29 Years Old 1 Child and Ready to Be a Official Hasan Doll - Miami, FL

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Ok ladies.... I actually been lurking on this site...

Ok ladies.... I actually been lurking on this site for about 2years, it was always in the bck of mine how I wanted a nice body well a butt because my body was nice without a butt up until maybe January this year... I was in a very bad relationship for about 11years the typical good woman who allowed a man to control her, abuse her and down right just becuz her down fall, the guy went to jail and By the strength of God I was able to move forward with my present boyfriend... I maintain my weight in the first relationship due to stress and so on... Now this new relationship where I'm happy I have gotta comfortable to a point where I don't even feel sexy anymore nor do I even dress sexy or what not...I made my final decision in maybe mid sept 2015 to go ahead and do what's best for me, mind u I gain 26pounds in this new relationship, and I'm just so uncomfortable...

Something on my mind....

As a woman we will often get discourage becuz growing up plastic surgery was a bad thing and either meant you had low self esteem but this day and age I feel your body is truly your best project... We often feel how we look and we are often judge on how we look so why not LOOK GOOD??? I tell anyone it's not what u do its how u do it and the reason u do it for... I'm not doing this for anyone but ME... And I truly can't wait until I am in booty land... I will be posting my list pretty soon and my actual pics

Morning dolls

Up early... Some people are nerves but I think I'm more excited then nerves, just have a quick question.... How many days is a good time to stay... I am being told 3-5days? I'm fairly new at my job so I don't wanna take a lot of days off and then I'm worried because I sit for 8hours... Help if you can((tips and advice) are always welcome... Enjoy your day

Dieting and toning....

So thanks to one of my RS dolls.... (Hand clap) I will be starting my "oatmeal diet" tomar.... And working out for one hour until my surgery date I also will start taking my vitamins this week also... And I'm placing my order for my supplies Friday... Moni @newBodyRecovery sent me a list of things I will need... She told me half the items we order we don't even use so I'm only ordering exactly what I need.... Good thing about her is... She sends you links to where u can order the exact item and I honesty know she isn't in it for the money....

Here I am....

So this is me... Two weeks ago in Jamaica... I'm not afraid but I'm not ashamed of anything that I'm doing, I kno yeahhhhh "u look great" hunny ion feel great and honesty I can hide all my flaws... The Queen of "holding" my stomach in... Not for much longer

My diet

So yesterday I did my measurements.... Very disappointing my current weight is 194....

I'm so wide and sloppy.... So pre-Hasan
I will losing 20pounds my oatmeal diets start and 1 hour in the gym.... Pray for me and I will start taking my vitamins next week

Supplies & Vitamins

My supply list is as

1. (1) Neosporin/triple antibiotic ointment

2. Tank tops or camisoles (4-5) these assist with preventing garment burns, it serves as a barrier between the garment and your skin

3. (4-6) Lipo Foam

4. Nursing-Pillow

5. Baby wipes (1pack)

6. Female urinal (1)

7. (1 )NorthShore Premium Green Super-Absorbent Underpads, Ultra Large Size 36 x 36, Pk/10

8. (1)Arnica gel and/or arnica tablets- helps with the swelling

9. (2-4) loose fitting dresses i.e. maxi dresses, elastic waist pants ( no jeans or any clothing that can cause an indentation on your skin)

10. (1) Pack of maxi pads

11. Iron supplement- tablets, pur-absorb, geritol etc. preferably a liquid supplement( you will lose blood during and after surgery, iron will help to assist with any deficiencies such as anemia)

12. Tabla Abdominal / Abdominal Board. Beige

13. 1 bottle of stool softener or laxative

14. 1 pair of anti-embolism stockings/compression

Hey y'all....

I haven't been on here in a min... I been kinda upset my surgery was set for Feb 9.... Now it's set for March 30,2016 with Dr.Hasan.... How can you just up and leave like dat... But I think it worked out for the better I had to lose 11 pounds before Feb 9 but now I have time to lose 20pounds the goal is 175 hopefully I can get there in time... I need to be 183 for surgery my current weight is 191....

FMLA Papers

Is anyone having problems with getting LOA papers from vanity? I was told they don't fill them out, so how am I suppose to take a LOA if they won't fill them out for me? I'm already stressed by this stupid schedule change, this is just too much

Blah blah blah

Getting bck in the swing of focusing on my procedure... Tomorrow my strict diet starts again... Working out 5days a week... Only day off I'm giving myself is valentine day and My Zaddy bday... Praying I stick to this diet it's a daily struggle shit I love food ????????????

Feeling discourage

Now I'm thinking about switching to fisher in just ready to get this over with... Hasan has really put my life on hold...:(

Fuck vanity

I am beyond pissed
... You talk to one bonzo and that bonzo doesn't communicate the message to the other group of bonzos... Diana the head dummie in charge told me Monday she would have my FMLA papers filled out... Today is wedesday u think that's done... Of course Fucken not, called and speak to bonzo #1 Shirley she tells me oh that can't be done, I said aren't the called record u walk from your desk and go listen to da call I kno what I was told... Now she saying she has to ask roxannna, HOW? How do u have to ask Roxanna if Diana is the BOSS? Then she puts me on hold for 30 fucking minutes and then hangs up... I pray for whomever answers this phone becuz I'm cursing there ass out ... I'm over this surgery I don't even want this shit me and my flat ass will be working out..

Back on board (small melt down)

Small update... Vanity has been calling me like crazy after I went postal (haaaaaaaaaa) don't play with a woman's hair or ass... Hey doll

Currently looking for another doc

Why is this happening to me, so I was Resceduled for March 30,2016 I called today to request Labs and was told my surgery has been canceled again, and then I was quoted $4500 for fisher and after talking to Diana I guess she doesn't like hearing the truth, she got mad and said my price is $5500 now with fisher but I was sent a email confirmation for my price and date so of course I'm not paying a extra $1500 I'm just so mad I don't think nobody understand vanity is everything all these reviews are saying there customer service sucks

Dr.Hasan doesn't work at vanity anymore

Ladies I spoke with a lawyer who represents vanity Cosmo and I was told Dr.Hasan no longer works there so STOP believing all the lies they will tell u he is coming bck and it's just a rumor but who takes this long off without a actual return day??? Think about it they request your money and get you hyped up so it won't be any turning bck and then you will just pick any doctor becuz you are tired of waiting... I recommend everyone to post about vanity services and not allow others to use there services

Message sent to Diana santancruz and there law office

To whom this may concern,

As of October 2015 I contacted Vanity Cosmetics via phone and asked for a Quote for a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) I originally spoke with a young lady by the name of Shirley Inwhich I explained to her what I was interested in and the Doctor of choice I had chosen, which was Dr.Michael Hasan I was told to send some pictures and later quoted $4000 which required a $1000 to secure a date of Feb 9,2016 I sent my $1000 deposit via bank transfer to vanity and later it was confirmed my deposit was received, I kept in touch with vanity via email and also thru conversations over the phone, on January 24,2016 I received a email stating my doctor had a family emergency and couldn't preform the surgery until a later date inwhich would be March 30,2016 i was told due to my inconvenience I would receive a FREE garment and 2 FREE massages. Throughout this ordeal I had requested a Refund inwhich I spoke to a young lady who told me she was the manager of the refund department, and she ask why I wanted I wanted a refund, I explained to her I was dissatisfied with Vanity customer service and numerous of workers not having empathy towards there potential patients, she apologized and told me to trust her and things will be ok and she stared my refund was canceled and she then had another young lady who stated she was Dr.Hasan Assistant called and sent me a letter of absence for my employer. On March 3,2016 I called Vanity to get my Labs resent because it was less then 30days for my upcoming surgery, the young lady placed me on hold and then stated "ok Ms.Mathews I will be sending your labs via email" I then asked how is Hasan she then placed me on hold again, and said we have to rescheduled your appointment again, at this time I was very upset because this would be my second time getting my surgery rescheduled,and I would be out of a lot of money for airplane tickets and what nots. I was then quoted a price of $4500 for Fisher, and was given a Date of May 20,2016 I called back to make sure I would still received my free Garments and my two free massages, I was told this wasn't included because I now how a different doctor which I had to spend a additional $500 on and now I would even be out of more money for massages and Garments, I asked to speak with Diana, inwhich I was very upset by this time and yelled Diana got upset also and told me now my Price would go up to $5500 simply because I was upset, I explained to her why would I have to pay another $1500 and that's wasn't what I was quoted, call was disconnected I later called back and spoke with Claudia and she told me my Price is now $5500 instead of $4500 inwhich I had already received email confirmation of my new date/Doctor/and Price... I sent a Refund Request Feb 20,2016 but was contacted by a young lady from the refund department Feb 22,2016 who asked why I wanted a refund and I told her of my dissatisfaction with the customer service she apologized and insured me she would take care everything and my refund would be cancel, today March 3,2016 Claudie told me she had processed my refund inwhich I didn't request Yesterday and sent out a check, I told Claudie I never requested a Refund she said we have your letter from Feb 22,2016 I said that was cancel she argued with me about it and then I stated if this is true why would u resceduled me for May 20,2016 then she stated, well you requested one over the phone yesterday inwhich I never requested a Refund over the phone and I would like all calls to be listen too. All I want is my surgery with Dr.Hasan I don't care for anything Free I just want my surgery with the Doctor I have research for 1year, the doctor I requested in October, it shouldn't take all this nor should the shall at Vanity be so In Considered for patients, I even heard Claudie laugh as I was speaking and I asked her why did she fine this funny she stated she was sick I never knew anyone who laugh while been sick... This whole ordeal has been a nonstop nightmare and has stress me out and is causing a lot of stress and pain and suffering...

I'm back on board

Well I'm actually back on board, my new date is Oct 18th with Hasan I had switch to fisher but Hasan has always been my fav... I'm working on my weight lost as of now, trying to get down too 170-175...

Recovery homes...

So what happen to Moni and why doesn't amy number work? Anyways I contact Miami escape, it seem kool I need to do alittle more research and I will finalize my stay next week if everything goes ass plan...
Miami Physician

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