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Hi everyone! I have decided on seeing Dr. Blinski...

Hi everyone! I have decided on seeing Dr. Blinski for my procedure. He seems like such an honest and genuine person. Pretty much everyone has commented on how caring he is here on realself, I love that about him. I emailed the office about 2 weeks ago with pictures and Jackie their coordinator tells me that I would be a great candidate for a bbl but would be better to gain more. I was 147 about 2 years ago and have gained almost 30 lbs! Scary I know. I gain weight quickly but can lose it just as fast, good and bad I guess lol. But here's the thing, I was ready to book but haven't heard from her for the 2 weeks so I emailed the doctor himself lol. He emailed me back right away and after emailing back and forth he calls me! In my mind I kept thinking ok there's no way a plastic surgeon this busy would get on his phone and call potential and inquiring patients. But it was him, the way he was talking about the procedure and such. So anyway, back to 'the thing' he asks for my weight and height again but tells me to lose 10 lbs? ???? I wouldn't mind losing 10 pounds as I said before I've gained so much already! I'm so confused you guys. I want to have enough fat for a big change but not so much that there's gonna be extra eww. I will post pictures now so you guys can see. Please, if there are any of you veterans or recently done reading this tell me what you think. I thank you in advance for your time!

Also, I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago so the fat from my belly area may be limited. That's another reason why I'm so conflicted as to gain, lose or stay the same! Help me out girls!

Weight dilemma update

Hi everyone! I can't wait for February seriously, I see his work on IG and it is so amazing. Everyone looks to curvaceous and wonderful afterward!

So to address the weight debate lol, I texted Dr. B my photos and he tells me to gain 10 lbs, I guess I have my answer after all! Honestly, I probably won't gain because I feel I have enough fat as is but I definitely won't lose either. I do however want to start weight training, not for the scale but for the strength that I will definitely need for recovery. I would like to lipo my arms too bc as I said the 30lbs I've gained made my arms a but jiggly lol.

Ladies, I have NEVER flown before and for this trip I will be flying with hubby and kids who have never flown before either! I'm really asking for it huh? ;) I won't be right if they are away from me for 2 weeks! Yes, I plan on staying 13 days. Why 13? Because my surgery is on a Monday and so preop must be the Friday prior. I have from Monday the 20th until the next monday the 27th to heal and then we leave Tuesday morning. So yea 13 days.

Have a wonderful day ladies! I can't wait *squeal*
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