29, 1 Child, and a Much Needed Tummy Tuck, and Fat Added to the A%%, Lost 40 Pounds and Ready, Dr. Fisher is the Man - Miami, FL

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My Sx. Is March 3,2016 with Dr. Fisher My ...

My Sx. Is March 3,2016 with Dr. Fisher
My expectations and goals is to make it out alive, and not come out the same way I went in, %100 better, %100 better results, I see a lot of post about females that you can't tell that even had the BBL, but hopefully that won't be me,I have a month/half left to go, I will start posting pictures of me , pre ops pic, since ever one is in it to win it, we all won't the same result if not better.

3 weeks and counting

I was nervous about adding photos, but WHAT the hell, we all here for improvement!!!!!!! So here is my bad build selfie ........

3 weeks

Counting down!!! I'm ready, new pic of my bad built body! We all n it to win, so what the HELL




Better results

I seen a few woman's pages! And they post wish wish pics of these skinny shaped lady's , but the lady who doing the posting is 300+ and to look like a Beyoncé, my apologies for tossing shade, if any taking!!!!!!! We have to lose the weight to get better results...... IJS!!!!!!

Struggle is real


My clearance is cleared for Sx! Thank God, did anyone else have to see a cardiologist??

2 weeks almost packed( need more)

Need more , but don't won't to over pack, anyone have any pointer for me

Other lady's pages

I felt the need to share, just a FYI but if you not concerned ( continue on)

Today is my day

My Sx is today

The finish line, Thank God

But I needed bigger


Trying to keep updates

Keyla recovery house

Is a nice clean place,$130.00 a night, but is very helpful, they r fun!! Respectful people, I highly recommend this

I'm going home today

Thank God for bbl pillow , when you come out! Make sure to check out South Beach!!!

Back home Houston

Lady's Lady's Lady's make sure you get a bbl pillow, r a boppy pillow! That plane ride was the truth! Luckily I had a row to myself!!!

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