I'm 29 with 3 Beautiful Girls and Ready for my New Booty!! - Miami, FL

Hey dolls I been wanting to get my new body done...

Hey dolls I been wanting to get my new body done for years now and it's finally that time!!!! I'm so excited and scared at the same time. My fiancé keeps telling me if I get this done he going to leave which I don't believe him. I have found the doctor who's gonna do my procedure (hasan) my appointment is sep 12 2016 and I can't wait!!!

Before pics 5'4 194 lbs

Hey dolls just putting up some before pics. #future hasan doll

I'm so excited 2 months and counting

I can't wait for my new booty it's gonna complete my life my fiancé disagree but I been planning on this since before I met him so he gonna have to get over and it's my money not his. Anyway QUESTION DOLLS how long does it take to try on clothes after sx?

Ummmm my nails

So if I have my nails done will have to take them off or just the polish!?!?!? Don't skip my post dolls

61 days!!!

Hey dolls so my dude is like not having this shit and I'm so getting this sx! He keep saying he gone leave me and I keep saying babye you knew I was getting this done 3 years ago when we first started talking!!!! Like I don't get it he keep saying you have a pretty face you don't need no ass!!!
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