29 Years Old, Size 4 Pants, Square Shaped Butt. Getting my Brazilian Butt Lift May 2014! - Miami, FL

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*Treatment results may vary

I've been on and off into fitness since I was 18....

I've been on and off into fitness since I was 18. I got some great results too. You know that feeling where you put your blood, sweat, and tears into something you are passionate about only to get nothing out of it in the end? That's been my experience over the past 11 years...

1 thing never changes for me even after 8 months of hardcore weightlifting and aerobics and that is...drumroll please.... my BUTT! I can shrink it and my thighs as I loose weight, but reshape them... not gonna happen. My body can get tone everywhere but those 2 places.

I don't have any specific expectations per say for my surgery other than improvement. Any surgeon that guarantees you exact measurements is a fraud. How you come out is widely based on your skeletal structure, skin firmness, and musculature. This was an obvious to me and all the articles I read confirmed it.

I did find Dr. Mendieta through a search engine, love his before and after pics so I'm taking a gamble that I think I'm going to win on based on the sheer number of happy and great looking clients. I decided to get booked for my surgery in Miami and I'm scheduled for May 6th. I'm freaked out and ecstatic at the same time.

The first couple weeks I will probably feel the way someone run over by a truck would feel. That thought is terrifying but imagining having a better shape to my backside and finally feeling that sense of confidence is more than worth it to me.

Here's my pics I took at the end of March before I spoke to Dr. Mendieta and decided to put on weight for better results. In the pictures I weighed 130. Today April 24th I now weigh 136 and hoping to reach 140 before the surgery. I will be taking more pics of me soon and right before the surgery.

I wish more people on Real Self would do this with all the angles and fat pinching before and after so people like me could see the real results incrementally over the months. I haven't had much luck finding others for BBL that have done it to the extent I am about to.

So here we go ladies, 12 days till BBL surgery time!

Weight Gain 7 days before BBL (before pics for later comparison)

My best friend is a genius! She asked if I took before pics in clothes. I never thought to do that. So today I took a bunch of pics of me in some of the clothes I want to look bootylicious in after my surgery! I'm only posting a few today because I'm limited on time.

I was 126.4 about 6 weeks ago and am now up to 136 lbs as of recent. I'm hoping to reach 138 in a week from now for my surgery.

I'm worried about pain in my calves and ankles from swelling and whether or not I should get compression socks. I swell easily and a LOT which is why I'd love feedback from any girls that had BBL and problems with swelling. :)

Weight gain killing my self esteem right now... hope it's worth it in the end

On the left is when I was working out and eating healthy. On the right is me now after gaining all the weight.

Denim Skirts Before Surgery Shots

Here's what I currently look like in my denim skirts which no longer fit me since I gained weight for BBL. I'd love to have a butt perky and more rounded with a tiny waist so I can look amazing in these :)

More wish pics

Right now I keep going back and forth on whether I gained enough weight for my Brazilian Butt Lift or if I gained too much. I'm hoping for a 23 - 24 inch waist. The smallest I can get when I'm fit is 26.5 and yes there was fat there I could feel.

Packing List for BBL

omeprazole chalky fluid for acid
iron tabs
vitamin c

For Relief:
Arnica (soothe muscle aches, reduce inflammation, and heal wounds)
Stool softener
Chapstick buy the moisturizing kind!
Motrin (highest )
sleeping pills Ambien
ice packs
scar gel
DMSO Solvent (DIMETHYLSULFOXIDE) decrease pain and speed the healing of wounds, & burns

Clorox wipes
antibacterial soap
alcohol pads
cotton balls
saline wash
face cleanser
tooth paste
tooth brush
Antibacterial body wash Hibiclens
garment cleaner

box of gloves
bed pads
adult diapers
antiseptic ointment
faja (surgical garment)
Compression socks
urine funnel ez pee
surgical tape
maxi pads
hair bandana (keeps hair clean and away during surgery)
Men's tanks 3pk wear under faja
digital thermometerĀ 
trash bags for car rides

Food & drink:
protein powder
tea packs

boppy billow
night gowns
5 granny panties
maxi dresses
comfy shoes
small blanket
sports bra
comfy track suitĀ 
2 cylinder pillows this allows you to sit without pressure on your behind
Earthlite Home Massage Kit http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004GG9ECY/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Socks 2 pair

hair brush
light foundation (to cover up the dark circles after some nights of no sleep..lol)
body spray
small extra bag to back on surgery day
hair ties

small baking roller helps for massage and even out fat/tissue

Suggestions on where to find these items last minute?!

The only 3 things I couldn't find today is alcohol wipes, foam pads, and compression socks. Checked Walmart and Target with no luck :(

Need to order a rental car for 8 days in Miami. Anyone know which company is best and cheapest?

I don't need a luxury rental. Just a cheap basic to get us to and from where we need to go. I'd like recommendations for any women who rented in Miami :) Thanks

Flying to Miami tomorrow at 6 AM!

super nervous and worried I'll forget something important. Sure hope not! Pain for gain here I come!

day 2 post op pics and writing about it on day 3 :)

Most of the time I am self sufficient. When I had a catheter after surgery I forced myself up to empty it several times and my grenade suction things too. They said I wouldn't be able to get out of bed the day of surgery HA I showed them!

The diaper isn't necessary, just supposed to hold the grenade suction things (what is the medical term for those thingies?) Sooooo glad the catheter is gone (am I spelling that right?)

My follow up the day after surgery went well and they said I have above average blood pressure and couldn't be more perfect (whatever that means), heart sounds good, and my temp is 98 degrees.

Knees still won't stop leaking. I'm told this is common and most of it is the surgical fluid mixed with blood anyways (so gross). They said if I need to stuff little towels over the abdominal bandage for more compression to do so.

I'm going stir crazy. Can't find a comfy position to read, watch anything, or play my Nintendo ds. Right now I've got pillows propping up my back and using what strength I have left in my legs to push up and keep pressure off my bottom while I type.

Laying down to much gives me a head ache (Is that common for most people who lay down too much?) Standing up makes my head slowly feel better but I get worn out. Kneeling makes my knees leak out blood and surgical fluid :( This is frustrating!

I get to see my doc tomorrow morning! btw he said he injected 840 cc into each cheek... not sure how I feel about that. I asked for 550 - 600. Look at my wish pics I'm not a large booty kinda girl. Hoping it works out and I shrink considering I have bad blood circulation so it may just turn out perfect.

I'd love honest feedback. My pics I am SUPER swollen but do you girls think the waist to hip ration looks ok or not so much. I don't like dishonest compliments. I'm on hear for honest feedback even if it's negative so please be brutally honest. It would mean a lot :)

WOW in two days the banana rolls under my butt (they are fat pouches I've had all my life) are almost gone!

Do you see the difference under the butt with the reduction in banana rolls? Hope they go away entirely but only time will tell!

husband has been SOOOO helpful :)

ok some of the pics he took are a bit blurry but he tried. Here's the skirt I wore before surgery and now a few days after surgery tried on again (keep in mind I'm still swollen. Surgery was May 6th and the pic of me in the skirt is May 9th.

sorry here's the correct front b4 and after pic

gosh posted wrong again. here's the correct

My husband my hero :)

Although I am trying with every ounce of my strength to do things on my own sometimes I just can't. My husband has been amazing through all of this and he's very much against me ever having surgery (past, present, or future).

This says a lot about his character that even though he believes in all natural he will stand by my side and help without a second thought anytime day or night. He shows genuine compassion for me and the pain I am in even though it is self inflicted (cosmetic surgery is a choice). I love him even more for this reason.

I feel bad that this has now set us back with out business, plans, and the extremely delayed customer e-mail responses. Each day though he has put my needs before the business no matter the cost. This has instilled something in me to work that much harder when I am finally stable and can concentrate once again.

For those of you on the fence about getting BBL think it through thoroughly. This has been more taxing on me physically and emotionally on a continued basis than any other procedure I have been through. I've had more intense pain for short a short duration of time but this is ongoing. The feeling at times of complete helplessness isn't something easy for me or I imagine for most people.

I don't regret this, not at all but it hasn't been a walk in the park and I'm scared about having to drive for an hour on Monday after my husband flies home. Hope my body will cooperate by then

May 11th panties before and after

So far as I can tell none of the swelling has gone down in three days. I did my arm measurements and they are the same. Hoping tomorrow they go down some. Thought it might help to show some before and after panty photos even though I'm still bruised and swollen.

I would appreciate any feedback and advice on how to reduce the swelling more and bruising. Thanks girls!

brown dress

here's some more pics girls :)

It's so big :(

Ok so realself counts today as day 7 post op. Dr. Mendieta's papers state I will be going through an emotional roller coaster and second week is know as "nit picky". I flew home yesterday afternoon which was tough. Hubby was amazing and had gone grocery shopping, cleaned up some, washed bedding, and bought me a card stating how proud of me he is. :)

When I finally had a few minutes and a little energy after a shower I decided to try on the same clothes I did pre-op (see pics from April 29th and 30th). It wasn't even possible to pull up the denim skirts without tearing them... I tried on a couple stretchy skirts and just kept thinking how huge it looks. Then hubby found my light grey Nike shorts that I took me pre-op pics in and wow it's a big booty. I just felt panic (emotional roller coaster remember?).

I turned to my spouse which agreed it's too big and I started venting. He reminded me that I'm still swollen and 20 - 40% will go away. Here's the thing though... some girls have almost no reduction at all. So all those "what ifs" flooded my mind. I don't care if others think my booty looks good big, this is about me and what makes me feel sexy. Hubby reminded me that I can diet to bring things down as well. You bet I will!

Tough just waiting this thing out...

Pics posted at Kathy's request

Sorry the positions aren't identical. I was too tired to look at my before pics before posing for photos. I understand week two is about being nit picky. No one that hasn't gone through this can understand how impossible it is to be patient and non-judgemental about your current body.

I've put forth so much effort to gain weight for the surgery which ruined my self esteem and I'm still waiting for the self esteem improvement from my butt. For now I just feel like a wide load. Side is ok but the hips he added fat. I had no clue he was going to add fat to my hips and I'm scared even if they go down it will be too much. From the back I just feel like a wide load.

Not feeling sexy at all today girls :(

My arms have not gone down in swelling but my waist went down 1/2 an inch and is now 27.5. I'd be happy with 23 -24 but 25 would be acceptable. Back in March my waist was 25.5 and did have fat on it despite how it looks. I at least want a smaller waistline than that.

Since surgery I have only eaten natural healthy foods and no dairy or carbohydrates (no bread, crackers, etc...) I have been eating on average 1200 calories a day. This is plenty for my body to recover and slowly loose weight. I stepped on the scale today and weighed at 143 lbs. I was 135 lbs the morning of surgery a week ago.

forgot to post pre op measurements and current measurements

May 6th before surgery
Bust 35''
Waist 29''
Hips 36''
Largest Part of Butt 39''
Arms unknown

May 13th
Bust 35''
Waist 27.5''
Largest Part of Butt 41''
Arms about 10 3/4''

May 14th small changes

Bust 35''
Waist 27 1/4''
Hips 36.5''
Largest Part of Butt 41''
Arms about 10 3/4''

Still 141 lbs

Hey Girls,

I'll try to be objective and state the current facts with little emotion. I am scared but I know I need to be patient and just wait. So I'll just make this post for record's sake.

-Morning of surgery 135 pounds
-Day after surgery 144 lbs
-Today May 16th 10 days post op 141 lbs (I almost exclusively eat raw veggies, some fruit, and protein shakes)
- Both drains have been removed as of this morning
- no changes in measurements yet since last recorded
- first morning I woke up without a head ache

Top 4 Concerns for the moment:

-Biggest part of my butt pre-surgery measured 139'' and I am now 141''. If there is a lot of swelling and 20% - 40% will reduce how will there be any measurable difference beside obvious improvement in shape?

-I wish I had more projection from the side. Won't that be decreasing too making me still look flat from the side?

- Why do I look so wide from the back when I'm not big from the side? Was my surgeon unable to add projection so instead just added width?

-Why such a big weight increase still if all the surgical fluid has been drained? I weighed 135 morning of surgery. This morning I am still 141. Where and what is this 6 lb increase especially if I eat no inflammatory foods just fruits, raw veggies, and a small protein shake in the morning?

Urinary Tract Infection today :(

Yesterday for the most part I felt pretty good. Good enough where hubby and I went shopping for some black stretchy leggings for me to wear and 3/4 length sleeve shirts to cover the garment. Not a whole lot of dresses cover you arms on down past your knees you know lol.

Went to sleep last night worn out but pleased that I walked around a decent amount increasing my blood circulation :) Fell asleep and then woke up around 5 am to use the restroom. HOLY COW that burns!!! I knew UTIs were common after the antibiotics and so are yeast infections I was just hoping by taking the probiotic pills and eating a little greek yogurt everyday I could by pass that part.

NOPE! Worst part is that it's Sunday so I have to wait till tomorrow to see the doc and get tested. I can't take those red pills for burning relief because they affect the test results and I might not get my prescription tomorrow then :( So here I am hanging out in the bath tub on my knees just using cold water whenever it gets too intense. Fun Sunday huh? lol

No updated pics or measurements yet

Hey girls,

I decided since I bloat up so much before my period that I would wait to post updated pics. My waistline went up a full inch from bloating so current pics won't be beneficial. I took D-Mannose for my UTI. Hubby looked it up online and hunted a bottle of it down on a Sunday. By the second day all symptoms were gone and tonight I take the last dose. We'll see if the UTI is gone for good :) UTIs and Yeast infections are very common after coming off the prescribed antibiotics you take after your procedure so be prepared girls!

Today my ribs feel a lot like someone kicked me whenever I touch them and same goes for my lower back. Hoping tomorrow that sensation will subside some. Each day is getting a little easier than the last like most women describe but it's not that black and white either. You have good days and bad ones. Yesterday with all the acid reflux was horrible but today no sign off that :)

15 days post op with pics and measurements

Today is the final day of my menstral cycle which means I'm still bloated from it but not by much. My measurements have gone down slightly

14 May 2014 today May 21st
Bust 35'' Bust 35"
Waist 27 1/4'' Waist 26.5"
Hips 36.5'' Hips 36.5"
Largest Part of Butt 41'' Largest Part of Butt 40 3/4"
Arms about 10 3/4'' Arms 10 3/4''

Feeling ok today. Kind of groggy but happy I have some reduction in swelling. Here's a few of the pics I took today

I guess not all the pics took. Reposting them now

Measurements going down! :)

I didn't do full measurements today but I did measure waist and bust and my waist is now at 26'' and the biggest part of the butt is at 40 1/4''. This means the waist went down 1/2'' from yesterday and my butt went down 1/2'' from yesterday. Still weighing in the morning at 133 lbs.

Where my butt is now I think I'm ok with. I'll never like having the longer butt that I have but at least it's got good shape to it. When I loose weight and in another month and a half start working out to tone up I suspect it will look good.

The one thing I'm still worried about it side projection. I just don't feel like it sticks out enough to balance the width. Wish I could exchange overall body width for projection lol.

more pics from yesterday (none from today)

Seems I'm fluctuating. Today my waist went up 1/2 inch and the booty went up 1/4''. I ordered a new garment yesterday and it should be here in a few days. I think the one I have on is too loose on me now.

I still go back and forth on how I currently feel about my body. I REALLY hope the waist goes in more. Looking at me from the front I just want a curvier hip to waist ratio. This dress is flattering on my new figure but I still don't look so great in non dresses just yet. Hope by Tuesday (3 week post op date) my waist will have gone in more.

Measurements plus weight lifting for 6 months vs post surgery results

This is a great post showing what surgery can do. When I had been working out hard and weighed 127 lbs over a year ago these were my measurements:

April 21st 2013 127 lbs

Waist 26.5"
Hips 34''
Right Thigh 22 1/4''
Left Thigh 22 1/4''
Love Handle Area 31.5''
Largest Part of Butt 38.5''

May 27th 2014 (Now) 133 lbs

Waist 26"
Hips 36.5''
Right Thigh 22''
Left Thigh 22 1/4''
Love Handle Area 31''
Largest Part of Butt 39 3/4''

Wonder what my measurements will be when I loose the 5 lbs before I even begin my workout.

I ordered some thick foam padding

I saw another girl post that she ordered this padding to sleep on and just cut a butt shaped hole and it worked perfectly for her! I'd like to see if I can sit and work on my lap top using it as well. Unfortunately it won't be here till the 4th :(

Wanted to share because sleeping on my face makes it swell up like a melon lol. So for those of you having the same issue consider this alternative ;)


23 days post op and new measurements

I don't think I mentioned this before but anyone considering BBL should know that you'll likely have 1 or more hard scar tissue lumps. I've had some which went away on their own or with massage. I also have 4 (2 small and 2 large) that aren't going away or going down. Two on my stomach with shows up even more in pictures from some angles and 2 on my inner left thigh.

These scar tissue lumps are common and can take months to go down and soften up, years, and sometimes these show up permanently. I had one like that from a past surgery.

My measurements went down again today despite not having lost any weight yet. Still at 133 lbs.

arms 10 1/2''
Waist 25 3/4"
Hips 35 3/4''
Right Thigh 22''
Left Thigh 22''
Love Handle Area 30 1/2''
Largest Part of Butt 39 1/2''

This means my waist and butt both went down 1/4'' in the past few days. I was hoping my love handle area wouldn't change and my hips would stay at 36'' to give me that curvier hip to waist ratio but seems that's not going to be the case as I lost in the past few days 3/4'' on my hips and only 1/4'' on my waist.

I am still pleased and exited that my waist went down. I want that tiny waist badly :) Still enjoying my new shape as well! Can't wait till I don't have to wear this big ol garment and hide so much skin. It's hot out and I wanna wear shorts this year!

Burning Sensation on the skin

Hey girls it's over 3 weeks post op and whenever I lay down and there's a light pull on the skin of my tummy, ribs, or back skin there's a hot burning sensation causing me to cradle my skin. I'm thinking aloe vera might help with this but not sure.

Did any of you experience this and what product did you use to help?

133 lbs 4 weeks post op

As of today June 3rd it is now 4 weeks post op. I can't tell if there's any swelling left or not. Hoping my thighs will go down more. No change in my measurements in a week now although I do feel like parts of my butt are still shrinking :(

The burning on the skin in my mid section still continues. My best friend which is a nurse said that could be temporary or permanent. For those of you unsure how bad it is and whether or not you can live with it know that it's not that bad. It's something I can live with although I would always have to wear soft clothes or the rubbing would be to be too painful.

I still have faint bruising on my thighs but other than that all bruising is now gone. I do love my new stomach and my back looks great. I wish there was more fat on my hips and that my butt looked fuller. I am not happy with how my butt looks from the side still and that seems to keep shrinking. If it goes down anymore there will be no difference from pre op to post op and that thought makes me sad :(

I would say so far that it's likely I've lost between 50% - 70% of the fat Dr. Mendieta injected in my butt. I have stayed off my behind (I work from home), not exercised as instructed, I sleep on my belly or nap with that foam I cut a hole in for my butt, and I walk around multiple times a day to help with blood circulation. I wear my Marena garment 90% of the time and have followed their instructions to the best of my ability including the supplements.

The projection just isn't there :( I try not to get too emotional about it and instead concentrate how much better my back and stomach look.

Still not easy tummy sleeping at night but skin feeling better now :)

So for those of you who have had BBL you know the nightmare it can be trying to get through a whole night of sleep laying face down. I still wake up with a swollen face lol. Let me tell you having that face hole from a massage table helps but does hurt your face after a few hours. Using a pill means you wake up with neck pain. Not easy so I just alternate between the two each night. Find what works for you and get creative girls because you need your beauty rest to recover!

The burning sensation and skin sensitivity I feel has gone down by about 20% on my mid section. It's easier now to deal with it and hoping given enough time that will go away completely or at least 80%. Some people it's permanent and others it's temporary. It's the risk you take with aggressive lipo. I would have done it regardless but some girls wouldn't. Be aware that rarely do any docs inform you of this possible permanent side effect. So decide what you think you can live with and if it's worth it. To me it is!

June 7th trying on boy shorts and bikini top to see how my new body looks

I was curious to see how my new stomach looks sitting down. Used to always have to suck in my tummy when sitting. Spent most my life making that a habit but I don't have to do that anymore as you can see thanks to my doc :) However in normal sunlight you can see the imperfections which another girl told me I'd have. She said they become almost unnoticeable once working out. Looking forward to that.

Butt looks good and perky in these shorts but I tried on some gold shorts and my booty did not look good, more long and flat. So it depends on the cut of the shorts. So weird how each pant/skirt/shorts can making you look different.

June 8th 135 lbs difference between Fat Transfer and Body Sculpting

For those of you who have done your research on the varying surgeries out there know there is a big difference between body sculpting (just liposuction) and fat transfer with body sculpting (liposuction to remove unwanted fat in some areas and placed in desired areas on the body).

BBL is fat transfer with body sculpting which is what I paid for. Anyone that has gone through a BBL procedure as well as just liposuction will likely tell you it's far more difficult and a painful recovery going through BBL. I'm a few days away from being 5 weeks post op. My increase at this time to my butt is by 1/4'' in circumference.

I could have saved myself the extra pain and trouble that you have to endure with lipo with fat transfer over just lipo and received these same results. I am happy with my newly sculpted body, I am not happy that not even 5 weeks post op I have lost all but 1/4'' of the newly placed fat which may disappear soon as well. I paid substantially more as we all have for BBL vs just Body Sculpting.

In the two pictures I'm posting you'll see that from the back the bottom is the same width and shaped better. The side I create 2 horizontal lines that are identical in length to show that the size has not increased. What makes the pic on the right look rounder is that the fat on my upper bottom was removed and sculpted so that my bottom did not appear so long. This can be achieved through sculpting alone without any fat transference.

My thighs are shaped better from the front and back but at this time have not reduced in size since April 27th 2014. I had hoped that would have happened by now but I'll continue to wait and hope it will occur in the near future.

As of today June 8th 2014 I do not feel BBL was worth it. I've received great results through the body sculpting aspect, just no noticeable increase in size from the fat transfer. If anyone has heard of this reversing and seeing an increase in the size of butt without gaining weight and/or late decreasing in thighs please let me know. It would mean a great deal to me. Thank you

Today's Measurements for June 8th, 2014

Waist 25 3/4"
Right Thigh 22''
Left Thigh 22''
Largest Part of Butt 39 1/4'

My Stage 2 Compression Garment Amazing!

I've had a couple girls now ask what garment I'm using for stage 2 and do I like it. Ok I don't like wearing anything all the time BUT for something I do have to wear all the time I could not have designed a better garment than this one. Are you looking for:

Overall comfort with no areas digging into you?
Straps comfortably sitting on your shoulders without leaving marks?
Breasts sitting in it with support but not crushing?
Opening at the bottom wide enough to do your business and not cut into or crush your private area?
Something you can wear under your clothes that doesn't look odd or stick out?

Meet my favorite garment that meets the criteria:

Ideal Hip to Waist Ratio - little confusing

I found this article very helpful although I guess they forgot to do their math or they just felt it was easier to round up lol.

As wanthourglass pointed out you divide your waist by your hips to get your waist to hip ratio. Although this article states men prefer .7/70% hip to waist ratio it seems like the actual ideal number is .67/67%. For the models men drool over they have chosen women who are 34 - 24 - 36. That means the best of the best according to those numbers are .71 for waist to breast ratio and .67 for waist to hip ratio.

The article states men start loosing interest when a woman reaches above .8/80% hip to waist ratio (gosh men a so picky). But women can be bigger or smaller measurements as long as we fall into the .67 - .79 waist to hip ratio to be the most desirable to men. Science is interesting isn't it? They claim it's instinctual and something to do with men targeting women for child bearing lol.


So WHOOPS I found out today what I thought was my hips really isn't... those are hip bones but not where you measure your hips. Odd... anyways I followed instruction and my current measurements are:

Bust: 35
Waist: 25.75
Hips: 38 (previous hip measurements where done wrong)

Bust to Waist Ratio: .74/74%
Hips to Waist Ratio: .67/67%

What is confusing to me is that shape does play a factor as well. The other thing is a girl can be .7 ratio but what if almost all of that is side projection or opposite is almost all width but little projection. Wouldn't that play a role into a male's desire? Seems more complex than they are making it out to be to me lol.

When push comes to shove what I think makes men and women most attractive is when you feel sexy. This changes the way you interact with others and confidence can be very sexy! I know easier said than done right? My sculpting has given me a new sense of confidence I never really had before even when working out for 6 or more months straight and hour a day 5 - 6 days a week!

I do love having a more curvy body and can't wait till my friends see me in something form fitting :) I know that no one will suspect surgery. They are used to my health and fitness changes so they will just assume this is due to that. Hoping a few at least will do a double take or have that look of amazement when they see my stomach. :) I'm turning 30 in a couple months and would love some attention helping me to feel 10 years younger! Don't we all lol

Learning about the term "fluffing"

After the 2nd person wished me a "happy fluffing" I just had to look into it. Thank you wanthourglass for the link. I read her WHOLE story ;) I do see what you mean by the fat softened and dropped some. I wasn't able to find another outcome like hers though as I searched for the term "fluffing". I was curious to see what the doctors thought of this and they all have similar answers so I thought I'd help educate anyone else curious as I was ;)

Is it true that your butt gets bigger (fluffs) after a Brazilian Butt Lift?
April 24th, 2014
+1 Salvador
Thank you for your question, the word fluffs would be incorrect to use in this situation, what truly happens is that after the Brazilian butt lift, which consists of liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks. The swelling takes around 3 months for it to go away, so during this periods of time your waist gets smaller as well as all the liposuction areas get smaller since the swelling period starts to fade; The buttocks however since the fat was injected into it, does not go down as much as the liposuction areas. It will decrease in size a little, due to some percentage of fat reabsorbing as well as swelling, however, it doesn't go down as much as the swelling in the liposuction areas.
This causes your body to look smaller an the butt seems to get bigger, but it doesn't, the buttocks stays the same size and all the swelling around it is the one that goes down.
Salvador Pantoja, MD
Salvador Pantoja, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 82 reviews

June 11th over 5 weeks post op update

Still happy about the sculpting but I figured out what's happened with my butt. When my doc lipo suctioned the banana rolls it dropped the support of the butt making my butt look longer. Used a horizontal line to show. I'm told the booty will drop more upon healing. I'm worried about this.

In addition I have noticed my recessed areas (dips on the butt that looked deflated are coming back). I hope there's no more swelling and just stays the way it is. I don't like the inward curve on the hips that is supposed to go outwards.

The side by side pic is from today. You can see my butt looks bigger but look to the next version. I used white to show how much the doc lipo'd off me. The red is what I estimate is the remaining fat and/or swelling. :(

I admit I am worried. I understand that you guys want me to be happy with my results and with the shaping I am! I just wanted noticeable fat in my booty. That's why I had this procedure and why I flew far out to Miami. This was important to me. I wanted to look good in all the shorts, skirts, dresses, and bikini's I always wanted to wear. I've always been fine with my body outside the size of my butt and banana rolls under the butt. I still don't have the size and still have banana rolls.

I will continue to feel thankful for the stomach, back, and waist that makes me feel sexy. Just wish I had a booty that made me feel sexy. I'm a butt kind of girl and wish I had a butt that expressed me the way I want.

At month 2 I will begin heavy weight lifting like I used to but hubby and I believe while this may perk the butt I will likely also shrink like I do each time I work out while my thighs stay the same size (my thighs are stubborn lol).

As you can tell I'm not in the best of moods after the photos. Thank you girls for the support. I will just take it easy tonight and try to cheer myself up.

OH MY! This is what hubby bought me...

This is... well...Since childhood I always wanted to be more outgoing and have clothing that reflected that. Even in my marriage I wanted to wear sexy things but couldn't bring myself to do it as I didn't want to draw attention to my thighs or butt. I also was self conscience about my stomach when in any other position other than standing.

I don't feel shy about my tummy anymore. The thighs I feel a lot better about because of the shape but still self conscience about those darn banana rolls! The butt I'm working to accept and I know it's no longer embarrassing even if it lacks projection. Ultimately girls I feel more confident! Hubby got a gold bikini and netted white top for me on ebay! No it's not for public wearing lol. I just changed and strut out of the bathroom in it and he had me turn around and gave the look a 9... a freaking 9! That means he loves it.... I'm just in shock here from this... Still can't believe this is my body... not a temp... it's mine.

Darn! Ok so took my measurements today

Woke up this morning and I was about to hop in the shower when I thought "its been a little while since I measured my butt". So I wrapped that measuring tape around me and adjusted it as I normally do and.... biggest part of the butt measured 39''. I'm thinking no that can't be right so I measured again... then measured my waist to see if maybe that went down as well. Nope my waist is still 25.75 inches and the scale shows I haven't lost weight but gained a pound.

This means the largest part of my butt is now the same post op as it was pre op. I mean I'm still hopeful that when the top fat settles it will move down into that largest part of my booty but we won't know how my booty will look all over when settling occurs. I could look better or saggy, just too early to tell.

BTW I test drove some cars again recently but this time without my pillow. Sitting hurts so when I drive I flex my left leg to lift most the pressure off. Did any of you experience this 5 1/2 weeks post op? I don't think I can sit on a hard chair without all sorts of pain. I tried that but without putting all my weight down and was like "oh no this isn't going to work". Wonder when that pain will subside.

Ok ladies I'm off to get ready today to fly a plane! Yes you heard me I'm flying a plane for the first time and if I love it I'm going to school for a pilots sports license :) Hubby and I aren't having kids so we need other entertainment once in a while lol.

Tomorrow marks my 6 week post op anniversary :)

Hey Girls!

Hope everyone had a great Fathers Day! We took my father in law out on the lake in a kayak. My husband and I did a tandem kayak together. I love physical activities but Kayaking is my absolute favorite... however as I said the other day MY BUTT HURTS lol.

Here I am making my husband do most the work while I use my arms to prop myself up off my butt when all of the sudden a storm starts brewing. Oh great and then lots of wind to knot my hair and hubby alone which hadn't slept and was exhausted couldn't make it to dock without my help. Oh great after surgery I'm at an all time weak and no arm strength (remember I had lipo the arms) just started ignoring my booty pain and paddled as hard as my little green bean arms would allow lol. Felt like it was forever but we made it. I however hurt my elbow doing this and today my booty hurts more than it has in weeks. To top it off yesterday my period started :(

Gonna be a tough work day for me but at least I get the joys of writing the state and government estimated taxes checks ::furrows brows::. Yeah that a couple other things have got me feeling a tad grumypy. Sore booty, arm/elbow pains, and cramps. I better be a trooper and not take it out on hubby. I'll post measurements in 4 more days when period and bloating goes away girls ;)

Considering Facial Fat Grafting... Opinions.. Stories? oh and Saturday's Photos

So Saturday morning before leaving the house for my first flying lesson I chose to grab my swim bottoms and take a few pics. Now this was 1 day before my period started so might have bloating as I normally do put on 3 - 5 lbs water weight but this time the scale doesn't show an increase. Odd...

Well my tummy has progressed to lumpiness but at least it's still flat. Wish I could remember to massage it but I get so busy I forget. : /

Hey girls I'm strongly considering Facial Fat Grafting... Opinions.. Stories to share? Most women hide their faces off Real Self and I am no exception but I know certain parts of the body accept fat more than others. I'm told that face accepts fat transfers well but not the lips. I mostly just want fat around my raccoon eyes I was born with that get worse each year now and remove the fat that's accumulated under my chin and jawline.

The full face procedure ranges from $2,500 - $8,000 depending on the doc and location. Girls this is really important to me but until recently I didn't know it existed or I would have picked that even over BBL! Please if anyone has had this done or knows someone who has had it last more than a year let me know. I won't online stalk or be annoying if they don't want to share pics. Just to know if it lasted and if there's something I can do to keep the results better.

Post Surgery Depression - Why am I feeling this way?

Today is officially my 6 weeks post op date. I was told post surgery depression could kick in after 1 month and sometimes even 2. Is that what this feeling is? I'm on my cycle and I feel void of energy and emotionally down in the dumps. I asked myself why I am feeling this way and like most girls I can come up with a bunch of little reasons. Really though those aren't new and didn't make me feel like this before so something is up.

Girls please keep our BBL sister Kathy476 in mind today as this morning she just had her surgery done in Florida this morning. Please message her if you have the time and wish her a good recovery. Hopefully hers will go over better than mine did initially.

Right Cheek Droop

Hey Girls here's my 6 week 4 days post op update. Just some observations here on my results for those of you considering BBL:

I noticed this a while back but didn't go into detail on it. My doc said he did some light lipo on my banana rolls. I don't notice any reduction in size yet but still waiting. What I have noticed is the bottom crease of both butt cheeks have lowered making my bottom look longer. Not something most girls want. We typically like the short perky roundish butt.

In addition to being longer I have noticed my right butt cheek is lower that my left and even when lifting my leg from the side has a crease that didn't use to be there pre op. In the pic these things are not as noticeable as they are in person.

I hope once the fat settles and any remaining inflammation disappears that the fat moves down and rounds my bottom more. I hope the whole bottom including the crease does no sag though making my butt look even longer. Not sure which will happen or if this is how I will look permanently, only time will tell.

Stomach, weight, and measurements remain unchanged now for quite some time. No further updates other than to say my left inner butt cheek still has the bruising. Wondering if most girls still have that over 6 weeks post op or if that's discoloration that will remain long term. I've read some girls have discoloration on their stomach after aggressive lip on their tummy long term but I have yet to read that occurring in an area injected with fat.

If any of you have heard or experienced this please let me know :) thanks girlies and happy healing to all me BBL sisters!

Is Patience... Impossible After BBL? I've found something to help!

I've found myself comforting BBL sisters telling them to be patient, then at times I'm comforted by other BBL sisters and told to be patient. That seems to be the one thing we all have in common... Difficulty with patience causing us to become sad, irritated, angry, worried, and/or depressed. So what's the best solution to diminish the intensity of those emotions?

DISTRACTIONS! lol I have to stop obsessing and worrying when that won't help. I've made the decision to get my eyebrow tattoos redone with a new shape that I like better, permanent eyeliner to enhance the lashes and give a more exotic look, and full lips plus lip liner. I'm no stranger to permanent cosmetic and think they are awesome! Plus there's a recovery period which you have to pay attention and work through for best results.

This will help distract me and change my focus. For those of you reading this and going through that emotional roller coaster make a list of things that will provide distractions that can be done while recovering. If you are about to have BBL make your list now to be prepared and avoid this vicious cycle.

What doesn't help...
- Shopping: I tried shopping and believe me that just makes you focus more on your booty.
-Venting to others on a regular basis
- Trying on everything in your closet

Now I don't regret sharing the good and the bad details of my recovery from BBL. I want to give you guys the most detailed and helpful review I can so you will go into BBL with both eyes open knowing what to expect. What I do regret is wasting my time and energy feeling down, depressed, or upset. I will keep feeling those things as I wanted more booty projection but I can diminish
Right now during recovery and not allowed to be active or sit down a whole lot we have too much time to obsess and worry about our results. I've also decided for further distraction while I wait to read Rapid Problem Solving with Post - It Notes. Heck this is a perfect book to use to to make a list of distractions and put them in order before committing to one or more.

Tomorrow I'm going out to buy some post it notes and start working on my Information Map and then my Action Map. I don't regret writing the good and bad in my review to help others go into this with both eyes open but I do regret spending so much time, energy, and emotions on something I can't do anything about right now.

Don't worry I'm not going to disappear and I will post updated photos very soon. In the meantime I hope the girls that find themselves dwelling and obsessing will take what I've said to heart and use ongoing DISTRACTIONS that work. ;)

7 weeks Post Op Photos

Ok as I promised he's some current photos. Sorry for the lighting and quality. My waist is still 25 3/4'' and butt is still 39". Here's my observations:

- waist looks good
- thighs from the front and back have better shape post op vs pre op
- back looks good
- the burning sensation in my skin finally went away this week

- the outward curve from my hipbones to my thighs are starting to curve back inwards
- banana rolls remain unchanged
- right bottom of butt cheek has dropped post surgery and sometimes hangs out like it does in these shorts

July 6th 2 months post op BBL Updated Pics

July 6th 2 months post op measurements:

Left Thigh 21.5
Right Thigh 21.5
Hips - 37 3/4''
Largest Part of Butt 39
Waist 25 3/4''
Arms 10 1/2''
Bust 34 3/4''

This will be a quick objection update of changes and observations ;). Since I last measure a couple weeks ago I have lost 3 lbs. My thighs have gone down 1/2'' each, my bust went down 1/4'', and my hips went down 1/4''.

I have spoken about "fluffing" a term doctors don't like to use lol. Basically the fat injected moves down lower into the butt. As you can see in my picks the remaining fat is above the top of my butt making it look longer. Hoping over the next few weeks that will drop down.

The red and purple discoloration under my right butt cheek remains and has not faded in 6 weeks. The uneven lumps on my stomach seem to be evening out some which I am happy about :) Remaining butt and leg bruises seem to be gone at this point :) Drain tube scars are quick dark although I think I put make up on them for the pics (don't ask lol). The feeling in my skin has almost returned to normal. I would say it's about 90% back to the way it felt pe-op.

My butt still hurts to sit on a bit, my hips are painful to try and lay on for some reason...

I am glad to have had my surgery if for nothing else other than to have better shape in some areas. My husband finds my stomach more of a turn on during intimate times so that's a plus too :)

I wear the same clothing outside of shirts as I did pre-op. Shirts I am now usually an XS/Small instead of a Small/Med.

Hope my observations will help women to determine if this is the surgery for them and if they want BBL or just body sculpting. I will keep everyone update on when or whether the highly placed fat moves down lower like it needs to and if that color under the buttocks returns to normal. For those of you who already had BBL happy healing and hope you had a great 4th of July weekend ;)

18 months Post Op pictures

here's some updated pics from my before surgery, 2 months post op, and now 18 months post op. I have lost volume of fat in my booty and it doesn't have the same lift it did but still an improvement over what it was before surgery.

2 more days and I'm 3 weeks post op on BBL round 2

I'm still swollen and bruised similar to my first round of BBL but this one is tougher because of the medial thigh lift. Here's my more recent review


This is a challenging recovery but so far I still think it was worth it. I just hope things heal ok and that more of the fat in the BBL survives this time
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