29 5'5 150lbs Bbl/tt - Miami, FL

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I'm scheduled to have surgery next month. I've...

I'm scheduled to have surgery next month. I've been silently stalking everyone's pages. Thank you to D's WifeyAzzmatazzIwannahugebutt and so much more. I have elected to share my experience with the real self community as so much of you have truly helped.

Hey if it wasn't for this site many of us may have been left disappointed or dead somewhere like the DR under Dr. Yilly care at Cipla.

After steady research on Dr. Salama (admire his bbLs). I couldn't take risk of being burned and infected or recovering with a lumpy stomach. I've done my research and how he handled the burn and infection was enough never to have me as a patient.

Dr. Duran she does some nice work. Two reasons why I never attempted to move forward with getting a quote. Too hard to get a hold of and second where she does her operations the site. It has been closed down in past after deaths. Last month someone also died there I was reading. Her sister had to go to her page to give everyone full story and why she never updated. It's because she died. I believe you can find link on Azzmatazz page. Plus lastly the CDC Center of Disease Control has advised people not to travel to DR for surgery.

The reason why I chose Dr. Salzhauer and his team. I like communication, customer service and consistency with good results. I haven't really seen any bad reviews. Hey ladies were paying customers we deserve the best. This is an elective surgery and an investment in myself in the long run.

Arianny is my patient care coordinator and she had been wonderful. When u talk on the phone it's like your talking to your girls. He has friendly staff. There have been a couple times getting a hold of her might take a couple phone calls or email. But for most part she has been responsive. I'm sure she stays bust working with Dr. Salzhauer.

Well ladies I look forward to posting my updates. I'll be posting my before pics soon.

I'm feeling real fat right now.

I'm so not used to being this big. A good weight for me is 135 lbs. I think I over did it and maybe I just need to step into the gym. I'm a little over 150 lbs right now.

I don't know sisters but is it me or do you just not care as much as you normally do when you know your getting surgery. I know typically I will have to pay for it in the gym. But it's showing everywhere including my arms. This has also been the longest time I've been away from the gym.

I need to call Dr. Salzhauer about my weight compared to my wish pics. Do any of you ladies know if you work on your core prior to surgery and your waist line will it help with your results after surgery?

Well I plan on having my sis take photos of me today. I want to give back especially to real self community for helping me make my decision.

I hope my review will help you. My surgery is next month. It will be here around the corner and I'm flying in from Cali.

Before pics

Okay I decided to take my own pics lol. My sis likes to pinch my fat when I'm sitting down. I do the same to her too.

When she found out I was going to do the surgery she said she wanted only a tt and her husband was okay with her butt. I sad what butt?

I took a pic of her side profile and I said where is your butt? She wants a bbl too and now she will be going with me through this journey.

She thinks I'm going to have a fat ass when I'm done because I weigh almost 10 lbs more than her and were both same height and similar body shapes except her boobs are larger than mine.

Here are my before pics.

I'm also posting a pic of a pillow I seen at the baby store yesterday. You can twist it and turn it like a snake and it's supposed to support your hips, tummy etc. I wonder if this will work? It's pretty firm too. Not too hard but firm enough.

More before pic

Accidentally hit submit

Pre-Op Appointment

Hello my real self followers. Okay so today was an interesting day and I left one big huge piece during my initial update.

I'm going through all of this with my twin sister who will also be having a bbl and tt same day as me haha.

So anyhow today was the day we had to be sure our medical clearance was okay. All I did was set up an appointment to see my doctor for pre op for surgery and ask them to order lab tests. They were able to get lab results back in 24 hrs. Only fee my insurance didn't cover was my co-pay to see doctor.

The doctor reviewed them today and gave me the clearance to proceed with my surgery. I'm continuing to take your iron and vitamin c. Right now I'm taking iron, vitamin and a multi-vitamin.

So long story short today is also the day we had to have our surgery paid for in full and do our pre-op appointment.

We did our pre-op with Monica. She is very sweet too. I think his whole team at Bal Harbor is excellent. We did it on 3 way. Between my sister and I we ask a ton of questions.

I'm excited but at the same time I'm nervous. I want my results to end up everything I have ever wanted. So I'm looking forward to talking to Dr. Salzhauer again soon.

My sister is doing another consultation appointment with him over the phone tomorrow. I currently weigh almost 10 lbs more than her. Please keep in mind I have been always smaller than her but ever since I decided in my mind I was having this surgery, I didn't care anymore. I know what I wanted so I have packed on some lbs.

I currently weight 155 lbs and I'm almost 5'5.

Okay girls. Well I'll be updating my wish pics soon that I sent over to the doctor next.

Bbl and tummy tuck day 1 post op

Okay so I haven't had an opportunity to update.

My twin sister and I underwent surgery on Sunday.

We arrived in FLl on Friday morning.

We are staying in a very nice condo over looking the beach and city with a wrap around balcony.

I met Dr. Salzhauer in person for first time day of surgery.

He really means well and is very informative. He has great staff working for him and I can tell he really cares about them too,

My sister showed up for surgery at 7:15 am and I showed up at 10 am.

They collected a urine sample, went over documents and them dr. salz came in to speak withe and to let me know what to expect.

During which time he was finished with my sis bbl but had to go back to do her tummy tuck. She had 2600 cc inserted and done into her hip area.

I however am unsure exactly how mangy cc he gave me.

When I woke up from my surgery I was shaking and very cold. I was in so much pain. My sister was in bed next to mine and she said she went through same thing too.

The nurse gave me like 8mg of morphine and it still didn't take pain away.

The nurse who was there said she could only keep us for 2 hrs. My sister was lucky cuz she went first so was able to be cared for by a nurse while I was having my surgery.

Not long after I woke up I had to go.she gave me morphine before I left but I did seem a little rushed. I was bleeding terribly on my way out. Not sure how long I was sleeping before they woke me. I told the nurse this is worse then childbirth. I have had 3 children with no epidural and my last child with no pain meds because by time arrived to hospital I had to push her out.

Luckily they brought us out in a wheel chair.

I'm staying I. sunny isles which is ver nice.beach is steps away and shopping and everything is across the street.

By time we arrived to our condo which has valet service we pulled up and my hubby had to get me out car first. There were lots of people outside and when I got up to get in chair I looked back and there was blood everywhere. I was embarrassed but at same time I didn't give a f&?k bcuz I just had surgery.

He also had to get my sister too as well .

Last night I think my hubby only slept for 2 hrs.

In still unable to walk. Normal. I shuffle me feet walk hunched over,

I tried to sleep on my back. But it's really uncomfortable. The. Best position we both found is sleeping on our sides. I place two pillows under head , another one just below that which touches my shoulder and upper body, another under my knees and my boppy pillow I bought that someone in dr. Salz had recommended was too soft. My hubby had to go out and buy us new ones. I'm using it as a head pillow.

I'm only drinking gay pride, chicken soup and low sodium crackers and soup . I also enjoy the fruit jello cups,

We are talking arnica and bromine as well.

The nurse showed up today to give is showers. I was able to take a shower and was my hair with her assistance. She was very helpful and sweet. She is a medical assistant. She also brushed my hair for me and got me dressed with a new garment,

I was able to see my stomach it looks good and he filled in my dent.

As far as my butt dr. Said that it's not the garment that shapes you it's the doctor.

He to us before going in our butt would look weird at first due to all the swelling, I can't wait for it to form completely. We also have a but in garment.

My hubby has been wonderful caring for two of us. He only slept two hours and been on his feet for most of today.

4 days post op

Hello ladies,

This recovery has been a journey. I thought I was tough. But this surgery will kick you in your ass.

Yeah no one tells you until they send you home and let your caregiver know it's common to pass out. They send you home with ammonium tablets to keep u from passing out.

When I woke up from Dr. Salz office it wasn't very long before I was being discharged. My sister had been waiting on me because she went first . I didn't get to talk to the doc before I left. I was pretty out of it. He seemed pretty nice during our consult.

I did feel a little rushed as I didn't feel stable. I almost passed out twice as I was leaving in the wheel chair. I was shivering like crazy and bleeding. It felt like I was sitting on needles and just hit by a car.

Every day since the surgery I have received a video day 1 through 4 from what to expect from Dr. Salz.

Nothing real personal or phone call from the actual Dr. He however did give my hubby his cell if he needed to get into contact.

As far as my results. Well because both me and my sis did it I can tell u I do notice a difference where my lower back curves which doctor said I would have a shelf cuz I have a natural curve.

As far as the shape this far I'm kind of concerned. My wish pics were for a lifted , pirky, bubble butt.

Well right now I'm swollen I understand . I still look like I have a wide butt and these foam pads in my back area aren't helping.

The biggest concern is my fullness and roundness of my butt. I'm not seeing it right now. Mind you I was 5'5 155 lbs prior to surgery. So I should have more than enough fat for a round derrière.

I'm not really seeing it now. I know it's early. I'm concerned this garment which is supposed to be eliminating swelling is also disfiguring my shape on bottom of my buttock. Giving it a chicken butt appearance.

I know of others members who had mentioned this same thing who went to dr. salz. Does anyone have any recommendations??

I will post an update and some pictures in a few days.

Recover has been very hard.

Girls I keep it real . 12k and flight and luxury condo doesn't come cheap.

I'm looking forward to my post op apt on 5/26 with dr. Salz.

I hope things start changing soon.

Post op 5 days

I didn't want to post any pics. I'm pretty bruised up.

Day 4 both me and my sister developed some white thrush looking mouth from antibiotics. So we have to go pick up another prescription today.

Still not fully recovered. My body is very bruised up.

I'm going to post my wish pic and also my after pics 5 days.

Antibiotics yeast infection in mouth. constipation

Girls just to let you know that the antibiotics caused both me and my sis to develop a white mouth. We both developed at same time. It looks like it's fairly common. Antibiotics kill even the good bacteria in your mouth.

Nurse Yeni has been incredible and available even via text. This happened at midnight two nights ago. Dr. salz is available if out need him. I misplaced his number because before surgery he said we can just text him if we need something or concerns.

The discharge paper lucky enough had the on call nurse on the paper and was able to get prescriptions.

They prescribed me two more prescriptions and sent it over.

I took 4 days for me to have a bowel movement. On third and fourth day I took 1 collace at night.

I was able to go but I never got the urge to go until the 5th day.

So far the service has been why I payed more . I. Didn't end up with burns. Thank God. Ladies whoever you choose make sure that they have good communication and someone available in case you need them.

Three nights ago I threw up and it felt like my incision from tummy tuck opened it felt very warm. I was so scared.

We called first number we could find which was number for the office. It was 2 am in morning and someone picked up. It was an answering service who picked up . I could tell because of the level of their service . I asked and they said yes they were and they would send a message over to the nurse on call.

Within 10 min a nurse called I apologized for calling. In that 10 minutes I was able to get out my garment and check to see if I was bleeding we were all scared.

Excited to see doc Tuesday

So my man tells me on day 7 a week post op that he talked to doctor after my surgery and what he said. .

Ladies ladies I guess the doctor put 1300 cc in each on my sis cheeks and less in mine. Not sure why because I'm 155 lbs . We're assuming because maybe my butt was already bigger and couldn't except no fat.

Doctor did inject fat into my hips. That's why my figure looks so goo from in front .

The doctor also told him both me and my twin are going to be very happy with our results once it settles.

Doctor said I most likely will end up 130 lbs with a bigg butt and it's going to look really nice.

The doctor was also surprised at how much he was able to get in because he ended up putting more in then what he originally forecasted.

Can't wait to see him on Tue. I'm kind of nervous though. Looks like office is closed for holiday. So we may have to wait up to an hour to see doc while he is in and out of surgery.

Condo pics love it and recovery update

I absolutely love the condo location where we are staying. We decided to stay in Sunny Isles. We're within walking distance to pharmacy shopping and steps from beach. We'll be here till the 30th.

We're on the 33 floor. Recovering in style with beach and city views right from my bedroom and living room. We also have a wrap around balcony.

It's very humid here so I haven't spent much time outside. I'm still taking my pain medications every 4 hours. Once it wears off It's unbearable.

Lots of rest and I get up and walk. We went for our first walk yesterday morning before it got too hot. All the stores were still closed which are like a block away on other side.

By time we walked the beach and their we both were loosing our vision. I had to call my man to pick us up and my sis ended up throwing up in the bathroom. This was yesterday.

We also have gotten a lot of side affects from the medication.

I don't know what's wrong with me but I've been very moody lately. My nan think it's the medications. Uuuugh I need to get better we had a long discussion today so I hope were both on same page today.

I don't know if it's the physical stress on my body but if I didn't have support here with me all the time I could tell that I could possibly go into a depression.

I know that's pretty big to admit but I have had depression in the past and after a having birth. I know that these are two entirely different things but it does take you as a whole mentally, physically and emotionally to be able to get through this healing process.

I knew it wasn't going to be easy but dang I didn't know myself someone who has been through hell and back could be challenged even now. We sisters stay strong.

Thank you for all your support.

1300 cc each Post op appointment complete with Dr. Salszauertqqqqq

Yesterday wasy follow up with Dr . Salazauer.

It was a hard day because bothe and my twin sister ran out of pain medications. We also had to wait an hour and a half to see the doctor.

Luckily my waiting room had a television but my sisters television in her room didn't work.

Nurse Yeni took out my drain and my stitches. It doesn't hurt it just felt really weird when she pulls out the drain.

Dr. Salazauer came in and looked at me. He said I have a lot of swelling still. It can take a couple months before it goes down.

He also said I should be able to see my final shapes in 30 days.

Once swelling goes down and it drops I shouldn't have the flat part anymore. He noticed it completely. He said my final should be very close to my wish pic thank God.

The bruising is getting better each day.

I'm still in a lot of pain. Yesterday my last pain medication started to wear off at doctors office.

When Percocet wears off I walk like an old lady. Everything hurts including my legs.

Yesterday as I was waiting for my Percocet I felt like I was getting heavier and heavier . Like I was turning into cement everything was getting stiff again and it requires more energy from me just to walk. That Percocet really does help.

So far I'm content with my results. I'm happy with my new belly button, tummy tuck and hips.

I'm looking forward to my final results.

I've also decided to take more time off work.

Dr. Salazauer recommended me not to get lymphatic massage. He said I didn't need it and it's too early.

He did say later he might recommend but for now I don't need it.

He also showed me my before and after pictures on the table.

What he cut off and my good fat . He said I had beautiful fat.

8 day post op pic

Pics below are 8 dais post op. Since I've had my drain removed and my belly button tape removed.

I'm pleased with my tummy tuck scar location and shape of my new belly button.

I also like me new hips I hope they stay.

I really can't wait to see my final results.

So I can say all this pain, crying, throwing up and broken sleep was worth it.

Excuse all my typos on iPhone and this auto correct

I do know how to spell.


Hello All. Still haven't had a good night rest since I had the surgery. I'm starting to notice the color change under my eyes from not sleeping well.

I'm still taking pain medications to aleviate the pain. It seems to hurt worse at night.

Check out my sisters blog her username is Bootytress .

I'm a little down because I don't have the roundness or fullneess at the bottom that I was hoping to acheive during the surgery.

I know that I still have hope but I believe my hope will be gone once the 18th comes around. The Dr. Says what my shape is at four weeks that will be my final shape. He also stated before I met him before surgery that it's the doctor that shapes you not the garment.

So I'm patiently waiting not going to say anything negavive. I'm very optomistic but I don't like feeling like I made a bad choice an waisted my money.

I'm happy with my tummy tuck still very swollen everywhere. I'm also happy not to have the back fat that I gained for this surgery. However, I do feel like maybe it could have been more taken off my upper back. He did a great job on my lower back.

I'm still waiting to post pictures of my final results and will do my final review at four weeks. I'm praying that things change soon because I really don't want to have to go through all of this again for the second time.

I paid a lot to come from CA to Miami. I wanted to go with an experienced surgeon. Dr. Salzauer seems down to earth. Although during my post op appointments I felt very rushed. Also he had like two other girls in the room with me so it was really hard to get that one on one with him both times.

So far his staff has been great. I did want quality. The only person who seems to not return my phone calls is Arianny. I did leave a message for her few days ago and still no call back. It seems to be a repetitive thing. I'm assuming that she may just be one of thos people who responds better to email.

She was pleasant in person. But after doing a little research online I feel like I'm paying more for a second procedure than a new patient. Dr. Salzauers girls told me she should be able to give me a good deal because I'm already one of his patients. So we will see how that goes.

Just taking things day by day. I do have some cool pics I think you guys will be happy to see. They are my before pics weighin in at 155 lbs prior to surgery. I can't believe I got that big for this surgery it's gross.

All that weight geing to not have a big round boodie is depressing. My wish was to have a perky round booty with a shelf.I want to swallow up that G string.... If you know what I'm tlaking about lol. I want to wear that dress and bam all you see is curves I got the body to do it and had the fat.

I was told he would be able to get 1800 cc in each cheack. During our first initial consultation. I did tell him I didn't want a donkey butt. No Nicki Manaj.

My wish pics you will see at the top and in another week in a half I will update my final shape.

Girls I wish I could say that I got the butt that I wanted. I see so many girls come out of surgery so happy with curves and a round boody.

My boody right now is a little square like and it's not very full on bottom. Dr. says my butt will drop then it will curve out so it won't look so flat.

So patience is really a virtue right now. I've also followed all the recommendations of the Dr. He advised me not to get any massages.

I can feel lumps in my arms and my stomach is rock hard and swollen. I also have waives on my flanks. I did buy a new garment because the garment they gave me ruffled on the sides. It was too big.

I bought a new garment out here and it feels 100 percent better and zips up in the front. It's tighter then my last garment but the same size. Still fitting in a size medium.

Well ladies thats all for now on keeping it real with 1984mixedbeuty. If you have any questions about the process don't hesitate to ask.

Oh almost forgot! The day I flew back in to CA there was a girl at the airport carrying her boppy. She had no shame in her game lol.

I at least put mine in a nice conspicuous carrying back. No one would no whats in it unless I told them.

I told my sis I said look at her butt and her boppy. She looks good. She had more roundness on me and she is on here too.I'm also not sure what kind of post surgery garment her doctor uses. But she looked real good.

I worked up enough nerve to go up to her after we got off plane while we were waiting on our baggage.

I told her I had my boppy too and asked her if she had a bbl? She said yes because my man thought she had implants because it was round and full.

I asked her who her dr. was and she said Dr. Ortega. She asked who mine was and I told her Dr. Salzauer.

She said she was scheduled with Dr. Salzauer. She paid in full and everything and they had to give her a refund.

She had Kaiser and Kaiser wouldn't do anything that would have to do with surgery for her lab work.

She mentioned that Ruth left her hanging and wasn't trying to work with her so Ruth offered to refund her money.

She was very disappointed and no one from office ever tried calling her back. I said well what about Arianny? She said she didn't even call her to try and work things out.

But guess who called her after the fact to apoligize? Dr. Salzauer called her an apoligized and said this almost never happens and said she fell through the cracks.

So she needed a date and ended up going through to Dr. Orgega. She said she thinks Dr. Salzauer staff wasn't great at all. She also said Dr. Ortega staff wouldn't even know if she was dead or alive.

She did have two post consultations with them but I could tell she didn't care for his staff as well.

I told her my experience with Salzauer staff has been great. Except for my patient coordinator can be very difficult to get a hold of. The reason why I say that is because I feel like they filter the calls when it comes to talking with her. It's very weird.

When I got home I was curious to look up Dr. Ortega and he has some really good prices. I was like dang.

So I have faith in Dr. Salzauer and that's why I chose him. He seems like a realy good doctor that cares about his reputation and patients.

So well see, I'm sure I'm not the only girl that is complaining of the same thing in his years of experience. I'm sure he knows what he's talking about so we will see. I just hope both me and my sister arent the two that fell between the cracks with our bbls.

He did have three surgeries scheduled that day. Have a good day ladies and excuse the typos.

I'm going to lay back down as I'm still recovering.

Updated pics

3 weeks post op. Here are some recent pics.

My twins page

Hello for those who were asking here is my twins page. She also had surgery on the same day as me.

I will be updating my page soon.

Her usernames is bootytress http://www.realself.com/user/546552

Updated Pics 7 weeks post op Dr. Salzhauer

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves for now then I will express my feelings at a later date. I'm scheduled to go back in October for second procedure.

What do you think? I've waited long enough to see if I get the desire I want.

The day of surgery doctor spent very little time with me as well. Instantly drawing on me and then I told him I wanted a full round butt.

He said okay basically what your sister wants yes. Well keep in mind people my sister had surgery before I did and we left her at surgery center to go get her pain medications.

Come to find out my sister didn't explain anything to him day of surgery because they have you take a pill for anxiety and it had her falling asleep.

She didn't get a chance to complete her paperwork until after the surgery was all over.

I'm going to wait about another week before I do my final review. I'm wishing and praying I don't have to go through all of this all over again because it did cost a lot of money for me to do this for myself.

I'm a single mother of three so 12 racks doesn't come easy, plus flights for two (my boyfriend) and a two week stay in a condo in Sunny Isles Beach. All expenses paid by muah.

Let alone another 6k they want for my procedure for breast lift as a returning patient.

I know for sure Dr. Salzhauer isn't the least expensive doctor. I chose him for his experience and I believed he would be able to achieve my desired result from what he expressed. I was told by Dr. that I would be able to sit a coke can on my ass come July. I will have to reverify the month but that is definitely not happening right now.

I can also tell you I haven't worked out or anythign because I don't want to loose any of my projection.

Although it has been a long journey I still believe he will stand by his work.

These are current pics right now and my twin sister has also started her journey on realself as well. We are completely independent from one another while posting by the way.

I will do my best to answer any questions or respond to you.

Thanks and much love sisters.

Still here

Hey guys long time no post. I'm sorry for being gone for so long. I'm sure you all would like an update,

I'm now six months post op. I don't have the roundness I was shooting for thinking well if I wait maybe with the mysterious fluffing I'll get to it.

So I. Think I'm ready to do something bout these boobs and get a touch up or some.

These last few months have been so hard. Fyi girls if your spending most of your savings to do this please keep in mind emergencies do happen when you least expect it. So don't be stupid like me.

Financially after I took a month off work, transmission failed, short term disability didn't go through only sent me a check for 25. Office never got me my papers back or responded so I was left hanging and just now getting back on my feet. I've also relocated to another part of the state.

So I will be updating new pics soon. Don't know who's still on here but will update very soon.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Salzauer completed both a tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift at same time. I was quoted lipo of the abdomen, arms, flanks and upper and lower back. I do have fat I can pull off my upper arms and upper back. Recovery was very dificult for me. I hope I don't have to go through this again to achieve my desired result. I wanted a full bubble perky butt just like my wish pic. You can see my July 8th review update including most recent pictures. Overall Dr. Salzhauer really cares about his patients and staff. I can tell he wants the very best for all that work in his office and stands behind his work. I haven't had the opportunity to send current pictures into the office. There may have been some miscommunication with exactly what I wanted but I did send over my wish pics and said this is what I wanted and I was told he would be able to do that for me. For many of you who are also contemplating doing both surgeries. Please keep in mind because it wasn't explained to me prior to surgery that they will not do lipo of your abdomen for a bbl if your having a tummy tuck. So if you were like me and my sister banking on our stomach fat to get you bootylicous think again and I would recommend talking to the doctor specifically. Overall Miami is a nice place to do surgery to get a way from kids to recover. However, it can be very expensive. Please consider flights, hotel/private condo stay, food and transporation costs on top of your quote. Not to mention costs for lab work. You may have a co-pay like me you have to meet anually before your PPO Insurance picks it up or maybe you won't. There will be several perscriptions needed to buy and most of the items the girls list on here that you will need. You can do without. Only buy what you need. Well realself sisters I told you in the beginning I was going to keepitreal.com and I wasn't going to disapear like many other sistas that have come and gone. I hope you all find my review helpful in all the time I spent keeping this up giving back to the community. I will keep you updated on my results. I'm sad to say I hope I don't have to do this again but I just cannot see how my boodie is goin to fill out and round out. I'm currently at 150 lbs by the way and 5'5. I'm not sure if it's because I chose to do both the tummy tuck and bbl at same time that I didn't get the fullness, roundness or projection I wanted. After surgery 2 weeks this was one of my concerns. It did drop however there is a slight difference in roundness. I don't have that bubble I've been dreaming about for soooo long. I really hope that my results change for the better. Bedside manner- Didn't see doctor after I woke up from surgery or talk to him. Answered any questions- In a timely manner. After care and follow up- I will rate 5 stars so far. However, its been a few weeks since I talked to him. Time spent with me- Well he's a very busy doctor so when he comes out of the OR to do the post op visits he is limited on time visiting several patients at once. Wait Time- Well even though I had two follow up visits after my surgery it was kind of rushed with 3 people in the room while I had no closthes on. Very limited one on one quality time with doctor. Phone or email responsiveness- I'm rating the doctor 5 stars he responded to my questions or concerns if not right away as soon as he was available. Staff professionalism and courtesy- He has a good team that works for him. Although my Patient Care coordinator did not respond to a couple of my calls after leaving messages this is the reason for my four stars. Payment process- Five stars this was pretty simple. I just did credit card authorization via fax. Wait time- Well our first post op visit we waited an hour and a half before we got to see the doctor. The second visit was much better.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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