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hello real self im keda 227 have been doing research

hello real self im keda 227 have been doing research on here for quite some time now definitely lovin what i see from all the women that has been "hassanified" ???? i have been working with margaret from vanity who has been the best i have sent pics & also put dn a small deposit looking to go in june 2015 gotta get this paper up i dont have my pre op pics that i sent to margaret once i find them in my emails will definitely post

SOOO READY ????????????

Can't wait till have my new great booty all I talk about with my husband is getting this booty lifted up and stomach snatched he's more excited then me LOL ???? I am still waiting for my post pics from Margaret ( who I am seriously thinking about switching.... she not helping me save any money I see real self users explaining how cost was knocked down when offers were made by there coordinators to make an payment on the acct I asked Margaret wsup with tht??? She basically just gave me Dr Hassan prices :( any suggestions on coordinators I can switch 2 ?? ) I'm also looking to start ordering my things however I don't want to go overboard only want to bring the essentialsfrom any good places to get garment from? ND our foams recommended I see some real self users with some and some without ????


Hello real self family long time don't see ???? been dealing with car issues on a car tht I am still making pmt on till 10/2015 ???? feeling like the transmission ???? it just went to a shop this morning praying the price is not so damaging good thing I got this great job bonus my car is my money maker ???? so I need to get this fixed ???? in the mean time real self is there any suggestions on how to save money for surgery really looking to get this done by end of yr ???? I get paid every 2 wks looking to have money withdrawn to my another checkin acct each mos IM SOOOOOO DETERMINE n the mean time I will definitely keep u guys posted I also switch coordinator dealing with Ana now to she is great at what she does!


Hello ladies I told myself that I was not going to write a review until my date was GRANTED ???? So I am working with Anna Fernadez she inform me that the $4000 price is not for Dr Fisher or Hasan has anyone placed a deposit down with either doctor and was able to receive the special??? It ends on 2/14/16 she also stated that Dr Hasan is taking appointments from where ever he is ???? And will be back in March has anyone heard of any of these things??? If I can get a deal that would be even BETTER LOL


So SUPER EXCITED RIGHT NOW AND LIL SCARED ... But I know that I am doing it for myself and that's all that matters plus I have God on my side ????

Need a lil help RS sisters..

Ok now that I have my date booked I'm so ready to get my count app poppin!!! Can any of you ladies tell me how to download the count down app till surgery dated for vanity??? Is it a app or do you have to receive a link from vanity????


Wish Pic

Rental Home

Can anyone give me the info to book a rental home for my SX?? I'm looking for something close to vanity as possible ???


Hello real self family I'm currently running into a issue my job is not providing the time off I need so now I'm looking to switch with anyone that has an SX date for Fisher for the end of June for my SX date which is May 16th if anyone out there is able to do please contact me ????


If anyone is looking to go to Fisher in Sept and have a date for June please inbox me I have SX 5/16/16 however I'm playing back and forth games with my job :( I called yesterday and my coordinator inform me all open appts for Dr Fisher our at the end of Aug and Sept so at this point I can take someone date in June and if they our looking for a later date it's avail to schedule if looking around that time .....


Hello Dolls how have you guys been SX date less than 10 days and I'm ready as hell ... Issue with my job time off is still pending until tmmrw I know it has to be someone that has canceled who is having SX with Fisher for June or July I can't be the only one :( it seems like everyone finds someone to switch wit but me ATTENTION: IF YOU OUR GETTING A BBL WITH FISHER FOR THE MOS OF JUNE AND JULY AND HAS TO RESECHULE FOR A LATER DATE PLEASE CONTACT ME EVERYDAY I BEEN CHECKING AND BEEN GETTING THE SAME RESPONSE I DONT WANNA LOSE MY JOB BUT IM NOT WAITING TILL SEPT

Date Changed .... So Happy 6/23/16

Hello Relf Sisters just wanted to update you ladies and let you know I was granted a new date that isn't in Sept :) June 23rd is my day and that's it I been so busy in the IG world forgot to let you guys know will still keep you posted IM SOOOOO READY !!!!

Need Help

Why is my update always so old I may see one new update but the rest our from months ago ???? The gram at really working out with ppl hating pas down :(


Hello dolls I know I haven't been on here been on that IG wave but I made it surgery with Dr Fisher 6/23/16 I'm doing well day 1 is over I'm just happy about that


Miami Physician

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