29 Years Old, 3 Kids, 170lbs 5'1 in Need of a Butt in the Back and Not the Front - Miami, FL

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I have been the one with thick thighs but no rear...

I have been the one with thick thighs but no rear end in the back for 29 years... 3 kids no plans to expand anymore. So before I hit my Dirty Thirty it's time I get a bigger butt to be Flirty Flirty. I'm scheduled to have my procedure January 19th with Dr. Llorente at NLC. Excited and nervous all in

Has to Go

This butt in the front has to be placed in the back ASAP LOL....

3 kids, 14 7 and 3 months time for mama to get fine

Sooner Than I Expected

Sooo since my job wants to be an asshole. It has worked in my favor to have my BBL on 12/16 instead of 1/19/16.

Back to Square One

So thought due to vacation time I would be able to go in December but now I'm back to my original date of January 19th, 2016.

Yassssss Merry Christmas To Myself

Final payment has been paid.... Surgery date January 19th. While most will be filing they taxes I will be getting fine as wine. Yassssss

Help with Preparing

Need help with what items is needed for post surgery... I know butt pillow, compression garment (they provide one), do I need another one, maxi dresses, night gown that zips up... Can you all help with what else is needed? I think the language barrier between my coordinator and I is making this a little difficult for me.

Today I do my lab work....

Praying my results come back as needed...

In need of good lab results and get down to 160 or less before the 19th

Aggravated and Agitated

Day 2 of trying to get my labs done. The lab request Yuli sent is incorrect and what she keeps sending Quest won't accept it. I don't want to wait til the day of to get labs done and there's an issue and then that's money wasted. Have anyone who did their BBL at New Life receive they lab work like this... Please help.

Lab work not completed

So I will have to drive down to Miami to complete my labs before surgery. Going down Monday hopefully everything is everything And I get a clearance for the 19th.

Final got Labs and meet with Doc

So unfortunately I had to make that drive down to Miami (5 hours) to get labs done BUT good thing I was able to meet with Dr. Llorente. He was very nice and made me feel at ease. As for some reason I'm not too comfortable for letting male doctors seein my kitty area (obgyn is a female) always used female docs. But EKG was good now just have to wait for blood work to come back. Despite last weeks interactions Jennifer gave me a sense of peace assurance that she valued me as a client there. I truly believe now I made the right choice at New Life Plastic Surgery with Dr Llorente... Oh if they don't call everything is a go. I'm so nervous and excited

It's a Go

Labs were GREAT... So it's a go 7 days and counting

48 hours and counting

I'm so excited and nervous. I will be leaving tomorrow to head down to Miami.

Just trying to think how I'm going to sit for the next 2 weeks. 1st week easy since I took time off from work. But the 2nd week not sure. My job is a sit down job. I purchased a boppy (suggested by my co worker who had a BBL too) wonder if this going to help achieve my goal of not applying much pressure to the butt

'Twas the Night Before Surgery

I am less than 9 hours from surgery kinda nervous and excited BUT most of ALL I am at ease with my decision for location and the doctor I chose to go with. I'm just praying for a safe procedure and the results I will love.

I'll keep you all updated

Here are a few before pics I took today

Surgery Day

My surgery was scheduled for 7:30am arrived at 7am. I went in the back about 7:15am to do pregnancy test and get marked up by Dr. Llorente. I asked how many cc's he told me at least 1000cc. I was so happy. Big Booty Danny is all I could think of. Lol. I was out of surgery and recovery by 12. Pain was kicking my ass at first. But once meds kicked in I was in heaven. I haven't taken any pics just yet being that I'm still draining and was advised not to for 48 hours take my garment off.

Back View

My cousin being silly took a back pic of me lol

3 Days Post Op

I'm sorry I have been bad with updated pics. I have my male and female cousin here with me. And I don't feel comfy showing my goods to him to get pics... Lol.. I leave for home tomorrow so I promise more pics coming soon

Exactly One Week Post Op

Still swollen minor aching but went back to work yesterday so all is well thus far

Loving my results

I didn't want a vixen body just a smaller stomach and something to look back at.

Loving my ASSets

Was a little naughty and out of my garment for a few hours

BBL chair

Next week will be my 4 week post op so I won't need the chair any less longer only had it two weeks but made my life so much easier at work n home. I paid 115 will let it go for $90 plus shipping fee (PayPal payments only)

7 week post op.....

Loving the new me... But also working out and changing my eating habits to ensure my money wasn't in vain ... A few Miami and Atlanta pics... Will update in 2 weeks when I hit Vegas

9 weeks Post Op

I try and update at least once a month .... Vegas don't owe me nothing and neither does Llorente

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