insight on what I should bring as supplies and an affordable site for fajas?? Thanks ladies!! Happy healing to those recovering and Goodluck to those that are planning their procedure!!!!

I was clearly dragging my weight lol

I was 165 not 180 when I started!!!!
Hahaha lost 10lbs

Reality is def not sinking in yet

Officially have my date April 14!!! I will be flying out the 13th!! It hasn't hit me yet I thought with finalizing a date I would feel different....i just want to stay posting and keep all negative thoughts out my head....the funny thing is everyday I wake up look in the mirror and ask myself do I have enough fat?? Lol I hope so smh
If anyone has any info on how where to go to save money on airfare hotel stays and supplies that will needed it will be appreciated....thanks


So many typos on last post


Is it just me but doesn't it seem like ppl just wanna read ya review and not give any feedback...shit is annoying...but when I get this surgery done I bet ppl won't hesitate to post "can i see pics" blahhhhhhhhhhh beat it!!! Just my feelings idc....s/o to cocoa kisses tho she stay helping a sista out


45 more days til the new me...
It didn't hit me yet I bet it will the morning I'm getting on that plane..I'm just trying to keep happy thoughts in my head....but imma need vanity to send my instructions because I need to see my own dr for my labs...i just started my iron pills a few days ago and I'm going to continue taking them til after my surgery...amazon have nature made iron pills for like 3 bucks...amazons started buying supplies cuz i don't wanna wait til the last minute...eBay and amazon has everything u would need for supplies...I'm not too sure about fajas ordering from those sites I think imma wait til I get to Miami to purchase those...DID ANYONE BUY A FAJA ALREADY AND KNOW EXACTLY WHERE TO GET ONE?? A GOOD ONE
If anyone is staying at a RH and wants to split the pay let me know...I'm thinking it will save me some money if I just do that instead of flying someone out with me and paying their fare and everything else...idk I'm ending this now I'm just in a happy nervous place...lata

It's Bout to get REAL

Omg soooo I booked the flights for me and my friend this morning....i can't believe I'm getting this done...now it's no turning back once these flights get booked....April 14th is the surgery day and it's a bitter sweet feeling...all I need by my side for support is the Lord above!!!! With him I will always be great!! Happy healing to those recovering and good luck to the lovelys that are planning....peaceeeeeeee


Hello vets and soon to be vets!!!
Do anyone know someone that I can hire as a driver in miami FL??? Thanks

CALLING ALL VETSSSS!! or anyone that may know info

So what is the best foam roller to get?? I seen 36 inches 12 inches 18 inches & 8..but they come in halves or full...so kind of confused because I think the full one would be hard to sit on?? Any suggestions


Labs are officially done...i hope everything comes back ok...i been taking iron pills and I always eat green veggies before I even knew about hemo being an issue for surgery....so far I can honestly say VANITY has not given me any major problems...and I used a few vets experiences to prepare for their nonsense...only thing I don't like about vanity is that they switch up coordinators too much...i like to deal with just one person..once I reached the 4th one I didn't know I spoke on it and Lia has been my coordinator ever since....she's great with replying back and with giving u all info u need....i had her send me my lab info I'm advance cuz i didn't wanna deal wit bs....i notice some ladies having issues after they pay their whole balance off that communication is lacked amongst the patient and coordinator so for that reason they won't get my last payment of 700 til that very week I leave cuz I don't feel like going thru the run around of not hearing from my coordinator when I may need something....other than that this journey so far has been smooth sailing hopefully it remains this way

Is This Thing On!!!! 18 days whoaaa

So I have exactly 18 days left til I fly out to miami...it's funny cuz i didn't realize I was this close til I counted the days just now!! Flights and hotel are booked all supplies are bought I just need to buy a pair of those soft nike sneakers so I can wear those during the recovery stage since I will be doing lots of standing...imma say I paid 300 for supplies in total..the main thing that cost the most were the fajas...which ran 63.50 a piece...it's better to buy them yaself to save money cuz vanity want 100 bucks for a faja...the faja needed that vanity uses is the vedette 929 or 944 they are exactly the same...i ordered my faja off of eBay from seller Marboston...very fast wit shipping...today I get those dreadful labs back from my PcP hopefully I'm good to go..also idk if many vanity ladies know that their is a portal that u will be automatically set up in once u have an actual date...things are much easier with communication from the portal cuz u have specific ppl on there for specific things to help u...whenever I needed anything from vanity I logged into the portal and sent an simple email and I always have got a response right away..I'm glad they started this portal it makes life much easier for outta state pts...things have been smooth sailing thus far so smooth that it's making me nervous...I keep saying to myself things are really coming along something bad is bout to happen...I'm just hope everything is good...once I get the ok from my doctor today that will put my mind at ease about this whole journey......whoaaaaa 18 days....i still can't believe I'm doing this...before pics coming soon!!!


Ok so I just got back from seeing the doctor and I have a 100% clean bill of health...however even tho I'm in the healthy range with my hemo I still don't have the range I need for surgery...Jessenia at vanity told me it's 12 wouldn't u know I have 11.9 lol....well I been taking iron pills and eating spinach so hopefully by 4/14 I will be in the right range...I'm still waiting on a response to see if I will still be cleared...fingers crossed....DO ANY LADIES know A faster WAY for me TO BUILD my hemo up?? Thanks in advance!!


Yesterday I was told by someone at vanity that the hemo needed for surgery is 12....i seen another person say 13...idk now...did anyone else get a different answer??? If it is 13 I only have 2 Weeks to get my hemo up one point...ughh just bought some absorb iron packets that are 20ml of iron per pack and imma continue to take 2 iron pills that are 65mg each along wit the pack...but until that package comes I'm taking 4 iron pills a day which will total 260 mg of iron a day...plus wit the daily dosage of spinach I'm eating a day...hopefully I can get that point up...what u think??


See I can deal with minor lil fuck ups that VANITY normally are dishing out but what gets me is there is no type of damn knowledge or no one is using their damn heads or maybe the education level for the office personnel at Vanity office is on a grade school level but the shit has got to stop....so I'm expected to leave 4/13 I got word from vanity on Saturday that my labs are fine and only my u/a came back off range which is strange to me cuz my pcp cleared me for surgery but w.e. dr.hassan want I will do....so Monday vanity faxes over my script but the brilliant ppl at vanity gave them Dr. HASSAN wrong LICENSE number wrong Address and couldn't even spell his damn name right....if it wasn't for the pharmacy tech who found all the info on her own which was a drag because he wasn't even listed on file It would of def push back everything because I have to take the damn antibiotics for 10 days and the tenth day makes April 9 and that's a Thurs and I have to redo U/a which I get back Friday and then to send the freaking results to vanity on Saturday. ... i swear vanity has no regard for ppl person information lack of organization and too many mistakes for a medical office especially an office where many are coming from outta state and are spending a lot of money....this ain't Mc Donald money smh....i say A FIRE THEM ALL AND KEEP THE DOCTORS!!! I advise ladies to do all labs prior to the 30 day labs that vanity want....do it twice at least once like 2 months in advance and the actual one u have to send back to vanity...it will save u time and a damn HEADACHE


So I leave in exactly 6 days and now I'm feeling a Lil nervous...I joke wit my friends and say things like "let's link up before I leave cuz I may not make it"
I joke about it to keep my mind off of it but in all actuality I'm nervous as hell!!! But I have faith I will be ok....OK ladies I apologize I got off track of what this update is about.... so long story short I had to master reset my phone and for those that know the hassle of doing that feel my pain...I lost all my pics messages etc so whatever info I had in my phone about surgery the supplies needed and most importantly the massage info in miami..ALL I remember is her name is Mariam or marian.. CAN ANYONE GIVE ME MASSAGE INFO IN MIAMI THANKS A MILLION

BEFORE PICS ***ABOUT TIME*** LOL 5 days til Miami

Ok so I know I didn't put up pics of my naked body and I think many probably thought I was catfish lmaoo but I just wanted to wait til I was very close to surgery....I see putting pics up draws ppl to ya page to give helpful hints but s/o to those who helped like cocoa kisses allaboutme and gofishin thanks ladies for the help and also believing I wasn't Catfish....lol 5 days ladies 5 days and I'm nervous as hell....I take my U/a again today so hopefully I'm good...I don't need to wait for vanity to tell me I'm cleared I know how to read the labs so imma know I'm cleared before they do... I took these pics just now at work so that's y u see all the stalls....I work overnight and it's just me and a locked building so I felt comfortable taking these pics....here goes I hate my shape....I call the booty I have now bottom booty cuz I only got booty at the bottom


So my pervious update I stated how Dr Hasan prescribed me an antibiotic for ten days....now I redid my U/A on wed and got the results back friday...now the thing is my bacteria went down to few...wit U/A the bacteria ranges from none seen,few,moderate, many...in that ORDER!!! My bacteria went down from moderate to few!! Mind u when testing for U/A They test NITRATE!!! IF NITRATE is positive on the testing u have UTI!!! NITRATE RANGE is either negative/positive!!! My nitrite was negative but I still have bacteria smh...mind u I fly out on monday!!! I been downing water all day yesterday and plan on doing up til monday!!! But it's funny tho the medication Hasan gave me bought the bacteria down but increased my WBC count in my urine...when WBC is in ya urine that shows some sign of infection so how is my nitrate negative and when I did my lab the second time the WBC...why is the meds lowering one area but increasing the other??? My PCP told me when u take too much antibiotics that it can cause more WBC In the urine and can for infection...so now I'm at the point did Dr Hasan prescribe me too much antibotics??? So after doing research online it states to drink frequent amounts of water/cranberry juice cuz the more u pee the more the cleanse ya bladder and get the bacteria out...now I called vanity yesterday like 5 times til the damn lab tech finally spoke to me told me to do what I already learned myself...I just hope and pray by Monday I flushes all bacteria out...this is stressful because hotel and flight money I can't back cuz of I cud I would hold out from flying out and stay home til I get my urine together but instead I gotta still take the chance and go to miami to see....the what ifs are killing me...ladies please make sure u do ya lab work way before 30 days they tell u so u won't be in my predicament.. I hope all this water is gonna help...I'm tryna stay positive but it's so hard when Monday is right around the corner...pray for me please and did anyone else go thru this and used water to flush out...did it work??


So I'm literally on the plane turning up with the flight attendants.... Shout out to American Airlines their attendants are so nice...so as my last update I been drowning myself with water since Friday...and I been running back and forth to the bathroom so I said let me just stand by the bathroom....so that's how the turn up wit the attendants begun...they been giving me so much water and even fixed me food...haha I'm using one of the attendants wifi to type this as I speak....I should be in Miami in 20 mins...ladies wish me luck wit this u/a thanks where is kacy cuz she has surgery tomorrow as well lol

The Day!!

Today is my procedure...I'm the first patient at 530 am!!! By the grace of God I hope all things work out for the best!!!

Ladies thank u for the best wishes!!!

Ok ladies so I am officially 1 week and a day post op and I'm still having some issues with standing for a long time mainly because of these headaches I've been getting....I'm sorry ladies nothing anyone can say can really prepare u for this recovery experience...the surgery is the easy part the recovery is wat really matters to me...the day I flew in to miami was the day I was supposed to see hasan but u didn't come into work that day so I didn't see hasan til Tuesday April 14 the day of surgery....I was his first patient and he was very down to earth and funny and made me relaxed...since I heard that many fat cells get loses I told him give me the biggest he can give...I said give me nicki minaj and he said how bout he make nicki minaj jealous...it was funny and made even more relaxed....bedside manner is everything when ya about to get surgery and I overheard not so good things about fisher the day I flew into miami but imma just leave that here...after surgery he checked on me twice to make sure I was ok and even cracked a few jokes wit me..waking up I had my faja on thank god cuz idk how I would of taken the pain...I seen some of fisher patients without their faja on in so much pain..I felt so bad they should know to just do that automatically cuz the pain alone is hard to deal with let alone with putting the damn faja on....vanity even called me twice to check up on me after the day I had surgery so I hope this is a new way their dealing wit patients aftercare...the lipo is where I really felt pain the first few days I couldn't make it to the bathroom so I kept the garbage can next to me...I didn't use a recovery home I stayed at the best Western premiere and that hotel was so lovely and great for recovery...it's funny that spectrum is literally in the back yard of the hotel and Dr Ortega owns the restaurant in my hotel so the best Western is equipped for holding patients down...they even had a laundromat for guest to use..recovery means everything and I thought that bringing someone along who is actually certified in dealing with patients was better for me than staying at a recovery home...I wanted my peace and didn't wanna deal wit seeing someone else recovery wit me...so hotel stay and bringing my friend along was best for me....my friend did everything for me I couldn't have asked for a better person to come along....overall I'm happy wit my results and hasan did his thing....I just have to get better and get more energy cuz this laying on my stomach is getting to me....I have to force myself to walk....walk ladies force yaself. ..thanks for the love and best wishes...imma upload an after in my bloody garment..that has been the only pic I was able to take..I'm more focused on getting my life together...I'm will upload more pics when I'm two weeks post op

day of surgery!!!

day of surgery

damn ass reself not letting me upload my pic

I don't have patience for the bull!!!

Pic 1st day of surgery

Yes hasan gave me hips only a Lil tho!!!


Do anyone know anywhere in NYC that preforms lymphatic drainage massages!!!

One Month update

So I'm officially one month and 4 days post op and I feel pretty much myself!!! My back and stomach are still sensitive to touch and I can't wait til it feels normal again....so I been wearing my faja all day the only time I take it off is to shower but I need to take it in some....imma do that this week....let me tell u when they say wear the faja wear the faja...the night of Mayweather fight I didn't wear my faja and I felt so uncomfortable....my stomach felt like it was gonna drop....that night I learned my lesson....this thing can't come off for more than 2 hrs imma give it....imma post a pic to show how my booty looks..i don't think much changed except that it dropped...idk how true of losing fat is....oh and I have no waist...Dr.hasan did his thing!!! I can't wait to exercise so I can really get things together...I haven't took much pics cuz I been real busy wit school and work and plus I graduate from college at the end of the month so my focus been on that....I barely took any photos since I had surgery and I'm selfie queen...I haven't took any measurements as well...I did weigh myself I went in surgery 155 came out 141!!! At the end of the day I'm satisfied wit my body wit vanity and Dr. Hasan....I'm happy my choice was him....I will take more pics ladies soon oh yea I don't sit on my butt at all...I been using the foam roller to sit on my thighs and I sit on it everywhere in class at work on the bus on the train in the car everywhere and don't care who see...but I lost my foam roller over the weekend and I'm not buying another one so I been using this boppy pillow which I still maneuver under my thighs...I don't know when it's safe to sit and I'm not wasting my money...

April 2017 two yrs post op

Ladies I took this pic in April 2016 I'm still in love with my booty and still think Hasan is the best!!!! But fat is something that u have to understand it can go away or stay!!! U have to have will power!!! I watch what I eat!!!! No fast food at all and No soda!!!!! Good luck ladies

April 2017

Showing Some Love

April 22 2017 make two years post op!!!this pic was taken august 2016!!!! Hasan is the best hands down!!!! But remember ladies realistically FAT will go either way get lost or come back so what u eat matters!!! I constantly watch what I eat but temptations are out there!!!!you must have will power!!!no amount of surgeries can gain u will power that's something u will have to learn!!!! I'm going back to get lipo and a BA!!!! Do anyone know where to get Veneers?? Yup they on schedule too!!!! But I'm just passing thru showing love to all my ladies going thru the process I know it's been awhile

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