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I am looking to have a bbl with dr. Fisher in...

i am looking to have a bbl with dr. Fisher in miami because i have seen some great work by him but i would love more opinions from his actual patients. Also i wanted to know if anyone has used their recovery house? I am looking to have surgery around february but i am not from the area so i need help from my fellow bbl women!

Dr. Fisher or Dr. Hasan???

So i have been in contact with vanity and since i am very thin, 5'7 128lbs my coordinator suggests i have surgery with hasan instead because supposedly he deals better with thinner patients. And i want hips as well as a big butt so which doctor is better to give me an hourglass figure with a big round butt?? Which doctor is really better with thinner patients??

Date set!!

So i switched to Dr. Hasan. I kept hearing and seeing that he is the best at lipo and finding fat in areas you didnt know were there and i need all the fat he can find!! I paid my $1000 deposit and set a date for January 19th!! I am so excited & i wish i could do the surgery tomorrow and get it over with!! Cant wait to be Hasanified!!

Recovery homes??

Since i am traveling to Miami from out of state i need a great recovery home that allows you to bring someone to stay with you. What are my best options for the best price??

Before Pics :(

So i went ahead and paid off my surgery in full and got a free faja & two massages. I also got the courage to post some very unflattering before pics. Like i said before i started around 128-130lbs and i currently weight 135. I am trying so hard to gain as much weight but its so hard. I am natutally skinny and used to being in belly shirts lol but i will retire those for a while so i can get this ass ive always wanted!

Switch Dates???

Currently i am scheduled with Dr. Hasan on Jan 20th but i really need to switch the date to either the last week of jan or first week of feb. if anyone wants to switch dates please let me know asap!!


So i have no luck finding a recovery house, either because they are booked or because they dont allow male guests and i am having my boyfriend come with me. I contacted amy to see if she can take care of me at a hotel for two days but she is booked and said her husband could do it. I am considering that since i am limited on other options. My biggest concern now is finding a nice hotel closest to vanity with all the amenitites i will need for the week. I am clueless so please vets can you help me in finding a great hotel!!

Need help!!

So i have been looking into hotels and for some reason all the prices go up drastically when im going (jan 28th-feb4). Mabey airbnb would be cheaper but i am confused how it works, do u stay with someone in their house or do u have it all to urself?? Can anyone recommend one they personally stayed at please, this process is so difficult im going crazy!!!

Almost there

So i finally booked a hotel at the extended stay right by the airport, booked amy's husband as my caretaker, and did my labs today. I must say dealing with amy has been the best experience ever! She took the time out to call me and explain everything about the surgery in detail and gave me hints on good deals for hotels. Her customer service is beyond great. My surgery is officially the 29th, only a lil over 3 weeks!!!

Boppy pillow

Does anyone have the promo code and website for the free or discounted boppy pillow?? What is the best to use to sit after surgery??

Labs cleared

So i got my medical clearance and labs back and i am good to go! My hemo is 13.7 which i am surprised cuz i havent always had the best iron levels. I am still trying hard to gain weight but its so dam hard, i swear most of it is going to my face and boobs lol i am holding steady at 141, i would love to be at 150 but that might be pushing it since i only have like 17 days till surgery. I need advice on wat supplies i will really need and use. What vitamins, creams and other good crap ill need for my health and scars. I pray i will have enough fat to get a big bubble butt and be satisfied with a crazy hourglass shape on my tiny frame. And i hope my boobs stay big after surgery too loo

So pissed!!!

So the inevitable happened...hasan cancelled all his surgeries on jan 29th and now i dont know when i am going to have my surgery. I now have to try and get a refund on my nonrefunable tickets and change everything around to an unknown date. I am so stressed i want to cry. I knew this would happen to me, i just want to have my surgery already!! Has anyone else been cancelled??


I spoke with roxana to reschedule my surgery with hasan but she said they cant reschedule anyone yet because they still dont know when hasan is coming back. I have heard a few dolls says that they heard he was coming back on the 2nd but how do u know that because roxana said thats not true. I dont wanna switch to anyone else because i believe in hasan but i jus wanna get an acurate timeline of what to expect. Does anyone have any inside scoop because i am so confused and feeling helpless!!!

New date

So heres the tea.. I called vanity, spoke to some random lying ass coordinator who said hasan wont b back till march and that fisher was booked till feb 22, then she transfered me to roxana who i usually deal with and roxana said they r hoping hasan will be back feb 5th but they still havent gotten a confirmation from hasan himself so they cant reschedule anyone yet cuz its still kinda up in the air. I scheduled a date with fisher for feb 9th in case hasan isnt back till march cuz i really cant wait that long. The only thing is that since i was paying 4000 with hasan, they r making me pay $500 extra if i want fisher which i think is wack considering the inconience i am going thru trying to get my money back on my flights. I am so undecided!!! I want hasan and i am still holding onto hope i can reschedule with him in feb but if not fisher here i come. If anyone else has some new info please share!

Fisher it is

So i spoke to roxana this morning and she told me thats hasan has officially said that he will not be back till late march or early april. Idk wat the hell is going on but to all the February and march dolls i would be calling vanity asap. So i confirmed my date with fisher for the 9th of feb. she said he is doing about 8 or 9 surgeries that day which doesnt sit well with me but what can i do. I just wanna get this surgery over with already!! Fisher it is and i just have to be confident with it after all fisher was my original choice.

Current pics & Wish pics

So i posted some before pics and my after wish pic using an app


More wish pics according to my small frame

Info please!

So with a little over a week until surgery i have tons of questions that my coordinators are giving different answers.
1. Can i wear clear nail polish the day of surgery?
2. Can i wear color polish on my toe?
3. When should i stop birth control?
4. Can i take iron pills or blood builder pills up till surgery?
Please can someone help me out!! Thanks!


I hate when i am looking through profiles to see before/after pics of certain doctors work and everyone deletes all their pictures! Its so annoying and fustrating that the only people i can see is someone who just recently had surgery because after a few months post op everyone wants to delete their pics like wtf i cant even research patients from a year ago cuz their profiles are empty now. At least save a few before and afters for us girls that are having surgery soon thats all. Ok my rant is over, i think im about to get my period and am a little moody lol just a suggestion to hold on to a few pics please..thanks :)


Im thinking on staying at cosmicare since they have an opening when i am going and have a discount special due to all of hasans cancellations. Has anyone stayed there?? Can you please give me some honest reviews!!!

Few days away...

So my surgery is on tuesday and i am just trying to get everything together. I have a few questions,
-do i have to shower with antibacterial soap that morning or is regular soap fine?
-can i shave that morning or night before? I heard something that its not goid because it leaves your skin and pores open for bacteria.
-can i wear lotion that morning before surgery?
If any dolls can please help me i would really appreciate it!!

P.s. What should i use to hold up my drain and hide it under my clothes?

Surgery Attire

So i am arriving in miami tomorrow and having surgery tuesday but i wanna know what should i plan on wearing the day of surgery. A dress? Sweatpants? Sandals?


So of course with my luck my plane is delayed due to electrical issues. Thank god i booked an early flight with no connector flight but dam can i catch a break?

In the back

Just sitting here waiting for dr fisher to do my bbl am so excited but at the same time so nervous ...

Hack by hubby

There it is she bout to go in back i'll up date ya later

Sx was a success

My bae in bed resting, in pain but she is in good hands it been a long day will keep ya posted pics coming soon

Its me dolls

So i am laying in bed in alot of pain. I jus wanted to let everyone know that i am alive lol and cant really move. I tried to slide off the bed a lil earlier and kneel on the floor but i felt the life coming out of me, my eyesight and hearing started to go and i couldnt breath so not a good idea yet. I am staying at cosmicare and thank god i am, the nurses cooked some banging food and fed me in bed, did my laundry and r taking good care of me. Even the hubby is putting his fear of blood aside and has been really helpful. I am thankful to everyone checking on me on real self! I will update soon!

1 day post op pics

Finished my first massage, i have alot alot of fluids! I am very swollen in my back and stomach, cant wait to see after all the swelling goes down


Bare with me dolls this surgery is no fucking joke, some parts of the day i wish i never did it, my emotions r all over the place. I wanna comment to everyone but just thinking about it wears me out! I was hit hard by the weakness. Dont be fooled by the lack of bruising either cuz i feel like death. I plan on writing a more detailed review on dr fisher, vanity, and cosmicare but lets just say for now i am definatly happy with all 3 choices!


Measurements from biggest part
Before: hips/butt-39
Waist-36 1/2
After: hips/butt-42
So i finally got an email from fisher saying took out 3550 ccs in total from my body and put in 1400ccs in each butt cheek!! That is crazy!!

Faja questions

So i wanna know wat is the big difference between a stage 1 and stage 2 faja? Is it just smaller, can u wear lipo foams under both? How long do u have to wait to wear a stage 2? And wen do i start wearing a lipo board on my lower stomach. I have my faja, its too big and doesnt fit properly, i really wanna buy a different one but not sure how it should fit. Please help!

Before & after 1week post op pics

1week post op finally!

So i arrived home yesterday and today i woke up refreshed. I feel so much better being home, i finally got a full night sleep too! Heres some more random pics i took today. Fisher told me that after surgery my back and stomach might look bigger after surgery but to give it time to heal to see my real result so i know i am still super swollen and this is not my final result. I just cant wait for the next few weeks to go by and see more changes. I just dont want my butt to shrink and i kind of like my shelf lol its so much bigger in person tho! I cant wait for another week to go by so i can get more massages and get all this fluid out!!


Do the indents from the lipo foams on ur stomach go away??

Dr fisher

So i wanted to do a lil review on fisher. I must say i feel everything happened for a reason. Fisher was my first choice and im glad he was my last as well. He is so charismatic, he has the best personality! The day of surgery we chatted about so much stuff like where i was from, where he was from. He was very honest about wat he coukd do for me. Hes so funny and makes u feel so comfortable! Vanity isnt that bad either. Thd girls who book ur surgery and take ur payments r like annoying leaches but honestly wen u deal with the girls inside the office they r nice and helpful. Fishers assistant yuliet is the best employee they have. She is very sweet but straightforwad as well and i like that about her. She is about her business. Vanity called me several times after surgery to check on me as well. I have no complaints at all and i am happy with all my choices, i have nothing but a great experience from vanity. And dr fisher is a great surgeon with a great personality!!

The itch is real!

So for the past few days i have been the itchiest ive ever been in my life to where i want to cut my skin off!! My back butt and sides are killing me from itching i cant take it. I have tried cortizone, benedryl and nothing works. What can i do?? Please help??

2 week 2 day update

So i am feeling great for the most part. I love gold bonds medicated itch creme it works wonders! I forget sometimes i had my butt done and i lean up against things, i even sat down twice by accident. I sleep on my stomach but slightly tilted to my sides and idk if its making my hips go down or just the swelling is going down. I am soooo bored in the house! I wish i could drive already! My butt looks waaaay bigger in person and there is no hiding it. I still have tons of swelling in my back and sides to where it hurt sometimes. Im sick of these lipo foams and triangle they make me look pregnant when i wear them. And i always end up with indents from the foam. My waist is now 27" and my hips/butt is 40". I do love my shelf lol it looks great in person but i wish i had more volume in the bottom of my butt. How do i make more of a cuff? Is there something i can wear? Also i dont think i sm getting enough compression on my upper stomach. Fisher had told me that the area right under my boobs might not contract back because it had seperated from the muscle due to having a child but there must be something i can do because my csection scar in completely flat now and i want the top of my stomach to be the same.

Pics pics & more pics

So theres def some things i would fix. Like i dont think he lipoed my back up past the middle. I still have alot of fat on my shoulder blades and under my armpit. It makes my upper body look saggy so ima have to work that out in the gym. Also one hip is getting flatter than the other and i think one butt cheek is slightly bigger too. But all these things r to be expected so im not mad. And of course i have booty greed!!! I would love it to b a lil bigger and more projection but i didnt have tons of fat to work with or a butt to begin with. But i love my shape and that is just as important to me! Before i did my surgery i loved wen girls would post alot of post op pics so i wanna do the same thing. I start my massages on monday and i hope they know wat they r doing cuz i need this swelling and hard spots to go away.

Best Massage

If u r in miami and need a good lymphatic massage here it is. She is very gentle and effective. She is so patient and caring you wont be disappointed! I just got my first massage since leaving miami and no one will compare :/

New faja

So i went to a columbian faja store today to get a stage 2 garment and i bought this faja. However the columbians say their garments arent made for foams triangles and ab board. They dont use that stuff and they say u just need a tight ass compression garment. According to my measurments 27/40 i was an xs but that wasnt going past my knees! I tried on every size until i finally agreed on a 2xl lol. Even that one is tight and hard to put on. I can deal with the stomach but i am scared for my butt and especially my hips! Im just worried that this tight ass faja will make my hips go flat cuz the material is thicker and not as stretchy as my vendette or diane fajas. Then the ab board i got is so dam hard that it barely fits in my faja and i can barely move in it cuz i cant bend at all. I hate all this shit. I am still going to try to take in my old ones but i wanted a good new one but they r so uncomfortable! I am more confused than ever plus i jus spent 125 on this faja! Any advice please help

Ab board/massages??

So first off i have bought two different ab boards and had to return both. They r so hard cuz they r made of wood that they hurt under my faja i cant sit or anything and they dont even fit properly under my faja, the board sticks out and is so noticeable. R all of the boards that thick and hard? Can someone suggest a comfortable one!
Also i have lumps under my skin that feel like a pack of hot dogs on both my sides. I am getting lymphatic massages twice a week right now but do u think ultrasound cavitation would help. The lumps hurt alot and they look more swollen wen i wear tighter stuff like a waist trainer. Has this happened to anyone? Can u suggest some different treatments that will help because i am scared this will turn into hard lumps of scar tissue.

Pics a little late

So heres some pics i took on march 1st when i was exactly 3 weeks post op. Thats y i still have a few bruises left, as of now i have none. I will try to take more recent pics today tho. Currently the itching is subsiding and more tolerable but now i have this annoying pins and needles feelings that keeps me up all night! I think its my nerves healing back together, it makes it feel like electricity burnt my skin off lol its so annoying and uncomfortable!

1 month update!

So heres the pics i took today at 1 month post op. Time has flown by!! The only opstacle is not sitting, but i do sit on my bbl pillow i purchased from vanity for $100 and it was money well spent! The pillow goes under my thighs and u lean forward on it and it doesnt go flat like a boppy pillow cuz its a different material. I go to restaurants and sit on my bbl pillow with no problems. I havent sat directly on my butt yet and i wanna wait till at least 6 weeks but probably 8 weeks. It feels weird anyways if i put any pressure on my butt, it feels like theres a water balloon in there and its gonna pop if u put too much pressure. My butt has definately dropped and rounded out a bit. I still have the same stupid swelling in my lower back and sides and it seems like itll never go away! I have already had someone ask me if i had butt injections , i said no i have been in the gym hard and they laughed and said yea right lol i just laughed too o well. I cant wait till summer so i can show off my body! I still use my ez pee urinal at home and that is a must need item to buy! My measurments r still 27/40" but i would love my stomach to be 25, thats my goal wen i hit the gym. Has anyone done squats and butt excersises after a bbl? If so did ur butt get bigger or smaller. Im so scared to do anything to lose fat and volume since i am small already but i do plan on toning up my midsection and legs. Any questions let me know!

Bbl pillow

So heres the bbl pillow that i use all the time! Well worth the $100 i spent on it at vanity!

Stop booking hasan!

So i keep seeing all these girls still booking their surgery with Dr hasan when clearly he isnt coming back anytime soon. I know how bad u want him cuz i was in ur shoes but u cant be blind to wats going on! U gotta b slow if u still believe in a "family emergency" for the past few months. Y r u girls still booking him wen vanity cancels on u month after month. Theres a reason! I knew after they first canceled me im january wat was going on, that hasan couldnt preform surgeries right now, thats y i quickly booked fisher. At some point u gotta face facts and stop wasting ur precious time and money on something that just isnt goinv to happen. Vanity is going to keep booking u to get their commission and wen ur surgery approaches they will push u towards another dr in hopes of u agreeing and still keeping that commission. I lost out on my flight money because i wanted to wait for hasan and it was stupid. I wish i would of just switched to fisher right away and never went thru that hassel. Fisher is a phenomenal doctor!! I dont wanna sound harsh but please stop believing in these coordinators and use ur own common sense and dr hasans return. Start making different arrangements now and save urself the time and money! I hope this will help some of u! Btw i googled his name and medical license number a69514 and fished thru all the results till i found this.

Over 7 weeks post op

So time has gone by quick. I started sitting about a week ago but not very often or i try to put a sweater under my thighs if i am around people and dont want then seeing me sit on my bbl pillow. It tingles and hurts a lil after like 20 mins sitting directly on my butt. I still havent laid on my back either but i do sleep a lil on my sides. I do feel like i have lost volume. Even my close family that knows i did this said my butt looks more natural and not like two basketballs like it did in the begining. But i loved my two high basketballs! Pictures make my butt look smaller idk y but my butt is still very noticeable and round and the more family members that see me who didnt know i did it always look at me funny asking wat i have been doing lol. Random guys will make comments all the time and all the boys at my daughters school will stare and make comments its funny but my daughter actually likes it lol
I started using mederma on my scars but honestly i think itll take time to just heal on its own but i hope it does cuz they look kinda bad now. I wanna get a spray tan, does anyone think its safe cuz i know regular tanning is bad for the scars and lipo areas but i dont see y a spray tan would hurt and i cant take being this white anymore!
I am dying to go to the gym but i am scared to lose fat in my butt i cant afford to lose anymore volume! But i do wanna work on tightening my stomach and my back and getting it as small as possible to make my butt look bigger. I havent been following my garment regimen. I stopped wearing it at night like 2 or 3 weeks ago and i only wear it during the day wen i go out so probably like 8-10 hrs a day which is bad! And i dont wear the foams or board either. I wish i could of stuck to it religiously i wonder if my stomach would b smaller by now. Well i think i have been rambling enough so if u have any questions let me know!
Btw my measurments r
Waist 26-26 1/2
Butt/hips 39 1/2 :(
When does fluff happen cuz i am desperate! I actually started thinking about a rd 2 in the future (couple of years) which i said i would never do! My body does look great but i wanted a fake looking butt i guess i know i sound crazy! Ima stripper in my mind lol

Some random pics for you :)

Quick pics

So i realized i have been neglectful of my page so i jus took some quick pics for u guys but i am going on vaca in a few weeks and i will have better ones then. My butt is so soft and jiggly, my sides and lower back r still tender and a lil swollen, i love love love my results. Of course i wouldlike bigger hips and a smaller stomach but i have myself to blame for my stomach because i stopped wearing my faja earlier i eat like i did before, its so hard for me to eat clean! I actually plan on getting pregnant soon so we shall see how my body and booty hold up lol i wish i had this surgery years ago!! It was the best decision!

New pics 5 months

So real quick i wanted to post some progress pics. I love this site and all the girls who post their journeys so i update for u. I love my butt it looks so good in and out of clothes like a bubble. I get compliments all the time. My sides and lower back are still tender if u touch it a certain way. Idk if i am still swollen but i hope so cuz i hate my back and all the lil dimples i never had before. And dont believe the hype about u wont gain weight in ur stomach after lipo and itll all go to ur butt cuz thats a lie. I have been eating like crazy and it goes to my stomach . I hate how my scars look in the front they r so noticeable but the ones on my butt arent so bad. Also my butt will be soar if i sit too long in the same spot. I still love my results overall and it was 100% worth all the pain!! Any questions just ask!!

Pregnant Booty

So its been just over a year since having my surgery and i am almost 8 months pregnant! I got pregnant right after my last update. It was planned which i know is crazy but i have no regrets. I love my body still even being pregnant but i am disappointed that my butt hasnt grown!!! Everyone else who gets pregnant after a bbl says how big their butt grew and mine has mabey only grown .5" which makes me sad lol i thought i would get a bigger booty. And my sides and back has gotten really fat which i pray goes away after the baby. But i want more kids so after i am done i plan on having a rd 2 with dr. Fisher.
Miami Physician

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