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I'm new to this site thanks to all the great...

I'm new to this site thanks to all the great reviews! Some of you ladies on here are soooooo detailed, I love it though! I have never in my life thought about getting any type of cosmetic surgery until this year when I starting staring at myself a lot more in the mirror & realized I was losing it and all the working out I was doing just wasn't working. I want this BBL so bad but the GENERAL ANESTHESIA part scares me the most!! I am petrified of the thought of going under. I have anxiety so freakin bad just from the thought of it. Ughhhh the price we pay for beauty huh?!!! Anywho my procedure is getting done at Vanity in Miami by Dr. Jonathan Fisher. All money paid, flight booked, just waiting on the date. Seen a lot of his work & was pleased. I originally wanted Dr. Jimerson in Atlanta because for some reason he shapes all his patients perfectly! But he's booked up until 2016!!! That's craaaazzzzy lol. I hope all goes well with this journey. But does anyone have any anesthesia stories to share? For example, does anyone know if Vanity does general ane or iv sedation? And what exactly does it feel like? Do you black out or do you just get real sleepy??

Less than 1 month to go!!

This BBL has been on my mind every night I go to sleep & every morning that I wake up! The suspense is REAL! My #1 concern has been fear of the anesthesia but at this point Im just ready to get this transformation done & over with. I want to be healed before the summer is out so I can show-off a little bit...well who am i fooling I want to show off ALOT lol. June 23rd cant get here fast enough!! #TeamDrFisherrrrr

Thinking about the flight back home...

I was just wondering how did some of you sit on the airplane on the way back home?? Any suggestions of what I should/can do to keep from ruining the new package (BBL) that I'll be getting...

24 days left until Fisherfied!!

The anticipation is REAL. I look at booty pics so much now that my man knows all the realself terminology & now he knows the procedure like the back of his hand!! Lol I love him! He's traveling with me to Miami for my BBL & he's just as excited as I am. I know he better not leave me in that recovery house by myself!! Lol...
So im still nervous about the anesthesia part but after seeing the great results on here Im just ready to get mine done. So does anyone know how to figure out your size with the fajas??? Although Vanity gives you one, I must order extra. I cant wear the same d@mn garment everyday like that. Help me out ladies. Thanks :)

20 days left until Im Fisherfied!!

I have already of course begun to prepare myself mentally & physically. Although Im trying not to lose any weight (Im currently 155lbs...just weighed myself) I have been healthy to maintain good health for the sx. Medical clearance was passed last week, all money paid, flights for me & my hubby book. Now im just waiting on Amazon to ship the rest of my 50million merchandise items I've ordered (not that much stuff im over exagerrating of course). It should all be here by the end of the week. At this very moment I could lay right on the surgery table and give myself willingly. But im sure when I actually get there the nerves will start to kick in!! If you ladies suggest any things that I would definitely need plz let me know...

17 more days... Body By Fisher!

Its getter realer & realer everyday. Im ready to get this booty now!! Ohh and a verrry special thanks to mi girl @grant2121 on helping me prepare myself mentally for this. She just had her sx and is going thru recovery. So I wish you a speedy recovery ma & thx so much for the info doll. I reeeally hope Dr. Fisher gets plenty of rest the day before my sx. Seems like he's been super booked & super busy. Everybody is getting snatched by Fisher!!! I love it...On another hubby is sooo freakin supportive. He has helped me & paid for all my supplies(he been ordering things I dont even think I need) lol guess he's ready to have some fun with this thang (the new booty), he been packing my suitcase, & making sure I have everything in order. He's the best. 17 more days & counting.....have a good weekend ladies!

Things needed for sx...

So today I stepped out and grabbed just a few things that I would need. My nerves & anxiety have started to surpress just a little. Im more ready to get it done & over with at this point. I've had to drop a friend or two since I announced to them that I was getting this sx. I think those b!tches are stupid jealous & Ive gotten no support from them whatsoever. Oh them! Annnnnd NEXT...Im excited, my husbands excited. He's more excited than me. Im just glad he was able to get off for a whole week to come be with me and support me through it. considering that I dont have any kids yet, I might make him start pulling out cause I dont want any babies anytime soon with this new body im getting shooooot! Yeeeep that was probably too much information but this is "REALSELF" and thats all I can be. Well 10 more days before this lady here transforms babiiiiiiii :)

Pre op pics

Headed to airport!

Well tomorrow is my big day! All kinds of emotions flowing right now. Glad my man is going with me. He's my biggest support & I wouldn't dare do this with anyone else by my side. Surgery is scheduled tomorrow evening and cant believe I wont be able to eat anything all day. That alone might cause me to pass out lol...well I'll be sure to update more later. Big thanks to all the ladies on here with very informative profiles. It has really helped me to prepare for this surgery.

Touchdown in MIAMI!!!

Well Im here in MIAMI girls!! And yes my nerves just kicked in big time lol. But I have spent way too much money to back out now. So tomorrow is my big day. Im headed to my room now. Im gonna relax a little and then run to get some last minute things like juices, water, gatorade, snacks, etc. I didnt want to travel with all that crap on me on the plane. The driver Oni is cool and she's beautiful for her age (older lady). She was ON TIME picking me up which is well appreciated. I hate waiting in the heat. Honestly i dont like waiting period. Well thats all for now chicas. Talk to you all later on.

Vanity Recovery House Pics

If you want to know what the RH for Vanity looks like.....its a nice house on the inside. Big spacious room with your own bathroom. Kitchen is shared between everyone. Washer/dryer. Very quiet in here. There's like 4 other ladies here.

Quick beach run before surgery

Went to the beach, hung out a little bit to try to take my mind off of this surgery and now it's time to head to Vanity! I'm sure I'll be more happier after recovery but right now I can't even lie, I'm fukn scared & nervous. I'm such a pu$$i when it comes to sh!t like this. Pray for me..bout to shower up & head on in. Another important thing, if you are dealing with Vanity, you are better off renting a car as long as you have help or else you will be stuck in the house or paying high @ss taxi rates. The driver only picks u up, drops u off from airport and takes u to vanity. Nowhere else unless you get lucky.

Now or Never....

Im aliveeeeee lol

Im done with surgery. In recovery & ready to get out here. Im hungry sh!t. Stomach is burning & @ss is sore. Other than that, im hungry. Did I say that already?!!

A few pics 1 day post op

Excuse the way around it lol

After 1st massage...

There is so much swelling in the front of my tummy where she pushed all the fluid to. Fisher gave me a DONK!! I love myand am ready for the swelling to subside.

After 1st massage & shower pics

Feeling so much better!

lipo boards?

Do u sleep with the board on or no?

Day of Surgery

Surgery was scheduled at 4:30pm, I got there about 3:30. 15 mins after arriving they took me to the back. I was given a urine test to check for pregnancy then they gave me a gown and told me to put it on. The nurses took pictures and then 20mins later Dr Fisher comes in, talks to me for a little while, asked if I had any concerns, then proceeds to take pictures and finally marks me up. After he marks the places, he sent me in with the anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist was really nice. I laid on the OR table, he inserted the iv. I started asking him 50 billion questions. I saw him insert the clear liquid into my iv......and then I was out. Didnt feel like I was falling asleep, didnt feel like I blacked out. I was just out. 2 seconds later I woke up in recovery asking where my hubby was. The nurses ignored me lol. Then I started shivering reaaaaally bad and telling her I was in pain. She dressed me, threw 2 blankets on top and put a heater on me, and shot me up with pain meds....shit I was still cold. Stayed in recovery for 2 hrs waiting on the RH driver and then I got up and walked out to the car with help. I was slightly dizzy and didn't experience any nausea at all. Got to the housr, drank 2 gatorades, an ensure protein drink, took an iron pill and dozed on and off throughout the night. Very very uncomfortable sleep! My neck has very bad cramps right now. My body is very sore so i walk every single hour to help loosen me up. I have so much liquid on my body which I believe is causing the most pain. After my massage yesterday, she drained alot of it out but theres still so much in my body. I peed 100million times the 1st night and I have to pee now so im going to finish up my review some other time. Talk to yall later. Any questions feel free to ask.

After 3rd massage

The massages get better. After the 2nd day, you start feeling better! Still peeing alot...mainly because im drinking ALOT of water. Ive always been a big water drinker so this part was nothing new. Blanca does my massages and she is awesome!!

Truth is.....

Im miserable with the garment on & im miserable with the garment off. The left side is bigger than the right & its really just swelling but im wondering why isnt the swelling subsiding in them both &at the same time. I flew back home today. Plane ride was 3hrs & I hated every fkn second of it! I had the yoga mat rolled up under my thighs and now one of legs is numb as sh!t. Has been numb since I got off the plane. The antibiotics are making my mouth SUPER DRY! Bottom my results but this recovery is some straight bullshyt!! Im ready to be back to normal like yesterday. Ughhhh!!!!.....thx for lettin me vent yall :)

Before & After Pics.

The after pics were taken today 6/29/14, one week post op!

The itching....

How do I get the itching to stop???!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh its annoying

Garment, Waist cincher, Foams, Boards? ???

In what order am I suppose to wear all of this? I have on my garment w/ foams underneath right now. When do/did yall start wearing the waist cincher?? Im 1 week post op.

Now I know its still early BUT...

ONE SIDE OF MY AZZ IS BIGGER THAN THE OTHER!! I know women, we can be our own worst critic but Im not criticizing im stating the obvious. Can you see the difference? I can see & feel the difference. Im in depressed mode right now :(
This is bullshyt.

Hey ladies...

All is well. Still going through recovery of course & it gets easier as time passes. Overall, I am very happy with my results. Just a few concerns w/ one side being higher than the other but other than that I look FABOLOUS and im a happier person. Every supply I bought pre surgery was well needed and used. The shower liner, chucks, arnica gel...they were all needed. My best friend for the 1st week was the P-ez funnel I got off of for $3. Im having bile movements on a regular. My appetite is back to normal. I tried on some dresses yesterday and all I can say is Yasssssssssss!!!!! #Snatched!! I had sex 8 days post op. I couldnt wait dammit and neither could my hubby. I think we were both sexually deprived because I even let him hit it from the back, with caution of course! I still have some swelling in my lower abdomen that im hoping will subside in due time. I can feel my garment getting looser on my body which means Im probably losing weight or either the swelling is going dwn in certain places. Im slightly confused about the effectiveness of the lipoboard I was given from Vanity. I know how its used but u dont see it working on or for me other than getting in the way but I still continue to sleep with it. In the daytime, Im only wearing either my cg w/ foam underneath or..... I wear my cg w/1 foam on my stomach and the waist cincher on top. Im scheduled to get the boobs done late august!! Debating if I even feel like putting myself through this recovery process again. But I'd rather get this all done while im still young with no kids! I want to enjoy my body while I have it. Talk to yall laterrrr ;)

Plastic Surgery Reality Show on TV...

SO im flipping thru channels and I stop at a new show called "Botched". Its a brand new "modern" style show. This is the very first episode. The drs are very informative. Its about people who are going back for revision plastic surgery! Its showing on E! channel. Just passing along some tv related to what we go thru especially when we choose the wrong doctors and when searching for someone to correct what we are not happy with. If you have Comcast cable, its on channel 833 right now on the eastcoast.

Stepping out in Barbie Mode!!!

Initially I didnt want to show my face because ppl talk shyt and use your pics to do other shyt but you know what im 30yrs old and ppl are going to do what they do regardless, whether its hating or whatever. So heres a face to match this banging azz body!!! This is my 1st night stepping out 10 days post op. I have on a compression garment, one lipo foam, and a waist cincher. Im happy & am feeling myself with my little short azz lol. My man looooves it and my sister is fascinated with the new booty!! For the ladies who are due their surgery soon you are going to LOVE your results!!!

Throbbing sharp pain...

Has anyone experienced a slightly sharp throbbing pain in either side of their butt cheek post op??? Im 14 days post op and my left side is still swollen and has a dull throbbing pain. Just wondering...also when is swelling suppose to be going away?

2 week anniversary babiiii.....hoping it only gets better from here!

Just a short little update for you ladies. Im feeling 95% better. Recovery is going well. I catch myself eating the same crap I was before surgery but im not eating any fried foods! Skin is still numb and tender. My lower abdomen is still swollen. The pain is not so bad in my left butt cheek today. It just feels like I pulled a muscle in it. Yuliet from Vanity says this is normal....hmmmmm I guess. Anyway not too much more to update on. Oh I was wondering how many post op days later are yall starting this waist cincher and are you wearing your foam underneath it???? Here's a few pics I just took, no face shots cause my hair is looking a HOT azz mess and I'll be d@mned if yall talk about me today lol.... Have a great week yall.

This booty is still BANGING!!

Still alot of projection. Waist still snatched. Started waist training with a size small squeem. I love how it shapes me but after an hour it starts making me itch reeeeeally bad. I have to take a benadryl and a xanax (prescribed by my doc) in order to calm my nerves from the itching. It can get so intense, I start panicking. Pictures tomorrow. Goodnight chicas :)

Test driving the new booty last night....

Squeem info??

Are you post op ladies sleeping with the waist cinchers on after a month? Or are you only wearing it in the daytime when you're going out?

Booty MEAT!!

I'm so glad that thing is finally POKING!!

2 month BBL anniversary!!!!

Heyyyy girls!!! Its been awhile since ive done an update and I know its past due. Well today makes officially 2 months since Ive had my bbl done and im very happy with my results. My butt has evened out. My stomach and back are still sore from the lipo though. Im back to my bad eating habits....ughhh im working on it tho. Im doing great, I feel great. My husband cant keep his hands off. I love it. Ive been wearing my waist cincher throughout the day and nothing on at night. My waist cincher is at a size extra small now w/o feeling too tight. I will post pics later on today. Muahhhh!!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fisher is cool as hell, knowledgable, funny, & dwn to earth. He answered all my questions promptly & even waited a little when I forgot a couple questions that I wanted to ask. His sense of humor really put me at ease cause yall know by my post Im a little scary a$$ lol. Good doctor that did a good job. He definitely picks up the slack for some of the incompetent patient coordinators there. Not all of them are bad but most are. My PC was pretty cool tho. Im happy overall :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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